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The Greek Tycoon's Green Card Groom by Kate McMurray Audiobook Review

Marriage gets less convenient when love is involved.

It started simple: Ondrej Kovac marries Archie Katsaros so Ondrej can stay in the US, away from his judgmental family in eastern Europe. Archie marries Ondrej in exchange for the money to bail out his failing company. It’s a fraud neither man is convinced he can pull off.

But as Archie introduces Ondrej to New York society and Ondrej proves his skill in the office, they start to discover a connection between them. Can they overcome the rocky foundation their relationship was built on, meddling immigration agents, gossip columnists determined to out their deception, and an aggressive executive set on selling Archie’s company out from under him? Only if they can prove to each other their love is worth fighting for.

Length: 5 hrs, 3 mins
Narrator: Rusty Topsfield

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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

McMurray has added an interesting twist to the green card marriage theme in The Greek Tycoon’s Green Card Groom. Not only are both partners in the marriage men, but the money exchange is far above the “going rate” and the American groom, by all appearances, doesn’t need the money. Unbeknownst to the public though, Archie Katsaros’s business is failing due to his father’s poor decisions. As such, both men have something the other needs – an American spouse for Ondrej and money for Archie’s business. What neither man knows is that they both want the same thing from their new spouse – the chance at a real relationship. Granted, in the beginning, the sexual attraction seems easy enough to admit to and indulge. Yet as they spend more and more time together at the office, at home, and in bed, they each learn that there’s more to the man he married than he ever expected to find or dared to hope for.

My biggest issue with the book was Archie. I understand wanting to protect one’s heart, but there are times when he is so bullheaded and convinced he’s right, that he forgets that Ondrej isn’t America. There was one scene when Ondrej was having trouble explaining himself, goes so far as to tell Archie that he’s having a hard time saying what he means, yet Archie gets his feelings hurt and sulks. That peeved me off, but what really ticked me off was that when Ondrej tried to explain it better, Archie blows him off, refusing to listen. It’s as though Archie forgets that despite Ondrej’s grasp of the English language, English is not Ondrej’s native language and things get lost in translation. As a man who engages in international business dealings, his failure to give his spouse the benefit of the doubt regarding his misspeaks seriously irritated me. However, despite Archie’s “the world revolves around me” attitude, the romance between him and Ondrej was enjoyable, once Archie got out of their way and let it finally happen.

In regards to the narration, once again, Rusty Topsfield has impressed me. I had completely forgotten who was narrating The Greek Tycoon’s Green Card Groom until I reached the end of the audiobook and it was announced again. His vocal talents are such that I don’t always recognize his voice and there have been times I haven’t been able to listen to an audiobook because the characters’ accents were too good, too realistic, and thus, too annoying (for me). Topsfield did a great job creating voices for Archie and Ondrej, as well as all the side characters, making this a truly enjoyable listening experience. I found The Greek Tycoon’s Green Card Groom audiobook to be very entertaining and I look forward to experiencing more of McMurray’s and Topsfield’s work.

Kate McMurray is an award-winning author of gay romance and an unabashed romance fan. When she’s not writing, she works as a nonfiction editor, dabbles in various crafts, and is maybe a tiny bit obsessed with base­ball. She has served as President of Rainbow Romance Writers, the LGBT romance chapter of Romance Writers of America. She lives in Brooklyn, NY.

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of The Greek Tycoon's Green Card Groom by Kate McMurray, Narrated by Rusty Topsfield to read and review.

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Limitless by SJD Peterson

Even within the context of the Underground BDSM Club, Joshua’s desires are dark and extreme. Hopelessly addicted to pain and the high it gives him, he has no limits. Joshua would quite literally rather die than use a safeword, and he accepts that might be his fate. As much as he depends on others, he has yet to find a man who can gain his trust, and he has little hope that he ever will.

