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We Are the Goldens by Dana Reinhardt

Nell worships her older sister, Layla. They're one unit, intertwined: Nellayla. As Nell and her best friend, Felix, start their freshman year in high school, on Layla's turf, there's so much Nell looks forward to: Joining Layla on the varsity soccer team. Parties. Boys. Adventures.

But the year takes a very different turn.

Layla is changing, withdrawing. She's hiding something, and when Nell discovers what it is, and the consequences it might have, she struggles. She wants to support Layla, to be her confidante, to be the good sister she's always been. But with so much at stake, what secrets should she keep? What lies should she tell?

Award-winning young adult author Dana Reinhardt explores questions of loyalty, love, and betrayal in this provocative and intimate novel.

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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

3.5 Stars!

I can't explain that much of the story in fear of spoilers. I don't usually read YA, but the cover and the blurb caught my attention! 'The secret' held my attention. Nell is talking to her sister Layla through the whole story, this was quite different for me, I've never read a dialogue like it. There were things that I loved, but some things that bothered me.

Let's go with what I loved first. I felt like I was actually reading a teenager's mind, I thought the voice of Nell was spot on for her age!! I'm trying not leave spoilers, so bear with me. The secret is HUGE, and the severity is usually sugarcoated in NA/Erotic books, this was a 'real' look into a taboo subject. It forced me to re-think my perspective on other books which I loved.

Just of couple of things bugged me! The ending, I felt unfulfilled and lost. I'm hoping we get another book. Two characters, or should I ghosts plague me. What was the connection with Parker & Duncan? I was intrigued to say the least. But I needed more answers, a better conclusion!!!!

I'm definitely glad I gave this book a chance! And I would read more by this author.

Nelly and Layla are practically twins, born 9 months apart the have lived their whole lives as twins. It’s Nelly’s freshman year and she wants is to be a part of Layla’s junior life. But Layla can’t let that happen, not with the secret she is carrying around. This secret is so big it could ruin many lives.

This book reads like the dairy of Nelly, well maybe more like a spectator inside of her mind. As you pull out the popcorn to hear her inner dialogue, you can tell just how much Nelly loves her sister. She is the loudest cheerleader for Perfect Layla, but what if Layla isn’t so perfect after all? Nelly spends the year following in her footsteps and trying her hardest to figure out why Layla has kicked her out of her life. Then at the most random of times the secret Now Nelly is tasked with keep this secret from everyone even her amazing male best friend. Can she do this?

The author has a beautifully written story but in the end I was left was too many unanswered questions. I really hope for a follow up book of some sort. I also never fully connected to any character. I can’t put my finger on why the disconnect but it’s there and so that left me with a good read, but longing for just a little more.

Many sisters have a special bond and Nell and Layla are no exception. Nell loves her sister and idolizes her. As Nell enters high school things begin to change and she is no longer so sure about her relationship with Layla or what to do about it.

This was an interesting book for me. It was out of my norm, but intriguing. It definitely show the teen perspectives on life as well as taking you through some tough situations. I am curious to see if this book will have a sequel or not as it very well could, or it could be left as it is. I found it an easy read and I think the cover in just as interesting as the book. It is an interesting young adult story and I would recommend it to those who like YA and like getting into the teen perspective. I think the story line could have more potential in the future if the author wishes it to.

DANA REINHARDT is the author of A Brief Chapter in My Impossible Life, Harmless, How to Build a House, The Things a Brother Knows, The Summer I Learned to Fly, and Odessa Again. She lives in San Francisco with her husband and their two daughters.

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of We Are the Goldens by Dana Reinhardt to read and review.

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