Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Wild Open by Bec Linder

Leah was born to be on stage. After her band broke up under tragic circumstances, she thought she would never perform again. When she gets a second chance, as the fill-in for a big-time rock band whose bassist just quit mid-tour, it's a dream come true.

There's just one problem: she unknowingly hooked up with the band's sexy guitarist at a dive bar the night before. O'Connor is funny, charming, dangerously appealing... and now completely off-limits.

Leah's determined to keep things professional. Giving in to their simmering sexual tension isn't an option. But as the band's internal problems get worse and worse, falling into O'Connor's bed seems better and better.

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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Leah has been down the self-destructive road a band takes while on tour once already. Losing the lead singer of her band, Rung, has left Leah out of the music biz, with a bitter taste in her mouth and just getting by on office jobs. Her brother, who's also her ex-bandmate, pushes her towards an open interview for a “bassist wanted” job he finds in the help wanted. Leah decides she'll give it a shot, what's the worst that could happen? One of the band members turns out to be Leah's quick pick up the night before! O'Connor can’t dispute that Leah is the best fit for the job, but he's not sure he'll be able to keep things professional after his taste of Leah the night before. Let alone knowing the nightmare she's walking into with his already dysfunctional band that is falling apart at the seams.

Leah & O'Connor’s chemistry is page-turn worthy and I enjoyed their banter and budding relationship. The lead singer’s spiral into the drug/rock & roll star abyss kept things very interesting and edgy. I really enjoyed this book and had a decent book hangover when I finished, thinking about Leah & O'Connor too much for fictional characters! Issues I did have were the third person viewpoint that causes a bit of disconnect for me and using only O'Connor’s last name... UGH! It drove me nuts, but in defense, he did have a horrible first name! Despite those small issues, it's a decent first book for sure!

I’m Bec Linder (or Rebecca, to my mother). I write romance novels in my spare time. I like hoppy beer and peanut butter in all forms, particularly when chocolate is involved. I live on the East Coast with one tall man and several small animals, who like to distract me with cuteness when I’m trying to write.

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Kris reviewed her personal copy of Wild Open (The Saving Graces #1) by Bec Linder for this post.

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