For Nash, acquiring Joshua from another Dom at the club is only the first step in what will be a long and arduous road to lure the young man back from the brink of self-destruction. He must do the impossible and win Joshua’s trust, and he must be the one to set limits in their exploration—something he’s unaccustomed to as a Dom. But Nash knows dominance doesn’t always mean pushing a submissive’s boundaries. It’s about establishing a bond and fulfilling another man’s needs. In Joshua’s case, he’ll have to strike a balance between meeting the young man’s expectations and drawing firm lines that will save Joshua from himself.

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Book 2
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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

I really liked this book. I liked Nash and Joshua and I liked the speed of the story. There was a buildup and we got to really know Joshua. You could tell Nash really cared about Joshua and wanted what was best for him and that he wanted a future. My only complaint about this book is the ending, it seemed abrupt and I felt like I was left hanging. I was expecting an epilogue or something. Maybe we will see more of these two in the next book? I hope so, because just when things were sorting out and getting good, the book just ended.

Characters: Well written
Sex: Yes
Religious: No
Would I recommend to others: Yes
More than one book in the series: Yes
Genre: M/M BDSM
Would I read more by this author: Yes

Avid Reader☆☆☆☆
3.5 stars
Triggers: Click HERE to see Avid Reader’s review on Goodreads for trigger warnings.

This is the first book in the series that I have read.

Joshua is struggling... he has an owner who isn't altogether a favorite of Nash's. Troy is somewhat cavalier with his pets, and when Nash sees old scarring on Joshua, Nash jumps to a wrong conclusion.

Nash and Joshua have a bumpy start – Troy agrees to release Joshua from their contract, but only if someone will take Joshua on right away. Nash wants to be that person. However, Nash doesn't really know what makes Joshua tick – why he doesn't have limits.

While Joshua learns that not all doms are always taking, he also learns that what he perceives as his "calm" might not be calm at all.

Nash tries to help Joshua, but both realize that in order for this paring to work, they both must trust each other – to learn why their type of relationship works.

I do wish that this story had more to it – I felt that it was cut short. While I enjoyed the dynamic and the story flowed nicely, I think it would have been more effective if we had seen an epilogue at least. This story left too many questions.

Also Available in The Underground Club Series

Book 1
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Dreamspinner Press

For reviews & more info, check out our Override post.

SJD PETERSON, better known as Jo, is a bestselling and award-winning author of gay romance. She lives in Michigan with her Itty Bitty Kitty and Little Man. She does her best writing when under pressure of deadlines and at 3:00 a.m. when the world is quiet. Jo loves to tell stories about real people with real flaws. The happily ever after isn’t guaranteed unless it’s earned through hard work and growth. Oh, but when it comes, the rewards are all the better!

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of Limitless (The Underground Club #2) by SJD Peterson to read and review.

Adam's Obsession by Sabrina York Blog Tour

Hopelessly shy and utterly repressed, Katherine Hart slakes her taboo desires online, where the anonymity allows her to indulge without embarrassment. Her virtual lover, Savage, is willing to meet her every need, especially once he discovers her naughty little secret—more than anything, she craves a masterful man. Fortunately, Savage is just that. And then some.

When Adam Trillo—aka Savage—discovers the shameless, erotic woman he’s been tangling with online is actually his demure coworker, he’s determined to seduce her in real life. He longs to release the wild Kat he knows lurks just below the surface. With a relentless mix of domination and persuasive charm, he draws her into his web until she’s helpless to deny their mutual passion.

Particularly when she’s tied to his bed.

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Book 1
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Hopelessly shy and utterly repressed, Katherine Hart indulges in her risqué sexual fantasies online. Her virtual lover, Savage, is willing to meet her every need, especially once he discovers her naughty little secret—that, more than anything, she craves a masterful man. Fortunately, Savage is just that. And then some.

