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The Prendarian Chronicles by Doreen DeSalvo

For the Love of Rigah

She demands satisfaction...

Rigah, the most powerful woman on the world of Prendara, has purchased a handsome Earther slave to serve as her consort. He will pleasure her in every way imaginable--or die.

He vows to resist...

Jason refuses to accept his role as Rigah's personal whore. But he can't fight the passion she demands from him...or the need to demand much more than passion from her. More than she may be willing to give.

For the Heart of Daria

A human who's lived under alien domination for her entire life, Daria vows to rid Earth of the evil invaders no matter what the cost--even if it means seducing a powerful alien sympathizer.

Stunningly handsome, irresistibly charming, Gray isn't the monster she wants him to be. He saves her life...and gives her more pleasure than she ever imagined. But despite the passion he forces her to feel, she can't sacrifice her mission--and she can't tell him who she really is. He's a collaborator, and nothing will ever convince her to trust him.

She hates his people. He hates her prejudice. They don't understand each other, but they want each other with a passion that defies all reason. And with a desperate mission of his own on the line, Gray will do whatever it takes to win the heart of Daria.

Publisher's Note: Both stories in this collection were released as single titles.

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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

4.5 Stars

There are two stories within this one book so I'll talk about them individually.

For the Love of Rigah is about a woman who is trying to show her mother that she deserves her place as second in line to take over, since she has a sister that is determined to prove that she would be the better option.

I really liked following along as both Rigah and Jason fumbled their way through their very awkward and different situation, while dealing with an alien species that appreciates different things in life. The way that sometimes things were taken wrongly simply because one or the other didn't know how to properly express their feelings or simply by what was and wasn't important to each species.

In the end, it was lovely to see how nice things wrapped up, but it wasn't easy or so painless for the characters. It was quite wonderful.

For the Heart of Daria was the second story in the book and was the longer of the two.

I will say that I didn't quite care for the name change as it is a character that we saw in the first story, but now he goes by a different name than the one he did in the other story. I understand that it is because he is no longer a young boy and that likely plays a big part, but it still made it hard to remember sometimes who he was, but the author did a good job at reminding us of it as well.

Daria was quite the character. I felt like we really could've spend some more time learning about her life to help us relate to her since she absolutely abhors the Prendarians at the beginning of the story. However, I simply loved the way Gray fell head over heels for her because she was so different than the women he'd been around all his life. She wasn't afraid of his family and connections because she didn't know who he was (Well, he doesn't think she does).

There are definitely some twists and turns in this story that kept me wondering how on earth it was going to work out and what kind of waves were going to be caused as secrets came to light. Once again, we see love prevail, and this is a big deal when it comes to the topics and situations that are being handled in this story.

A lifelong daydreamer, Doreen DeSalvo sold her first short story at the age of eight. Her payment was a candy bar. Over thirty years later, her passion for writing—and chocolate—remain. Her work has received the National Association of Independent Publishers' Fallot Literary Award and the Doubleday Venus Book Club's Best Book of the Year award.

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of The Prendarian Chronicles by Doreen DeSalvo to read and review.

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