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Action by Quinn Anderson

Pete Griflow is the last person anyone would suspect of being a porn star. He’s quiet, gawky, and can’t even talk to guys without turning red. But on camera, he’s a different person. In the porn world, he’s Jaden Prime, a coquettish power bottom who’s been tantalizing fans for over a year now.

Pete is in a rut, though, and he knows it. And what’s worse, his boss knows it. If he can’t reignite his passion for the biz, he’s going to have trouble paying his none-too-cheap college tuition.

When Pete is given the opportunity to star in a huge summer production, sparks fly between him and his costar, Kyle Darko. Kyle is Pete’s opposite: he’s daring, achingly sexy, and in love with the sex industry. Their chemistry is palpable on and off screen, but dating on a porn set is tricky. Even pros struggle to separate fantasy from reality, especially with a script dictating their seduction. But what’s building between them can’t be ignored, and it’s so much more than getting some “action.”

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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

5 *fans myself* Stars

As a fan of Quinn Anderson, I was highly anticipating Action, like stalking the book. There are times when you've been waiting for a book, and the anticipation has your expectations too high. This isn't one of those cases. Action was better than I'd hoped for. I devoured every word and wanted more.

This is the second installment of the Murmur Inc. series, but could easily be read as a standalone.

Peter, aka Jaden at Murmur Inc., was an easy character to love. He's a college student, with a quirky, supportive mother and an absentee dad with a second family. Not wishing to tax his mother more, he works at a coffee shop to explain how he's paying his own tuition. Unlike in the first installment, our narrator isn't in the phone sex trade... he's a porn star.

Peter is only confident when he's 'Jaden' during production. But Peter is geeky, introspective, and introverted. He's gun-shy about dating after a bad experience during Freshman year in college. The 20-year-old is weeks shy of his 21st birthday when he meets "Kyle."

Kyle exudes confidence, drawing Peter like a moth to flame, and the boy can't summon his inner 'Jaden.' Peter turns into a stunned, at a loss for words, innocent geek during an audition for an upcoming movie that bridges the gap between porn and a real film.

Slow-burn. Tension-filled. Banter and dirty talk. I was hanging on every word of the novel, face flushed and eyes bugging out of my head, as two porn stars did their mating dance.

I was a bit terrified as the pages turned that the dreaded miscommunication, strife to add drama to draw out the story, would hit, and it would ruin the 'vibe' of the entire read. If you're like me, I'm going to put you out of your misery, so you can read and enjoy every word, without fear. It did add a bit of anticipation to the journey for me, but not in a good way. So, here ya go... Thank you, Quinn Anderson for NOT adding miscommunication, unnecessary drama, and for just allowing the boys' relationship to grow fluidly without hijacking it to keep the story going. I could feel the author's connection to the guy, and it made the story that much more special in my eyes.

The side characters were great – mom, the boss and coworker at the coffee shop, and the buddy at school. They added another dimension to the book which I appreciated. Truly a supportive cast.

At the end of the journey, I was thoroughly satisfied and felt light and happy. I cannot wait to get my hands on book three in this series and anything else Quinn Anderson writes.

Pete has experience in the porn industry and is good at his job. He is working in porn to help pay for his way through college. In his non-porn life, he is shy, conservative, and keeping the fact that he works in porn a secret. His new co-star, Evan, on the other hand is confident, wants a career in porn, and doesn't keep that a secret from his family and friends.

Their attraction is instant, but working in the industry they do complicates things. I liked the buildup and watching them try to have a romance while working around their job. Their chemistry is strong and the story is very sexy. Pete keeping his porn life separate from the rest of his life provided a good amount of angst. I liked the little glimpses of life as a porn star and the different views Evan and Pete had on it.

There were times I wanted the story to move just a little faster, and I have to say I thought the ending in relation to their careers was a little convenient, but overall, this was a good story with plenty of heat.

This book combines deliciously filthy smut with an incredibly sweet romance and perfect comic timing. Gawky, socially awkward Pete is wonderful as a porn star who moonlights as a barista. Confident, gorgeous Kyle is the perfect porn star. And while he is expected to seduce Pete’s character Jaden in their new movie, no one (especially not Pete) expects life to imitate porn. Costars falling for each other is an old storyline, but somehow the author manages to make this feel fresh.

Fans who enjoyed the phone sex in Hotline will enjoy the behind the scenes look at gay porn in Action. The world of porn is laid bare in all its ridiculous faux glamour and the result is more comic than sexy. But the genuine connection between Kyle and Pete is unbelievably hot. A steamy, explicit read, this is definitely not a book for public waiting rooms or train journeys.

Geeky Pete’s mundane reality as a student and barista trying to help his mum pay the bills makes his porn star existence seem even more absurd. I loved Pete’s eclectic friends and colleagues and I love the parallel lives he lives.

The ending feels a little bit rushed, but this is a fun, sexy read and I’m pretty sure realism was never an end goal. This is a fabulous read. I have fallen in love with Quinn Anderson’s writing and I can’t wait for her next story.

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Quinn Anderson earned a master’s degree from the University of Dublin in Ireland and is also a University of Florida alumna with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. She began writing books, poetry, and fan fiction at fourteen years of age and was first published at nineteen. Her favorite authors include Gail Carson Levine, Libba Bray, Tamorra Pierce, and T.A. Barron. A nerd extraordinaire, Quinn draws inspiration from pop culture and makes far too many obscure references. Quinn’s favorite thing to write is witty dialogue, and her favorite thing to read is a slow burn.

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of Action (Murmur Inc. #2) by Quinn Anderson to read and review.

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