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We Could Do This Tonight by Emerson Beckett Blog Tour

Blog Tour. Emerson Beckett’s We Could Do This Tonight.

How do I choose which heart to break? No matter who I choose, I'm going to be the loser.


Three years ago, Ben walked into my Portland bar and stole my heart with one look. It didn’t matter that I’m 21 years older than him. All he wants is me.

Benjamin’s beautiful smile and endless charm attract everyone he meets, including my 20-year-old daughter, Anna.

No one knows about all the things he and I have done together. And I’ve made sure to keep it from her.

My carefully constructed life built upon rules and my duty to my family is about to crumble before my eyes because she and I want the same thing—Ben.

In the end, keeping us a secret may cost me both of them. I’m in an impossible love triangle that, no matter which one I choose, I’m going to lose.

And when someone attacks my bar via social media, it’s all I can take.

So, which do I choose? Anna’s happiness? Or a life with Ben?


I knew I loved Alejandro Sanchez the moment our eyes met across the bar. There was something about the single dad and bar owner that I couldn’t get enough of.

After three long years, he’s finally okay with us. But when he refuses to tell Anna about us, I take matters into my own hands.

I’ll do whatever needs to be done to keep him in my life, even if it means accepting a date with Anna.

We Could Do This Tonight is an age gap, single dad, boss/employee love triangle romance and the second book in the We Could Do This Duet. It is the tenth book set in the Package Deal World with reoccurring characters from the original series. It is best enjoyed after reading We Could Do This Forever.

Note to the Reader: If you have not read The Package Deal series, you might find it beneficial to start there and refer to the reading order for The Package Deal World within the books. All the books are available through Kindle Unlimited.

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We Could Do This Tonight by Emerson Beckett

Book 2
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When the countdown to midnight started, I stepped back and leaned against the bar. Telling myself I was checking to make sure everyone had champagne, my eyes drank in Alejandro as he stood protectively over his daughter and ex-wife.

When the shouts of Happy New Year began, I turned my gaze from him. But before I could get away completely, I looked up to see him glance at me before he kissed his daughter. When he leaned down to his ex-wife, I turned my body toward the TV on the opposite wall.

Maybe next year things would be different. I didn’t know if he was interested in me, or just enjoyed the flirting we were doing. Snapping myself out of this silly funk, I put a smile on my face and went back to work.

Around one-thirty, we had almost everything cleaned up for when we closed at two a.m. Nick had just left, even though it was my night to close. He’d stayed to help me put up the chairs before heading out. When the bar was empty, I locked up behind him, then carried the last bus tray of dirty glasses to the kitchen.

I picked up the sanitized ones from the dishwasher and headed back out to restock for the next day. Alejandro had come out of his office and began turning off the lights. Every time he extinguished one, my heartbeat increased. One by one, the lights around the room went out until only the recessed lighting around the bar remained.

The volume on the sound system had been turned down low, but helped to fill the void when everyone had gone home. Adding to the ambiance, the light shining down on the sparkling glassware and the amber colored contents of the glass bottles created the illusion of flickering candles. It was romantic as hell and fed my desire for him.

Lost in my fantasies, I didn’t notice when he walked behind the bar. Alejandro stood beside me, shoulder to shoulder, as I restocked the glasses. I could see him in my peripheral vision and felt the warmth of his body radiating toward mine. His biceps were straining his shirt and his expensive cologne intoxicated me further every time he stirred the air around us.

I breathed in the woodsy scent as he reached over to hand them to me, one at a time, making me smile and slowing me down. “You don’t have to help. I can do this.”

“I know,” he said quietly, “but I wanted to. And I needed to check on you.”

Turning my head to look at him, my brow furrowed. One look at him in this dim lighting made my heart beat a little faster. “Why?”

Alejandro turned to his side to face me, then folded his muscled arms over his chest. “You looked a little sad earlier. Thought you might be missing your family.”

I wanted to laugh and tell him my family was not what I was thinking about.

I wasn’t missing them.

I’d been imagining what it would be like to kiss him.



When Alejandro looked at me like that, I knew he was counting down the minutes until he could get his hands all over me.



Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

We Could Do This Tonight is the second book in the duet, We Could Do This. It shouldn't be read as a standalone but if you do so you should still be able to read it without issue. BUT you shouldn't because you need Nick and Preston's story.

Ben wanted a change; he was tired of the same things in California. When he and his best friend make the trip to Seattle to see if this is where Ben wants to live, he instantly knows he can't leave. Seeing the sexy owner of the bar, he knows he is where is meant to be. But Ben never thought he'd have to work at the bar for three years before Alejandro finally let his guard down enough to let Ben in.

Alejandro knew instantly he wanted the new guy who came into the bar. What he didn't expect was for him to be one of the new bartenders. He had strict rules about dating staff and intended on keeping those rules – and for three years it worked, until he just couldn't fight it any longer. Ben was everything he wanted but he wouldn't let himself have it. Somewhere along the way, Alejandro's daughter develops a crush on Ben, which puts him in an even more awkward position. Does he crush his daughter’s heart or Ben's?

First, I loved getting a little more of the Package Deal world. Finally getting Ben and Alejandro's story! The tension and chemistry for these two has been through many books. At times, I so wanted to kick Alejandro in the butt for the things he was doing and/or not doing. Ben was giving so much of himself to Alejandro, that most people who weren't getting a response or were being treated the way Ben was would have left. I'm so happy they finally got their much deserved happily ever after!

This is the second book in this series, but if you have read The Rockstar, or any of the Package Deal series, then you will know the bar and protagonists in this story already!

Ben and his BFF walk into a bar in Portland... and he sees Alejandro, the owner,... and falls for him, boom!

As Alejandro is twice Ben's age, he dismisses all possibilities of anything happening, and the guy is a tourist, so even less reason to engage. But Ben is persistent and decides he will apply for a job at the bar, move his life from San Diego to Portland, and wait Alejandro out.

One has to give kudos to Ben that he really does wait and wait and wait – because Alejandro has got all up in his head about the whole possibility of them being together. I enjoyed the banter between Alejandro and his best friend, Preston, and the relationship he maintained with his ex-wife. They softened off his attitude and explained why he was being quite so stubborn!

A very enjoyable read, and fun to read both sides of a story which was inevitable from day one, but took years to reach fruition.



Keeping my feelings for Benjamin a secret has created an impossible love triangle that might end up breaking all our hearts.


Author Bio

Emerson Beckett. Male Male Romance Author.

EMERSON BECKETT is an avid sports fan and lover of M/M romance books, Emerson loves her new career as an author. It gets even better when she can combine the two. Emerson is the co-author of The Package Deal Series and The Portland Protectors: EHM Security Series with Rheland Richmond. The We Could Do This Duet is her first solo project.

Emerson lives in North Carolina and has been married to the same man for 34 years. She is the mother of three beautiful adults, one of whom is completely responsible for her addiction to MM Romance.

Emerson is now mom to an Australian Shepherd, four cats, and a cute bunny rabbit.

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“Tell me what you want, Benjamin.”     “You. It’s always been you.”


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