When Adam Trillo (aka Savage) discovers that the incredibly erotic woman he’s been tangling with online is actually his adorably demure co-worker, he is determined to seduce her IRL—in real life. He longs to release the wild Kat he knows lurks just below the surface. Using a beguiling mix of domination and persuasive charm, he draws her, relentlessly into his web until she is helpless to deny their mutual passion. Most especially when she’s tied to the bed…

Her Internet Lover…

“There’s something I want you to do.” His voice was low, hard; a certain, intense timbre vibrated through him to her, thrumming over the computer connection.

“Yes,” she breathed. “Anything.”

“First, what are you wearing?”

It was all Katherine could do to hold back her laugh. “Not that again.”

“Seriously. I want an answer.”

She shrugged. “A cocktail dress. Black. With heels.”

“Put on your teddy,” he commanded, and she complied.

She slipped off her dress and bra, dropping both on a forgotten pile on the floor, and then pulled her satin teddy from her suitcase. It felt cool slipping over her skin. It caught on her hard nipples, making them grow even fatter. She moaned as she rubbed them, you know, just a little, to enhance the mood.

“Mmm. It feels good.”

“Are you wearing the teddy?”


“Perfect. What do you have on under it?”

“Nothing. Well, panties.”

“Perfect. Do you still have the heels on?”

“Yes.” She did. As much as she hated them, she loved the way they looked. Besides, the heels completely changed the way she felt in the black teddy. In the full length mirror behind the door, she looked practically sexy.

“How do you look?”


“I’ll bet.” The words were guttered, heavy and harsh. “I wish I could see you. Now. There’s something I want you to do.”


“I want you to go and get two ice cubes.”

“What?” Was he insane? She’d have to walk all the way through the hotel suite to the kitchen. “In my teddy?”


“Savage, he might see me.”

“What if he does? Maybe he’ll fuck you. That’s what you want. Isn’t it?”

Katherine didn’t answer.

“Isn’t it? Deep down, you want him inside you.”

Again, she didn’t respond.

“Answer me.”

“Yes. Yes.”

“Then go to the kitchen. In your teddy. And get two ice cubes. Oh. And Wildkat?”


“Before you go, take off the panties.”


“Take them off. I want you completely exposed. And I want you to know how exposed you are.”

“I can’t.”

“You can. If you don’t, I’ll have to punish you.”


“No Kat. No questions. Just do it.”

She stood by the door for several minutes, contemplating this challenge and, most especially, how it made her feel. She was liquid inside, and quivering. She would, she decided at length, go to the kitchen and get the ice cubes wearing her teddy, but she would leave her panties in place. Utterly bare-assed was a little further than she was willing to go, especially when Adam might discover her at any moment. Besides…Savage would never know she had cheated just a little.

Slowly she turned the knob and peered out into the hallway. There was no one there. She slipped through the shadows and into the living room, heading toward the kitchen. She pushed open the swinging door and froze.

There stood Adam Trillo cracking out ice cubes at the counter. His chest was bare—a magnificent panoply of rippling muscles and scattered darkling dust. He wore only baggy gray sweatpants held up, it seemed, by the enormous bulge in the front.

“Hey there Wildkat,” he purred. “What took you so long?”

Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Mary Jo☆☆☆☆
Katherine Hart learned the hard way that work and play don't mix. Determined to never repeat her mistakes, she keeps the lust for her boss hidden in the deep recesses of her mind and under the prim business suits and her messy bun.

The only time that she lets "Wildkat" out to play is when she gets home from work and finds herself on line chatting with "Savage." Both of them are playing online, getting their rocks off in a safe environment with no strings attached. Savage pushes her boundaries, giving her some of the best orgasms of her life, so when he asks her to install an application that will allow them to talk to each other, Kat agrees.

Adam Trillo has been burned before and he doesn't have time or inclination to go there again. So when he finds a woman who shares his desires for playing online and anonymity. Until he discovers that his online play partner works across the hall from him.

Only time will tell if the sparks will continue to fly or burn out when Adam finally tells Kat that he wants to take their online play into the real world.

