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Corbin’s Bend – Psychology of Submission by Livia Grant

Traci Jackson has been a therapist in Corbin's Bend for several years. She's helped many residents navigate their own D/s and DD relationships, but she hasn't found her own HoH. Through her patients, she's been researching and writing about the dynamics of dominance and submission in relationships for years. She loves her field, but she hates attending professional conventions where she's treated like her specialty isn't valid.

Sean Campbell is juggling raising his teenage daughter alone in Chicago while running a large convention hotel. When the annual psychologist convention comes to town, he literally bumps into the most beautiful and intelligent woman he's met in a long time. He gets the surprise of his life when he finds out her specialty is D/s with an emphasis on corporal punishment.

They may find sparks from the minute they meet, but Traci and Sean have more than just the long distance between Chicago and Corbin's Bend separating them. Sean has never heard of domestic discipline before. Will Traci pack up and leave Corbin's Bend to be with the man she's falling in love with, even if he can never be her true HoH?

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Book 4 – Season Three
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"You still haven't told me... wait..." Sean's eyes widened. "Are you a sex therapist?"

"Not exactly, but close. A lot of my research skirts sexual topics, yes."

Sean whistled before breaking out into a wolfish grin. "Wow, how's that for luck? The first woman I ask out on a date in eighteen years and she's a sex therapist."

Traci slapped his chest harder than she'd meant to. "I said not exactly. It's a lot more complicated than that." She was getting defensive. She was so tired of having to defend her field of expertise.

Sean got serious again quickly. "Listen, I was just kidding around. I think it's great, Trace."

She was completely caught off-guard by his familiar use of her nickname. She wasn't sure what to say so Sean pressed her. "Are you good at your job, Traci?"

She took a deep breath before answering. "Yes. I'm a good therapist."

"Somehow I already knew that. Next question. Did you work hard on your research and putting together your presentation?"

"Of course. I've worked my ass off."

Sean grinned. "Would it be ungentlemanly of me to let you know that I'm pretty sure your ass is still part of your body? I should know. I've admired it several times tonight." He slyly let his left hand slide down from her back and cupped her butt, squeezing gently in appreciation. Even in the dim lighting, Traci could see his grey eyes clouding with desire. Her own breathing was becoming short and she waited, hoping again for a kiss.

It wasn't to come. "What's the worst thing that can happen tomorrow, Traci?"

His question caught her off guard. What was the worst thing that could happen? "I don't know. I guess they could throw rotten tomatoes at me and boo me off the podium."

Sean laughed at her. "Well, I've been managing this hotel for two years and we've never had any keynote speaker booed off the stage. If you'd like, I'll be sure to have the kitchen hide all of the tomatoes in the morning." His easy jesting helped to calm her.

"That won't be necessary."

"Good. So what's the best thing that can happen tomorrow?"

She'd been so focused on the bad things she feared that she hadn't even thought of this question before. He gave her time. "I don't know. I guess I'll present interesting and helpful information to my colleagues and they'll be able to use it as they treat their own patients."

"That's great, but I predict you're going to earn the respect of a lot of your peers. Now, are you going to go in there and hold your head up high?"

"I guess. I don't really have a choice."

"That didn't sound very convincing."

"It's not easy. There are some jerks out to discredit me."

"Don't let them make that your problem. The best way to combat that is to knock your presentation out of the park. Then they'll look like idiots to criticize you."

"I guess. You'd make a pretty good therapist, you know that?"

Sean grinned. "I doubt that. I've had an ulterior motive."

"And that was?"

"Well, I'm holding you in my arms and feeling up your ass, aren't I?"

A surge of emotions converged as the intimacy of their embrace reminded the occupants of the gondola hanging one-hundred and fifty feet above the ground of their first private moment together. Sean looked into her eyes and searched to ensure she was a willing partner in what was about to happen. Traci's heart raced as she self-consciously licked her lips, hoping their conversation was at an end. To his credit, he didn't ask before he closed the distance between them.

