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The Longer You'll Stay by Logan Grey Blog Tour

Trading small town diners and familiar faces for skyscrapers and sold out venues, Travis Cherry took the risk of a lifetime by leaving Holdengate. Alone.
Or so he thought.

When the tour kicks off, he finds he’ll be sharing his bus, and the stage, with the one he left behind to pursue music.

Bailey McAlister finally has a second chance at following his dream, but can he convince Travis to give him a second chance too?

The life of a rock star is not all bright lights and a sea of cheering fans, and personal demons aren’t the only thing Travis and Bailey have to conquer to survive the cut-throat world.

*This is book two in a duet of the Heartbelt Records series. This is an M/M story containing mature content.

Book 2
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As he settled into his spot, Bailey’s head jerked in his direction, and Travis froze, not only his body but his heart and breath and even his thoughts. It all stuttered to a halt as they stared at one another, and even though he couldn’t tell the color of his eyes from the distance, he could read the expression on his face loud and clear.

This isn’t over.

was when acceptance hit him hard. He was going to spend at least the next two months on tour with Bay, on the same bus, day in and day out, with no escape from the other.

No… it was far from over.

Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

The Longer You'll Stay is book two in this duet. It cannot be read as a standalone. The Deeper You Go must be read first to completely understand the storyline.

The Longer You'll Stay picks up right on the cliff we were left on at the end of The Deeper You Go. Bailey basically pushing Travis away, telling him he needed to stay and run the inn. He was giving up his dreams and their future for the inn. Travis left but wanted more than anything for Bailey to go with him. Travis signed with the new label and prepared for a tour, as much as he missed Bailey, music was his future. He was shocked when he found out he'd be sharing his bus with his tour mate. Travis was even more shocked when Sundial, aka Bailey, walked into the bus. The anger was the first thing to hit him, but after seeing Bailey onstage, he knew they needed to talk, he couldn't go months sharing a bus and not know what was going through Bailey's head.

This was the perfect completion of this duet. You learned more about both Bailey and Travis's pasts and what they meant to each other. I was completely invested in these characters, they were very well written. I look forward to finding more from this author.

This is the second book in the series and is the conclusion of the story started in The Deeper You Go. You really do need to read them in order.

We left them with Travis having signed a new music contract, and even though Bailey was also offered one, he decided to stay and help his mum... Yeah, that wasn't going to work if we were going to get the happily ever after that the start of their romance had promised. It is therefore no surprise that Bailey's mum pushes him to follow his dreams and his man.

Thankfully, they find themselves on tour together and getting closer, both on stage and in their bus, which is both really cute and very sexy. But as any reader knows, there will be some potholes in the road of their story – and I have to say that whilst I predicted one, the closeness which enables the men to be honest about their pasts, is very moving and very effective at bringing them closer.

Interestingly, there is very little in this book which describes how the men look, yet I was completely certain of their looks from book one, so it was just like meeting old friends – which I found a powerful reminder of how well the two books fit together, and how excellent I found them both!

From small town to tour bus, Travis and Bailey’s lives change dramatically in this second book. The second story follows the musicians as Bailey tours with Travis for the first time. If book one was about Travis’ personal transformation, book two follows Bailey as he becomes a rock star.

As with the first book, both men are fabulous and the chemistry between Travis and Bailey is electric. There is way more sex in this second book – and the writing of the sex scenes is a little less cringeworthy. However, Travis carefully laying a towel down before sex completely killed the rock star fantasy for me.

My only issue with this story is the lack of conflict. There’s a reason most romances end with a happily ever after – loved up bliss isn’t terribly exciting and parts of this book are cavity inducingly sweet. There is a little suspense thrown in at the end, but the storyline doesn’t build enough to create any real tension or excitement.

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Logan resides in Tennessee, convinced her southern twang is part of her charm. With two cats and a dog, her hands are full, and not just of treats like her pets would like to believe. As a full-time author, she dedicates all of her time bringing to life different characters and developing new worlds for her readers to lose themselves in. And more often than not, she loses herself in them, which is her favorite place to be: with a cat in her lap, a snack in hand, and voices in her head.

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