Her Royal Hotness, Sabrina York, is the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author of hot, humorous romances. Her titles range from sweet & snarky to scorching romance in historical, contemporary and fantasy sub-genres. Represented by Nicole Rescinti at the Seymour Agency  Visit her webpage to check out her books, excerpts and contests.

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Mistletoe, Mischief, and the Marquis by Amelia Grey

The Marquis of Wythebury, is expecting an ordinary Christmastide at Hurst—until he is set upon by a beautiful miss who takes him to task for not allowing his young nephews to play outside. In his mind, a five and seven year old needn’t get chilled in the snow; better to plop them in front of the fire with a book. Few people have ever been brave enough to challenge him over anything, much less the rearing of his wards. The cheeky Miss Prim has no such compunction. No matter how fetching he finds her, he can’t give in to his attraction…for she is the sister of his best friend.

Growing up the middle child of five rambunctious girls, Lillian Prim doesn’t understand why two young boys visiting Hurst don’t know how to play until she meets their dashing guardian. The Marquis of Wythebury is commanding and intensely serious-minded. To her surprise, she’s captivated by him. It’s all she can do not to give into her feminine fantasies about her kissing him. Lillian has no intention of falling in love with the Marquis, but she will create Christmastide mischief and teach the boys and the handsome Marquis how to play, in Mistletoe, Mischief, and the Marquis, by New York Times bestselling author Amelia Grey.

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Book 3.5
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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

3 Holiday-filled stars.

Being a fan of Amelia Grey's The Heirs' Club of Scoundrels series, I was eager to read this holiday novella. On the pages, there is everything you expect: a holiday house party, featuring kids and matchmaking, giving a glimpse of past narrators readers love. Being that it was a shorter novella, the romance was the sole focus without major buildup.

Infatuation at first sight.

Perhaps it was my mood, being that I'm more stuffy like Seth, I just couldn't deal with Lilian's childishness. I understand how the author was trying to balance their personalities, but I couldn't see her as a grown woman worthy of marriage and a family of her own.

There was the foundation of push-pull, tension-filled, love-hate romance with a ton of banter, but it all felt forced from the get-go, and got thicker and harder to digest as I read along.

The butting of heads.

The initial meeting, where Lilian engaged with Seth's wards, between their dialogue was paragraphs and paragraphs of lusty description. I wasn't sure if it was a description, or if the author was trying to sell the reader into courting the characters themselves. Lilian and Seth were so hyper-focused on the shallowness of the physical, the reader didn't get to know their personalities. Using dialogue to show who they were, I was distracted by the amount of inner musings about how delicious the narrator thought the other was.

Seth is the guardian of his 7 and 5 year old nephews, after his sister and her husband succumbed to illness after being stuck in the cold. On the way to the house party, the boys' governess succumbed to illness, also after being in the cold. So when he finds his nephews with Lilian having a snowball fight, he is obviously nervous.

Lilian came off as believing she is right, no matter what. Whether Seth is wrong or not, is not up for debate. He is their guardian, and his job is to protect their welfare at all costs. Lilian is a stranger making demands the instant she meets Seth. While some readers may find this overstepping to be by a spunky spitfire heroine, I found it to be disrespectful.

It's not unreasonable that Seth wouldn't want his nephews to fall into ponds through broken ice (Lilian disregarding it because it was only to the ankles, as if it didn't take a long time to get home in order to dry off. We're talking a long horse and carriage ride in freezing temperatures with wet shoes and socks, not a car with heater), or stay outside for at least two hours a day in the frigid air. Especially after they were exposed to a contagious governess. But, obviously, Lilian is in the right, and Seth is just a stifling guardian... and those who read and loved this novella think me exactly like Seth (shrugs).

There is balance between the two. The uptight, nervous guardian and the flighty, immature girl who wants to watch after the children. Sure, Seth needs to make sure they have fun, but Lilian reminded me of someone who would not only allow them to play in traffic, but push them into it.

