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The No Asshole Rule by Ashley Erin Blog Tour

Andie has one rule she lives by, no assholes. She doesn’t befriend them and she certainly doesn’t date them. Upon transferring to Parkland University, she is irritated to discover her neighbor is not only an asshole, but an attractive one that her body and mind can’t seem to ignore. Can Andie let go of the one rule that safeguards her heart?

Lucas doesn’t date. Ever. At least not anymore but the sexy, distant woman across the hall intrigues him and the draw is more than he can resist. Will he like what he finds hidden deep inside her wounded soul?

They both fight to keep their rules, but the pull is irresistible. As Andie struggles with the demons from her past, old wounds open. Both Lucas and Andie will need to decide what is worth fighting for.

Some rules are meant to be broken. Are they up for the challenge?

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“Are you alright?” My body shudders in pleasure at the sound of his deep voice. Dammit, why couldn’t he have a nasally voice. No, it has to be panty wetting, shiver inducing, come right then and there sexy. Fuck. My. Life. Figures I would be sexually aroused for the first time in forever by some random stranger who pisses me off.

Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

I chose to read this story read based solely on the title which I think is pretty great. The cover however leaves a lot to be desired.

This is a college romance story that I really enjoyed. Andie has been treated like crap from all the men in her life and has no tolerance for A-holes. But first impressions aren't always correct and everyone has a bad day. Andie's past means she doesn't trust men and this is a reoccurring issue that causes problems throughout the story.

The relationship between Andie and Lucas develops over time and I loved that they are normal everyday people. When they played Mario Kart on their first date I was completely sold on both of them.

I had a great time reading about not only Andie and Lucas but their family and friends as well. I look forward to the next book in the series The No Bad Boy Rule.

I haven’t been in a big New Adult mood in a while, but when I saw the title of this book I had to give it a go – even if that required sacrificing a few hours of sleep to do so. And I’m glad I did. The No Asshole Rule has the requisite amount of angst one tends to find in a New Adult romance, but the reason behind Andie’s issues aren’t the typical insecurities young women her age tend to have. In fact, the reason why Andie is so cut-off from the world is pretty horrific in my opinion, both because of what happened to her and who was responsible for it. Add to that Lucas, an admitted reformed player, and the book proved to be an enjoyable read for me.

While we get the drama, angst, and romance of a New Adult romance, Ms. Erin sets out to show that first impressions can be overcome and doing so can be well worth the effort. To be fair to Andie, Lucas did make an awful first impression. Yes, we find out afterwards that he wasn’t being the a**hole she thought he was as he was actually dealing with a family issue at the time, but her first impression of him seemed spot-on and their subsequent interactions didn’t do anything to disprove it. When Andie finally gets a chance to see that she was wrong about Lucas and gives friendship a chance – they will be neighbors for at least the next three years – they find out that have a lot in common. Gotta love a girl who can kick EVERY guys’ butt in video games. Because of her history, it takes Andie a long time to see the potential for more with Lucas. Fortunately, Andie’s brother Dax is there to encourage her and give Lucas advice without spilling her secrets. Thankfully Lucas actually listens to Dax and gets his own sister’s advice and takes it slow with Andie. This makes for an enjoyable slow-building of their romance, and when they finally do take that next step, well it’s both sweet and sexy.

Where the author took The No Asshole Rule that I elevated above the typical New Adult read for me was the conflict between Andie and her father. Honestly as I got farther and farther into the book, I began to think the author wasn’t going to play that card after all. And them BAM! she went there and she did it spectacularly. While I hated that Andie went through what she did, when she’s confronted by her father it gives total credence to every flinch, jerk, shut down, and tensed muscle that Andie experienced in the book. As bad as it was to watch, it added to the realism of Andie’s character – and gave her the kick in the rear she needed to admit her feelings for Lucas. I really liked Andie and Lucas’s friends and family and am looking forward to Lucas’s sister and Andie’s brother story play out. The No Asshole Rule was a great start for the Rule series and I look forward to reading The No Bad Boy Rule.

Ashley has a degree in Psychology and has worked in the Human Services field for five years. She loves reading romance, new adult, paranormal and fantasy novels.

She lives in Spruce Grove, Alberta with her boyfriend, two dogs and four cats. She also has a horse she loves with all her heart. When she is not working with the horses, reading and writing, you can find her on social media.

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