Friday, January 20, 2017

The Queen B* and the Homecoming King by Crista McHugh

The Queen B*, Alexis Wyndham, has only three rules when it comes to dating the star quarterback, Brett Pederson:

1. No obligations to spend every waking moment with each other.
2. No public displays of affection while at Eastline High.
3. And absolutely, under no circumstances, will she ever go to the Homecoming dance.

But as her life is completely upended time and time again, she begins to wonder if some rules are meant to be broken.

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Book 3
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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

5 coming-of-age stars.

Alexis is transforming before the reader's eyes. Turning from a hard young woman who refuses to compromise, to the version of herself Brett brings out – compassion and empathy. The ability to see a situation from more than just her perspective. She is learning how justice may be blind, but it's blinding her to everything outside of herself.

The truth may be black and white, but the emotions are hidden in the shades of gray. No longer closed off, Alexis is feeling more about everything and everyone in her life, learning how to compromise.

Brett isn't at the forefront of this installment, as through Alexis we see where their friends and family's lives are headed as well. Comfortable in their place in one another's life, Alexis is no longer fighting Brett's pull. She takes up a supportive role in her boyfriend's life, showing she is more than a protector and pessimist.

The characters are flawed but teeming with realistic human emotion. Heavy subject matter is explored in this novel and the previous one, done so in a manner in which it is realistic for the target age group – scary things which happen to teens every day, showing how resilient and strong they can be when faced with these situations. This may be a guide and comfort to those who may have experienced the same.

After reading all three books in a singular sitting, I am pleased overall and left wanting more. I look forward to reading more by this author, and highly recommend it to young adults and their more mature counterparts. We adults need to feel that spark of warmth only a budding crush can bring on.

Young Adult age-range: 13+. Parental discretion due to a handful of profanity/hate speech (realistically shown). Kissing. Heavy subject matter dealing with assault/bullying.

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Crista McHugh is an award-winning author of fantasy and romance who writes heroines who are smart, sexy and anything but ordinary. She currently lives in the Audi-filled suburbs of Seattle with her husband and two children, maintaining her alter ego of mild-mannered physician by day while she continues to pursue writing on nights and weekends.

She is an active member of the Romance Writers of America (including the Greater Seattle Chapter and the Seattle Eastside Chapters), and Romance Divas.

Just for laughs, here are some of the jobs she’s had in the past to pay the bills: barista, bartender, sommelier, stagehand, actress, morgue attendant, and autopsy assistant.

And she’s also a recovering LARPer. (She blames it on her crazy college days)

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Erica reviewed her personal copy of The Queen B* and the Homecoming King (The Queen B* #3) by Crista McHugh for this post.

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