The butting of heads over the children's welfare versus their fun was the tension for this romantic holiday novella. I do believe most historical romance fans will enjoy the book, as well as those who have read and enjoyed the series. It wasn't to my tastes, finding it difficult to enjoy a story where one of the narrators rubs me wrong. Truth be told, my fellow serious readers, read the sample. The majority, no doubt you will be delighted and enchanted by this holiday romance.

Also Available in The Heirs' Club of Scoundrels Trilogy
Book 1
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For reviews & more info, check out our stop on The Duke in My Bed Blog Tour.

Book 2
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For reviews & more info, check out The Earl Claims a Bride post.

Book 3
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For reviews & more info, check out Wedding Night with the Earl post.

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Amelia Grey read her first romance book when she was thirteen and she’s been a devoted reader of love stories ever since. Her awards include the Booksellers Best, Aspen Gold, and the Golden Quill. Writing as Gloria Dale Skinner, she won the coveted Romantic Times Award for Love and Laughter and the prestigious Maggie Award. Her books have sold to many countries in Europe, Indonesia, Turkey, Russia, and most recently to Japan. Several of her books have also been featured in Doubleday and Rhapsody Book Clubs. Amelia is the author of twenty-five books. She’s been happily married to her high school sweetheart for over thirty-five years and she lives on the beautiful gulf coast of Northwest Florida.

Connect with Amelia

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of Mistletoe, Mischief, and the Marquis (The Heirs' Club of Scoundrels #3.5) by Amelia Grey to read and review.

Marriage of Inconvenience by M.J. O'Shea Audiobook Review

Lights, Camera, Lies.

Kerry Pickering has a problem. As a publicist for Hollywood bad boy Jericho Knox, it’s Kerry’s job to keep Jericho in the news. So far, Jericho’s partying and public escapades have made it easy. But Jericho has a secret, and when that secret is revealed in the most spectacularly disastrous way, it’s up to Kerry to spin it.

The team decides the best course of action is to make the public fall in love—with Jericho’s secret committed relationship. The one that doesn’t exist. Yet.

The team wants someone they can trust. Someone in the inner circle. That someone is Kerry. But what will happen when Kerry realizes that for him, the romance is no longer pretend? Can Jericho love him back, or is he just playing a role?

Length: 5 hrs, 35 mins
Narrator: John Solo

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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

As an introvert, the idea of living my life in the public eye is terrifying. Having lived with an extrovert who was a local celeb of sorts, I have witnessed firsthand how draining it can be for a person whose life is subject to public consumption, even if it was something they wanted. Despite the understanding I brought with me when I began listening to Marriage of Inconvenience, I still found it hard at times to see Jericho in a sympathetic light. Granted, I easily related to Kerry’s introverted personality, his desire to work behind the scenes, and his abject terror when thrown in front of the camera, so each time that Jericho lashed out at Kerry, well, my thoughts toward Jericho were not all that nice.

With that said, my inability to find Jericho to be a sympathetic character much of the time did not keep me from enjoying the novel. Don’t get me wrong, because I did feel badly for the guy who was forced to live his life in the closet while he established his career, and I was angered on his behalf when the compromising photo was taken and tweeted – no one deserves to have that kind of private moment shared with the world without their consent. I was also sad for him because not knowing who he could trust made him assume everyone had an ulterior motive, and I was sad for the teen who was bullied in high school so badly that it made it nearly impossible for him to trust. But because Kerry was forced to bear the brunt of that baggage more than once, I found myself siding with Kerry, hoping that Jericho would live up to his promise, and, when he didn’t, praying he’d pull his head out of his arse and do right by Kerry.