Sean's lips claimed her with a tenderness that quickly escalated with an urgency that told her he was fighting to maintain control. When she parted her lips, Sean pressed his tongue forward, sweeping in to claim her in an open-mouth kiss full of a promise Traci wished could be true. Sean clutched her closer, pulling her to sit in his lap as she threw her arms around his neck. She slid her hands through his thick, dark hair and held him in a way to ensure he couldn't escape.

They made out like teenagers. Kissing... moaning... groping... Through her escalating sexual haze, Traci could feel the swell of Sean's cock under her ass, impossible to ignore. Did she dare hope he wanted to make love to her as badly as she wanted him at this moment? If they were at the hotel instead of on a carnival ride, she was positive she wouldn't want him to stop, one-night-stand or not.

The sound of an embarrassed young worker clearing his throat reminded them that they had returned to earth, literally. They pulled out of their kiss, but Sean was in no hurry to exit the ride. Instead, he reached up to brush her cheek tenderly, the sexiest smile on his face.

"I think we're going to have to take an intermission, Ms. Jackson."

Traci grinned back with relief. "That implies our date isn't over yet."

"I sure hope not. Let's go."

Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

I really enjoyed this book. I have always liked Traci and was waiting for her book. I will never forget her scene with her brother Troy in a previous book. If you haven’t read Life’s Unexpected Gifts, you should, it was good. I will admit I was a little afraid that since this book started off with Traci at a conference that it could get dull but boy was I wrong. I loved the first interaction of Traci and Sean’s daughter. They bonded so fast and then when they “officially” met it was even better. I liked Sean instantly and was rooting for him when he was learning all about Domestic Discipline. It was nice seeing some of the other characters from all the other books at the celebration. Sean’s reaction was priceless. Towards the end I was getting ticked off at both Traci and Sean for not being in contact and both just not trying harder but in the end it all worked out and it was a great story.

Characters: Well written and believable
Sex: Oh yeah!
Religious: No
Would I recommend to others: Yes
More than one book in the series: Yes
Genre: Spanking/Romance
Would I read more by this author: Yes

Mary Jo☆☆☆☆
This is one of the better of the Corbin's Bend books in my opinion. The chemistry between Sean and Traci is scorching. Traci's insecurities are very believable as well as the need you can feel rolling off her. The need for someone to take her in hand, to be the rock she can lean on. When Sean learns about Domestic Discipline, he does his best to give Traci what she needs, even if he really doesn't understand it.

After their week together, Sean realizes that he jumped in without knowing much about Domestic Discipline and rectifies that with tons of research. When Traci reaches out and he knows she needs him, he takes what he's learned and leaves for Corbin's Bend.

Part of a Series: Corbin's Bend Season 3

I am a huge fan of all the Corbin's Bend books – but this might have just become my favourite. It is certainly one that I will read again and again, as it is just about perfect. If you have never read one before, you could start here and then go back to the beginning, with a good understanding of what Corbin's Bend is all about.

It was most definitely sensual and steamy, but it was also an unexpectedly intense love story. Maybe because the romance started in Chicago, and then led to Corbin's Bend and all it stands for, it was particularly refreshing. Whatever it was, I found it to be magical, and just what I needed at the end of a tough week. I would highly recommend it to you.

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Author Livia Grant lives in the suburbs of Chicago with her husband and two sons… one a teenager and the other an 80-pound furry rescue dog named Max. Livia is blessed to have traveled extensively around the globe, but as much as she loves traveling, the Midwest and its changing seasons will always be home.

A big fan of the book The Secret, she set her sights on becoming a novelist years ago and has made good on that dream. As for the timing, Livia finally feels like she has the life experience to write a riveting story she hopes her readers won’t be able to put down. Livia's fans appreciate her deep character driven plots, often rooted by an ensemble cast where the friendships are as important as the romance… well, almost.

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