Wednesday, June 21, 2017

A Work in Progress by L.T. Smith

Writer Brynn Morgan has been in love with her best friend and muse, Gillian Parker forever. She’s the only one who can fill the emptiness in Brynn’s life, ease the ache in her chest, and get her writing juices flowing again. The problem is Gillian is straight. And she’s more focused on enlisting Brynn to see whether her doctor fiancé is a cheat. No matter what Brynn turns up, what should she tell Gillian?

This UK rom-com, part of the Window Shopping Collection, proves that the path to true love has more than a few bumps in it.

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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

3.5 Stars

There were some hilarious parts of this story. Especially when we meet Virginia for the first time. And then there is my favorite line in the entire book, "I had to spend the evening with people I wouldn't usually be caught dead with – well, eventually I guess I would, as they all worked in the medical profession." I'm sure you have to read the rest of the scene to really get the line but it was awesome.

While I loved Virginia and found Brynn quite amusing for the most part, I can't say that I cared much for Gill (the best friend). And the so over-the-top comments and thoughts that Brynn had about Gill showed just how much she loved her friend, even though she didn't love her in quite the same way, but toward the end, it simply because tiresome because the point had been so clearly made already.

Overall the book was okay, but it was soooooo focused on the best friend relationship that we didn't even meet the real love interest (or go to the party, which was the 'big deal') until over halfway. We barely got any interaction between the two new women and I really felt like there could've been more comedy and romance there than being so focused on the friendship side of things since it was really sad to see how much Brynn longed for something she couldn't have when the book was supposed to be more of a rom-com.

L.T. is a late bloomer when it comes to writing and didn’t begin until 2005 with her first novel Hearts and Flowers Border (first published in 2006).

She soon caught the bug and has written numerous tales, usually with a comical slant to reflect, as she calls it, ‘My warped view of the dramatic.’

Although she loves to write, L.T. loves to read, too—being an English teacher seems to demand it. Most of her free time is spent with her furry little men—two fluffy balls of trouble who keep her active and her apologies flowing.

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of A Work in Progress (Window Shopping Collection #2) by L.T. Smith to read and review.

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