Because Marriage of Inconvenience is a Dreamspun Desires novel, it wasn’t surprising that there were several very sweet moments mixed in with the angst and drama. The chemistry between Kerry and Jericho is obvious from the very beginning, but when they finally find their way past being roommates and pseudo-enemies and begin to embark upon a real relationship, they’re both rather cute about it, especially Jericho’s preference for cuddling. Solo did a very nice job with the narration, making it easy to discern the characters’ voices and conveying the myriad of emotions the men experience when they’re together. One of the reasons I only listen to M/M audiobooks is because the handful of M/F audiobooks I’ve attempted to listen to usually cause me to cringe when the narrator has to perform the voice for multiple characters of the opposite sex (especially during the sex scenes), and I’ve listened to both male and female narrators of M/F romances, so it’s not due to the sex of the narrator. The reason I share this is because I enjoyed Solo’s vocal performances of the handful of female characters, particularly Tara’s as she had a pretty good bit of voice time in the story. I found Marriage of Inconvenience to be a delightful romance and an entertaining way to spend a few hours.

M.J. O’SHEA has never met a music festival, paintbrush, or flower crown she can stay away from. She loves rainstorms and a perfect cup of tea, beach days, music, bright colors, and more than anything a cozy evening with a really great book.

She is from the Pacific Northwest. While she lives there still and loves it, M.J. has the heart of a wanderer. So she puts all her dreams of far-off places and extraordinary people in her books.

Except for every once in a while when she does what all travelers have to do on occasion… come home.

Connect with M.J.

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of Marriage of Inconvenience by M.J. O'Shea, Narrated by John Solo to read and review.

In Mistletoe by Tammy L. Bailey Is Now Available

At twenty-five, Grace Evans is steadily picking up the pieces of everyone else’s life. So, when her younger sister decides to turn into a runaway bride just four weeks before the wedding, Grace, drops everything to chase after her and bring her back home. Only, when the trail leads to Mistletoe, Washington, she finds herself at the mercy of the town’s most handsome and emotionally unavailable bachelor.

Ex-Army officer, Ayden McCabe, has three creeds in life: never make the first move, never fall in love, and never take anyone to Mistletoe’s Christmas Dance. Wanting nothing more than to keep his matchmaking sister from meddling in his personal life, he agrees to help Grace if she agrees to play his girlfriend. Too brunette and meek for his taste, Ayden believes Grace can’t tempt him enough to break any of his creeds. He could not be more wrong.

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“Do you like rum cake?” he asked to keep himself from having to reevaluate all the reasons again. He admitted Wilhelmina Hawthorne’s dessert was more alcohol than flour, but anything to keep Grace from leaving him to go check her text messages in case the damn wish somehow made it through…not that he believed in the folklore in the first place.

“Sure, but I’m not very good with liquor.” She tucked a piece of dark hair behind her ear.

He chuckled, imagining her getting wild and disrobing on top of his antique coffee table. “So, what happens with you and alcohol?”

She smiled. “I don’t take off my clothes, if that what you’re asking.”


She laughed but lifted a dainty finger as if to give him a warning. “I fall asleep, so I can have some cake, but keep in mind there’s a very good chance my face will fall flat into the plate after my third bite.”

“I’ll take that chance.”

“It’s your call.” She shrugged. He left her to retrieve Wilhelmina’s prized rum cake, deciding to bring the entire Bundt-shaped dessert with two forks resting on each side. When he entered the room, he found Grace sitting in quiet contemplation, her attention focused on the dormant redbrick fireplace. Since he’d installed the gas furnace several years before, he’d not had any desire to light the fireplace up again, even when his dates hinted several times of how romantic it would be to cuddle before a crackling fire.

“Are you cold?” he asked.

She peered up, startled. “No, I’m fine.” She tried to stifle a shiver, and he sat the plate down and ambled away to retrieve some logs from his deck. Despite not using the fireplace, he understood the importance of keeping it ready for emergencies. It took several minutes, but he managed to build a popping fire, the sweet aroma of sizzling sap filling the space with a comforting fragrance. She moved to sit beside him, bringing the blanket his mother made with her.

“This feels wonderful.” Grace closed her eyes and let the flickering light kiss her cheeks.

“Yes.” He sat captivated by her entranced features, realizing how he’d reminisced about kissing her, every glorious inch of her. “Are you ready for some football…and cake?” He projected his voice above the tone of his own thoughts. Her lids flew open, and he wondered where she’d been these last few moments, and with whom. The thought unsettled him.

