Monday, January 16, 2017

Rust by Kara Hart

Some call me a prick. Others call me a criminal. Turns out I’m both.


Rust Blackwood is everything I was warned about and more. Rude, arrogant, and carrying a ton of baggage. Yep, that's him. Everyone told me he was bad news. My own father, the boss of the Hell’s Wheels, wouldn’t do business with the man.

I should have listened. Rust is not the man to trust. He’s not the man I should get married to.

But I can’t stay away. It's the way he handles me. The way he grips his hands around my waist. Even when he mutters those dirty words, I know I should start running.

Rust is damaged goods. And I want him to claim every last bit of me.


There’s only one thing in this world I care more about than my crew, and that’s beautiful women.

But ending up with a woman like Jackie Matthews is not high up on my bucket list. She’s way too innocent and her family is well connected. But she’s one of the little guys. She’s too kind-hearted.

I should have left her alone. But when I have a taste of something sweet, chances are I’ll be back for more.

Someone should have warned her about a guy like me. Now she’s mine.

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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

This was a good read but I can’t say that I was a fan of this type of motorcycle club. Usually in an MC, they hate being called a gang and are all about the brotherhood; in this one, they refer to themselves as a gang and they’re all fighting one another, sometimes to the death. It was definitely an unusual spin on the typical MC romance. That being said, I still really liked the storyline and that’s why I gave 3.5 Stars.

Rust is a proud member of the Courage MC and everyone knows not to mess with him. Jackie is the princess of the Hell’s Wheels MC and when her father dies, she’s supposed to become the new leader. However, a few members of her gang decide not to honor that. In the meantime, Jackie has worked up a scheme with Courage MC to take over supplying drugs around their town and putting their common enemy, the Darkhorse gang, out of business. Things get pretty bloody quickly and a war breaks out. Rust finds Jackie’s fierce attitude sexy and the two wind up sleeping together, which leads to a plan of marriage to band their two MCs together against the Darkhorse gang.

This was definitely a fast-paced storyline which I enjoyed, there’s a ton of drama and I loved both of the main characters. It was a bit confusing at times though, and that, combined with the weird take on MCs, is why I’m giving 3.5 stars. I had no idea this was a third in a series until I finished it, so it can definitely be read as a standalone!

Kara Hart is a new author OBSESSED with Bad Boys of all kinds. She’s a full time student, writer, and mother. She loves bad boys with a darker, deeper side to them. She knows someday she’ll get invited into the MC…someday…

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Lee’Anne reviewed her personal copy of Rust (Courage MC #3) by Kara Hart for this post.

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