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Cover Reveal – The Revenge Agenda by Saxon James

The Revenge Agenda. Cover Reveal.


When I show up to surprise my boyfriend in a barely-there festive outfit, I’m expecting him to be alone.

Not hosting family.

His fiancé’s family.

Down one boyfriend and up a lot of embarrassment, I flee with my tail between my legs. The broken heart will fade. My humiliation, not so much, but my saving grace is the fact that I never have to see either of them ever, ever again.

Until I walk into work and come face to face with my new boss.


I never, in a million years, would have guessed the man hiding under his desk at work would be the one person I hoped to never see again.

My ex-fiancé’s side piece.

Apparently I can’t fire the guy because of personal issues, so I try to play nice, which is a whole lot harder to do when I find out my ex is still texting Rush. The same ex I haven’t heard from since I walked out on his begging.

Rush tells me he didn’t know about me. He tells me there were others. He also tells me our ex still wants him and so, we come up with a plan. To show him what it feels like when you want someone who doesn’t want you back.

All we need is a camera. His number. And one shared kiss.

Revenge has never been sweeter.

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The Revenge Agenda by Saxon James

Cover Designer: Story Styling Cover Designs
Michelle Lancaster
Model: Eric G.

Book 3
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“The living room is where we have our important meetings.”

“And this is an important meeting?”

“Of course.” He gives me one of his bright smiles.

And this is exactly why I find it so hard to ignore him and act like he’s any other employee. I really had no hope when it came to him. Not when he’s so… pure. Happy. Pretty fucking naive. It’s becoming clear to me how Ian had such an easy time of stringing him along and why Rush didn’t notice he was being played.

With me in another city and Rush distracted and unfocused, we were perfect prey. I wonder what he looked for in those other men.

I shake it off before my mood can take a nosedive. Plotting revenge requires anger, not sadness. But before we can step into the room, Rush pauses, turning slightly and setting his fingertips on my chest. The touch is so unexpected it takes me a moment to realize he’s said something.


“Just checking you’re still okay with this? It’s sort of weird, having you here. And I don’t want you to judge my friends once it’s over because things might get strange, but please give them a chance. They all have big hearts.” Rush’s voice is sort of scratchy but so sincere, his hazel eyes dancing in the dim light of the hall.

“Wait. You think I’m going to judge them?”

“Obviously. We’re not like you.”

Like me. Fucking hell. I want to head butt the wall to prove to him I’m not as in control as he thinks. “All morning, I’ve been freaking out thinking they’re going to judge me.”


“Yeah. I want them to like me, obviously.”

“But why? You might never have to see them after today.”

That’s the question, isn’t it? Why do I care what this bunch of random men think? I’m comfortable in social settings most of the time, but since moving here, my confidence has taken a real hit. Being the guy with a stable job and a stable relationship helped create this perfect family guy persona, and without that, I think I’m having an identity crisis.

I’m standing in a house with my employee who fucked my ex, for fuck’s sake.

My hands slide through my perfectly styled hair, and I ignore the urge to fix it again.

“Can we get this over with?”

Rush laughs and tugs a chunk of hair that’s fallen over my forehead. “Careful, you’ll start to look like me.”

He turns and leads the way, giving me a second to run my eyes over him. From his chaotic blond curls on the top of his head to his tanned, lean form and… Jesus. Rush has an ass. An ass that’s on full display in those sweatpants.

Yeah. I’m never going to look like him.

“Everyone,” he says, and we step into the living room. “This is The Hunter. Hunter, this is everyone.”

He’s not joking about everyone. There are another six men watching us.

There’s a round of hellos as I lift my eyebrows Rush’s way. “The Hunter? What, I have mythical status or something?”

“I know you’re joking, but you really do. I think you’re underestimating how much I talk about you.”

Considering until the last few days, Rush wouldn’t have had anything positive to talk about, that doesn’t fill me with confidence. “Okay, but to clear things up, I’ve apologized to him for being a dick.”

“You were mean to Rush?” Redhead snarls.

“Down, Seven,” a guy with brown curls and big eyes says, resting a hand on Seven’s leg. “I’m sure The Hunter has a perfectly reasonable explanation for why he was a dick to someone like Rush.”

“Look, I was angry about what happened and how I found out. It was misplaced, but the night we met, I was a bit of an asshole.”

Seven frowns. “Didn’t you order him a ride?”

“And give him your coat?” Xander adds evilly.

“Yes, but I was a dick while I did it.”

They exchange looks, and Rush laughs. “I told you that you were being kind.”

“I… that wasn’t…”

A blond man with a British accent pipes up. “Regardless of how you felt, you made sure Rush was okay. That signals a decent person in my books.”

I’m not used to praise, especially not from strangers. He can see it that way all he wants. I’d been mad at Rush for making me feel sorry for him and wanted nothing more in that moment than to make him go away. Preferably forever.

That doesn’t sound like the type of thing you’d tell someone’s friends.

“Either way,” I say, taking the seat next to the one Rush has fallen into. “I’ve moved on. Kinda. And that’s why we’re here.”

Seven gives a scary-looking smile. “Revenge.”

“Yes. That.”

Rush hugs one knee to his chest and slings the other over the armrest, angling him closer to me. “Okay, who’s got ideas on how we do it?”

Xander’s hand shoots into the air. “Isn’t it obvious? To get revenge on him for fucking you both over… you need to fuck each other.”



If people find out my boss gave me booty plants they might start asking questions.


Author Bio

Saxon James. Romance Author.

SAXON JAMES unapologetically writes happy endings for LGBT+ characters.

While not writing, SM is a readaholic and Netflix addict who regularly lives on a sustainable diet of chocolate and coffee.

Member of SCBWI.

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I think I’m having an identity crisis. I’m standing in a house with my employee who fucked my ex, for fuck’s sake.


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