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Warped by Erica Chilson Is Now Available & Reviewed

Willow Prynne

I need to buy a vehicle before a house.
I need to graduate college before I run a business.
I need to learn to be a girlfriend before I’m a wife.
I need to get married before I have a baby.
I need to learn how to be a daughter before I can be a mother.
I need to finish being a girl before I can become a woman.

Essie Prynne

I was that girl, ya know?
The girl.
The girl who developed early. The one every boy with testosterone firing in their veins wanted. The one every girl wanted to be– the one they hated out of pure jealousy.
I was that girl, but she wasn’t me.

Kieren Mason

I’ve seen things I can’t unsee, things that ruined me. I’ve taken on the role of my father’s wife, my siblings’ mother, and my brother’s enabler, because the guilt is suffocating. As those roles are stripped from me as my family moves on, I’m left behind without a purpose.

Devon Mason

I’m just like my mother– bipolar and abusive, but I’m also a drug addict. Being manic is a high without a drug, to the point I have to take drugs to dampen my high. Imagine your mind is a heavy metal song, but all the instruments are giving conflicting sounds, and you’re doing all you can do to make sure the bass doesn’t overpower the guitar, and the drummer is pounding out a wicked solo, drawing the song in a new direction.

I’ve yet to find anything to properly represent the depression aspect. Perhaps death is the only way to describe the low of depression. You just feel dead in a sea of hopelessness, without the ability to move as all life has to offer flies by in waves of fast-forward and rewind. Everything you once loved, no longer sparks any interest. Ever. The only thing the inflicted seeks is relief. Something to make you high again. Anything to make you feel alive for only a few seconds. A reprieve in an endless expanse of shadowy nothingness.

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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

This is the story of Essie, Devon, Willow, and Ren and they each narrate parts of the story.

We begin with Essie's point of view. Essie is the person I felt I knew the least going in. The more I learned about Essie the more I loved her. She is struggling financially with debts and a low paying job, needs to find somewhere to live because her parents are moving to Florida, and has a falling out with best friend, Willow, which leaves her ostracised and the subject of town gossip. Then there is her relationship with Devon, which is the cause of love and heartbreak. Watching Essie push against the tide was inspiring.

Devon's struggle with mental illness and drug addiction, Ren's struggle with his past while trying to have an adult relationship with Willow, Willow's struggle to be heard and to be good, show all of our characters are inspiring in their own way.

I loved every word of this story. Even when I was angry and frustrated or hurting and crying, I loved it. But while there is a lot of emotion and heartache in Warped there are also fun times, love, and joy. Warped had my heart squeezing as I cried and filling with joy and pride as I watched these four amazing characters grow up and come out the other side better people. And ultimately, at the end of the story I couldn't stop smiling, I was so happy for them all.

There is a such a strong sense of family in Warped and the whole Blended series and we see plenty of the other members of the Prynne and Mason clans in Warped. It left me dying for more stories from both the older and younger generations. I can't wait to read Woven, which is due out 5 September.

This is the fifth book in the series, and I would say that it needs to be read as part of the whole story to be fully appreciated. I wouldn't say it is an easy book, as it deals with many difficult issues, but it is most definitely a very real and worthwhile read.

Ms. Chilson writes fabulous, long and engaging books – and it is always a little nerve-wracking going in, as it seems a big commitment to read such a long book. Well, I can assure you that the words trip off the page and seem to take half as long to absorb as usual. The writing is fresh, intense, and moves along at a perfect pace. I neither feel in need of more or that there is detail that I could have lived without. I would never turn down the chance to read one of her books, even if the topic isn't one that I would naturally seek out – and not once have I regretted it.

You will find this to be deep, dark, and intense in places, and possibly it will dig into some of the bits of you which you have chosen to suppress – but that, for me, is the joy of reading... finding those connections whether good or bad, which make sense of something, and at other times, makes one grateful for living a life more, or less, ordinary. Within minutes of the darkness there will be a scene of such fun or love that the mood changes entirely and it is ok to carry on and take the next hit.

Never expect to know what is going to happen in the Blended series, never worry about what comes next, just step on the ride and be amazed and entertained, again!

Yet another amazing installment in the Blended series! A little darker and a bit manic... all the things that our main characters are feeling; pouring onto these pages make this a spectacular read! Devon is all kinds of messed up and his past with Essie is sitting heavy on his mind. The two make the sparks fly when they throw caution and Willow to the wind and give into their hearts. I feel so deeply for Devon it's hard to separate myself from his plight. Great read!

Erica Chilson does not write in the 3rd person, wanting her readers to be her characters. Therefore, writing a bio about herself, is uncomfortable in the extreme.

Born, raised, and here to stay, the Wicked Writer is a stump-jumper, a ridge-runner. Hailing from North Central Pennsylvania, directly on the New York State border; she loves the changes in seasons, the humid air, all the mountainous forest, and the gloomy atmosphere.

Introverted, but not socially awkward, Erica prides herself on thinking first and filtering her speech. There are days she doesn’t speak at all. If it wasn’t for the fact that she lives with her parents, giving her a sense of reality, she would be a hermit, where the delivery man finds her months after expiration.

Reading was an escape, a way to leave a not-so pleasant reality behind. Reading lent Erica the courage she gathered from the characters between the pages to long for a different life. Writing was an instrument of change, evolving Erica into the woman she is today- a better, more mature, more at peace thinker.

Erica has a wicked mind, one she pours out into her creations. Her filter doesn’t allow all of it to erupt, much to her relief. Sarcastic, with a very dark, perverse sense of humor, Erica puts a bit of herself into every character she writes.

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of Warped (Blended #5) by Erica Chilson to read and review. Kris and Ruthie were beta readers for Warped.

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