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Seconds to Sunrise by Nico Rosso

Readers of Maya Banks’s KGI series will love the adrenaline-fueled, pulse-pounding suspense of Nico Rosso's Seconds to Sunrise

She thought she’d lost everything…

April Banks thought her website crashing was just a glitch. Starting the online forum for war widows has been the only thing keeping her together since her husband died, and she won’t let anything interfere with her work. But this is no technical malfunction—cyberterrorists have targeted the information locked in April’s website and they’ll do anything to get it. Even if that means removing April. Permanently.

He’ll make them pay…

Automatik gave former SAS agent James Sant a way to protect the innocent again. He thinks life in the shadows is all he deserves…until he meets his newest assignment. April is everything James has never let himself want and he knows she’s already had too much heartbreak in her life to risk feeling for him. But keeping things professional while hunting the hackers with the gorgeous widow is going to be the hardest job he’s ever taken on.

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Book 3
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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Avid Reader☆☆☆☆
This is the first that I've read in this series and I believe that I would have understood more if I had read the previous books in the series. However, with that being said, I could infer a lot and what I didn't really understand only slightly detracted.

James is working for "the good guys" and hoping to stop mercenaries from hurting his charge. His past is colored and he is somewhat ashamed – at least it seems that way. He has a great team, but you really only learn about his past because it comes back to bite him a little. His mentor, the one who he was in business with before he joined the good side is the hunter – James is supposed to protect his charge from his mentor. When he gets his charge, April, things begin to change in his mind. Not only is April brave, she's mentally tough and doesn't take a lot of crap from anyone.

April is trying to protect all of the women who were using her website to gain a support community – those women who have lost military husbands/partners to IEDs or any other awful way that those in the military are injured. She has created a website that was hacked. Despite knowing how good her security is, she is distraught that the women who trusted her to protect their information might be at risk. This is where, potentially, reading the previous books might have come in handy. I have no idea what type of information April is trying to protect or why the hackers are so interested in the information – other than monetary gains. However, this hunt seems to be motivated by a lot more, but I never quite figured out what.

The story was faced paced, but I thought that it lacked chemistry between the two main characters. There was a lot of hot and cold within their relationship and you never really knew why they denied what could have been. Despite the lack of chemistry, I thought that their relationship was fairly organic – charge to friend, friend to love interest. Overall, this was a good mystery with a lot of action, but the resolution was somewhat tame.

This was an exciting whirlwind adventure. With a little suspended disbelief, I loved James and April’s story. Full of fantastic chase scenes, fights, shootouts, and great sex, I enjoyed every moment.

April is a great character. The Army widow who created a social network to support other military widows, she is a strong and talented woman. There aren’t many men writing romance and I loved the strength and complexity this author put into April’s character. She is a worthy heroine.

James is a Bourne-like shadow operative. I don’t know whether I loved his muscles, his weapons, or his tortured soul more – but he was a great lead and his chemistry with April was fantastic.

The romance in this book is a little instalove – it reads more like an action film than a romance. The sex is very hot. The relationship does work, but there were some eye roll moments when April and James find time to get naked or confide their deepest secrets while simultaneously racing to save their lives and kill the bad guys.

This is a fun, fast adventure with great sex and a little romance. There’s not much substance but I really enjoyed the characters and their story.

Nico Rosso discovered the romance genre through his wife, romance author Zoe Archer (aka Eva Leigh). He's published a wide range of romance stories, including some with demon rock stars, a sci-fi space opera, steampunk Westerns and now romantic suspense with the series Black Ops: Automatik. When he isn't at his desk, he can be found in the workshop, building furniture and completing other projects for his new home with Zoe in central California.

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of Seconds to Sunrise (Black Ops: Automatik #3) by Nico Rosso to read and review.

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