“Are you ready to carry me up a flight of stairs?”

He cocked his head and narrowed his eyes. “Only if you’re fully naked.”

“How did I know you were going to say that?” She sighed and maneuvered around so the cake sat between them on the short coffee table. As he flipped the game on and muted the volume, she lifted a small bite to her lips when he reached out to stop her.

She gave him a quizzical look. “What’s the matter?”

“How about we make this interesting?”

She drew back, and he knew she didn’t trust his motives. “How…interesting?”

Tammy L. Bailey grew up in historical Appomattox, Virginia and moved to Ohio the day after she graduated high school. A third generation veteran, she joined the Army National Guard in 1988, served five years in the active duty Army, and retired as a Master Sergeant from the Ohio Air National Guard in 2011. She is a wife and a mother of two boys. She is a huge Jane Austen fan and loves watching Jane Austen movie adaptations.

When she's not writing contemporary or historical romance, she enjoys Star Wars movie night with her 10-year-old son and going to drumming practice with her 13-year-old son. Fall is her favorite season, the B-17 is her favorite plane, and Hawkeye is her favorite Avenger.

Connect with Tammy

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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Five Minutes Longer by Victoria Sue

Talon Valdez knew when he transformed into an enhanced human, his life and his dreams were finished. Reviled, mistrusted, and often locked away, the enhanced were viewed as monsters, despised by the public, and never trusted to serve in the military or any law enforcement agency.

Years later he gets a chance to set up a task force of enhanced to serve in the FBI, but with one proviso: each enhanced must partner with a regular human.

Finn Mayer dreamed of joining the FBI from the time he was fourteen and made every possible sacrifice to make it happen, including living with his selfish mother and bullying, homophobic brother and never having a boyfriend. But his undiagnosed dyslexia stopped his aspirations dead in their tracks. His last chance is to partner with Talon, an enhanced with deadly abilities who doesn’t trust regular humans with their secrets and wants Finn to fail.

Four weeks to prove himself to the team. Four weeks for the team to prove itself to the public. And when another group threatens their success—and their lives—four weeks for them to survive.

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Dreamspinner Press

Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Avid Reader☆☆☆☆
M/M Shifter
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Talon is kind of a jerk. Despite his jerkiness, he loves on a level that doesn't allow for him to simply walk away. Once you're in Talon's circle, you can't help but stay there. Talon has enhanced abilities that allow him to be both dangerous and helpful, all wrapped in to one. He collects other enhanced men to create the perfect team of law enforcement.

Then you have Finn. He's skittish, kind of beaten down because his family is horrible! He is hoping to work for the FBI, but soon realizes that he's only getting a chance because of his father's letter. Despite that knowledge, Finn hopes to impress enough that he will be accepted.

This is a fast-paced book with a lot going on. I love how protective the team becomes, so quickly, of Finn. I do hope that other characters in this story receive their own. I love the dynamic between Talon and Finn, even if, at times, it's super frustrating. The chemistry between Talon and Finn is somewhat lacking, but their friendship is outstanding.

Overall, this was a great story. I would definitely read more of Sue's stories.

3.5 Stars

I have to say that while there were certain parts of this book that I really enjoyed, there were others that left me feeling sort of lost.

I really liked the situations Finn ended up in and how he handled them. He was the new kid who did the best he could with what he had or what he knew. Heck, I just loved Finn's character completely. He was awesome as he tried to deal with the very different situation he initially found himself in.

The plot was interesting and I enjoyed the twists and unexpected turns.

However, I have to say that while I understood Talon's reasons for being the way he was, it just felt sort of sprung on us as a reader and not something that was relatable. Also, the way the crew all came together was a bit... odd to me. While Finn was doing good, it seemed like we really didn't get to know why the other team members were supporting him... well, some of them more so than others. It just felt like the camaraderie wasn't quite real to me.

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