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The Step Bet by Riley Hart & Devon McCormack Blog Tour

The Step Bet. Riley Hart & Devon McCormack.


Sometimes I want to punch that smirk off Atlas McCallister's pretty face.

He's cocky. A troublemaker. A pain.

And, unfortunately, my stepbrother.

We've been fire and kerosene since our parents got together, and to keep from exploding into fistfights, we've used challenges, dares, and bets to battle out our differences.

Our past bets have been a little inappropriate—scandalous, even—but Atlas's latest bet has gone too far.

Do I really believe if he loses, my straight stepbrother is gonna mess around with a guy? And not just any guy: me, his rival and nemesis?

Not a chance.

But if he's so confident he's gonna win... well, my big stepbro must not know me as well as he thinks...


I love getting under Troy's skin.

Mr. Former Prom King. Mr. Heartthrob. Mr. Infuriatingly Perfect. Messing with him is too easy. Too fun. Maybe that's why I'm a little obsessed with him.

Our latest bet is the perfect way for me to test the bisexual waters, and once I dive headfirst into the deep end, I don't want to stop.

With Troy. My stepbro.

It was supposed to be just a little fun, yet with each touch, I like him more than I should. It wasn't supposed to go this far. Now I want Troy to be all mine.

But what we're doing has bigger consequences than our little step bet, and when the stakes are this high, is it worth gambling our hearts when we know this is a game we both could lose?

This is the first book in the Peach State Stepbros series. It can be read as a standalone.

Trigger Warning: The Step Bet is a steamy romance, but one of the secondary characters struggles with addiction. This may act as a trigger for some readers.


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The Step Bet by Riley Hart & Devon McCormack

Book 1
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My eyes shouldn’t be on my stepbrother’s ass when he walks away, not only because of the familial relationship, but because I’m supposed to be as straight as Troy is queer. I’ve never fucked a guy, never wanted to fuck a guy. I don’t have a problem with anyone who does. It’s just never been something that’s crossed my mind, but still I watch Troy the way I always do, remembering what it was like the day he wore a pair of panties—panties that only I knew about. What it was like seeing him shift and being the only person who knew why. Knowing he’d worn them all those years ago because those were the terms. He lost, so he had to submit to my naughty little punishment, crafted especially for him.

It gave me the best kind of rush. Made me feel something other than anger and my hatred of the world. These games I play with Troy make my head less chaotic. They feel good. Thinking about our bets still makes me feel that way.

Because even though I can’t sort out why, there’s always been something different about the way I react to Troy. He’s fascinating as fuck, which pisses me off but also keeps drawing me in.

“Hey, man. Why’d you wanna meet here?” Taylor asks as he approaches me with our friend Brenner. My gaze darts around to make sure none of Troy’s boys are in earshot. The last thing I need is them hearing I made up the whole Taylor-and-Brenner-wanted-to-come argument. Jesus, Troy’s got me fucked up. Now I’m making up excuses to be at a party where he is.

“Cheap booze,” I reply, which is partly true. The frat charges a small fee to get in, but now we get to drink all their alcohol.

“Bet.” Brenner grins. He’s always down to get drunk. I am too.

The guys grab a drink while I watch my stepbro plead my case to his friends. When they look my way, I raise my cup to them and offer my best smile. It seems to work because they shake their heads and say something to Troy but walk away without coming over to harass my ass.

Taylor and Brenner return with red cups full to the brim with frothy beer, and we shoot the shit for a while.

“How’s class going?” I ask, still watching Troy. My stepbro is studying mechanical engineering, something he’s always loved and been good at.

“Eh, it’s school. How good can it be?” Taylor replies.

“Mine are pretty cool, actually,” Brenner says. “I’m really digging my History of Contemporary Architecture class.” He licks the beer foam from his top lip.

I only met them when I started at Peach State, but it didn’t take long to learn that Brenner is obsessed with architecture. He doesn’t take much seriously, but he does that.

“Cool,” I reply, and then we listen to him ramble about it.

The backyard of the frat house is getting more and more crowded, filled with annoying people I have no desire to be around. Fucking Troy and the weird things he makes me do.

“At least there are some fine-ass girls here tonight,” Taylor says, taking in the view. I can’t deny that he’s right.

“Guys too.” Brenner bounces on his toes, unable to keep still. He’s bisexual, so you never know whom he’s going to end the night with.

I agree with them while watching Troy over my cup as I take a drink. Now he’s talking to a guy I don’t recognize. His gaze darts my direction before it shoots away again, and he transfers his weight from one foot to the other. I tell myself it’s because of me, which sends warmth through my belly and might make me even more fucked up than I already knew I was. Making him a little uncomfortable shouldn’t feel good.

