Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Secret Yearning by Lolly Tova

After Sasha Mooney’s latest doomed relationship fails, her best friends, Kate and Justin, drag her off for a long weekend in a remote cottage to celebrate her thirtieth birthday. Only, the new romance between Kate and Justin highlights Sasha’s loneliness—and jealousy—and she can’t help but crave the return of their cozy, platonic threesome.

Whichever way Sasha turns, she stumbles across Kate and Justin making love, and soon she’s consumed by a frightening desire for both of them that isolates her further.

When a morning alone with Kate leads to a romantic encounter, Sasha’s guilt and self-loathing spiral out of control. She’s crossed a line and quickly hurdles another when Justin walks in on her in the shower and sparks fly. With hopes of salvaging her friendships fading fast, Sasha’s options don’t look pretty. Either she risks Kate and Justin’s contempt by admitting her feelings for them both, or she respects their new relationship and walks out of their lives for good.

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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

This was a tasty little treat. Old friends, new loves.

I have to say I liked the way Sasha and Kate came together was quite pleasant. I liked the way Josh seemed so torn by his indecision. However, when it came down to how the three of them came together, I felt like it was quite forced (the conversation). The actual act was HOT.

I did understand how Sasha would feel slighted by her two friends making a go of their relationship and then awkwardly trying to invite her into what they'd developed. I would've also like to have seen more interaction between Kate and Sasha in the naughty scenes when Josh was involved, but overall it was a good read.

I would definitely pick up more from Lolly Tova.

This short read definitely turns up the heat. If you like to read of friends turned lovers, of MFF, FMF, (and the delights of Yorkshire) this is for you!

If I hadn't seen the front cover, I might have been a bit annoyed at the start of the book, but I realised that the plan was just going a little awry! To watch these three fumble things repeatedly was amusing and frustrating – and pretty steamy too. Great little story, enjoy!

Lolly Tova writes contemporary and fantasy erotic romance.

Lolly is a West Country girl living in London, England, who regularly breaks the cardinal rules of city life by making eye contact with strangers and wishing passersby a good morning.

By day, Lolly helps to shape the next generation of art masters. By night, she crafts her erotic flights of fancy, which are slightly kooky, a lot quirky, and a smidgen dark and disturbing when the wind blows in the right direction.

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of Secret Yearning by Lolly Tova to read and review.

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