“I thought you weren’t allowed at Alpha Theta Mu parties, Atlas?” Danielle says. She’s in my Classical Sociological Theory class and is always flirting with me. She’s hot—long brown hair, brown eyes, and an ass that doesn’t stop, so it’s not like I mind when she hits on me. I quite enjoy it, to be honest.

“Aw, come on. You know I do what I want. Who’s gonna tell me I can’t go somewhere?” I tease. Of course, I wouldn’t be here if Troy hadn’t put a leash on his boys, but that’s beside the point.

“You’re bad, Atlas McCallister.”

“I am. You wanna be bad with me tonight?” I quirk a brow at her. It’s a cheesy line, but I figure she’ll take it for what it is. I want to hook up tonight, and she’ll either be down or not, and if not, then I’ll go on my way.

“You know I do.”

I set my cup down, the beer already forgotten. “Come here, then.” I hook my finger in the belt loop of her shorts and tug her closer. Danielle comes easily. “Let’s stay here for a while first.” Because I’m curious who the guy is with Troy and if they’re going to disappear together for the night.

Brenner and Taylor mumble something about me being a lucky motherfucker, and to them, I probably am. Not just because of Danielle, but because they don’t know shit about my life, not really.

They don’t know how much I hate my father, that even being in the same room with him makes me feel like I’m suffocating.

They don’t know that every time I look at him, I’m drowning in the pain of losing my mom. That I stood by while he’d broken her heart so he could play house with Troy’s mom. One big happy family. Fuck that noise.

It’s all on me that my friends don’t know much about my life. We basically live to bust each other’s balls. It’s our friendship language, but I also know I can trust them. They’d be there for me if I let them. I just don’t know how.

Danielle presses her breasts against my chest, and I let my hand slide down her back, then land high on her ass, in the same spot I’d once had Troy’s name written… Like, what the fuck even is that? I don’t understand how he gets me to do shit like that. I excuse it with the logic that if I don’t follow through with the bets I lose, he won’t follow through with the bets I win—and that is the best fucking feeling.

Danielle’s lips ghost over mine, and I kiss her back, tongue in her mouth. When I look over again, Troy is watching me, and damned if I don’t watch him too while I’m kissing her.




Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

The Step Bet is the first book in the Peach State Stepbros series.

Troy and Atlas were thrown together when they were fourteen. Troy's mom married Atlas's dad. Neither wanted to be in that situation but Troy was trying while Atlas appears to be holding a grudge more often than not. They both are attending the same college and have a competitive streak a mile wide with each other. Then one bet becomes all they can think about and maybe all the frustrations they have with each other isn't because of hate after all.

These characters had such great chemistry. The banter back and forth, the sweetness when they finally let it show, and they were explosive together. I enjoyed the bit of family drama, and my heart broke for both of them when they finally let themselves be vulnerable.

These authors are a great duo together and I can't wait for more!



“You’re not the only one who likes marking what they want.”     Troy looks blissed out, pupils wide, and turned on as fuck.     “I can handle that.”


Author Bio

Riley Hart

RILEY HART’s love of all things romance shines brightly in everything she writes. Her primary focus is Male/Male romance but under various pen names, her prose has touched practically every part of the spectrum of love and relationships. The common theme that ties them all together is stories told from the heart.

A hopeless romantic herself, Riley is a lover of character-driven plots, many with flawed and relatable characters. She strives to create stories that readers can not only fall in love with, but also see themselves in. Real characters and real love blended together equal the ultimate Riley Hart experience.

When Riley isn’t creating her next story, you can find her reading, traveling, or dreaming about reading or traveling, spending time with her two snarky kids, and swoony husband.

Riley Hart is represented by Jane Dystel at Dystel, Goderich & Bourret Literary Management. She’s a 2019 Lambda Literary Award Finalist for Of Sunlight and Stardust.

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Facebook Group: Riley's Rebels 2.0


Devon McCormack

DEVON MCCORMACK grew up in the Georgia suburbs with his two younger brothers and an older sister. At a very young age, he spun tales the old fashioned way, lying to anyone and everyone he encountered. He claimed he was an orphan. He claimed to be a king from another planet. He claimed to have supernatural powers. He has since harnessed this penchant for tall tales by crafting worlds and characters that allow him to live out whatever fantasy he chooses. Devon is an out and proud queer man living in Atlanta, Georgia.

Devon's body of work ranges from erotica to young adult, so readers should check the synopses of his books before purchasing so that they know what they're getting into.

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“Clearly, I can’t be totally straight. You get my dick hard, Troy. That doesn’t happen between two straight guys.”


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