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Scene Queen by Charlie Novak Blog Tour

The Court Book Two. Scene Queen. Every Queen has a Secret.

Note to self: just because he's hot and funny doesn't change the fact he's annoying AF.

Hooking up with my irritating as hell neighbour wasn't on my agenda for the week, even if he is ridiculously gorgeous with a smile that lights up my life. His music is too loud, he’s too nosy… but I can’t stop myself from wanting more than a taste.

It was only supposed to be a one time thing, but now Rhys seems determined to charm his way into my world. And when he gets his nose broken at a rock concert, I'm the one who comes to his rescue.

But there's no time in my life for a relationship. Juggling drag, a paramedic career, and helping with my sister's kids has already pushed me close to burnout, and I'm walking a fine line between survival and exhaustion.

I've always been the one helping everyone else and I can't remember the last time I put myself first.

Maybe it's time to cause a scene and go after the thing I really want: a chance with the sparkling man next door who has terrible taste in music.

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Scene Queen by Charlie Novak

Book 2
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“You’re such a needy boy, aren’t you? So desperate for praise… for someone to notice you and give you all the things you tell yourself you can’t have or pretend you don’t want. Tell me, what secret fantasies are lurking inside you, just waiting for someone to notice?”



Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Scene Queen is the second book in The Court series. It can be read as a standalone without issue. But it does help to read what's come before it.

Evan has his hands full. He works full-time as a paramedic, helps his sister by babysitting his niblings, and does his drag shows. The stress of trying to maintain everything is becoming too much but he can't and won't disappoint anyone. When he comes off a particularly hard night shift from his day job, all he wants to do is sleep but his neighbor's horrible music is at a level that won't allow for that to happen. Evan isn't expecting the sexy Welsh man who answers the door. Hooking up with him almost seems inevitable but all it can be is a one-time thing – he has no time to offer for a relationship.

Rhys is having a hard time since his twin brother found himself in a committed relationship. Rhys feels out of sorts being alone. He hates the silence of living alone, the only thing that seems to help is playing his music loud. When his sexy neighbor begs for the music to be turned down, Rhys has a new plan – annoy the neighbor until they hook up. Once Rhys actually sees how much stress Evan is under, he wants to help, to take care of him, to ease his burdens. Little does Rhys realize that while he's trying to do all these things for Evan, he's slowly falling for the man.

There was instant chemistry between Rhys and Evan. I enjoyed seeing Evan's walls coming down little by little and letting Rhys in. Rhys wouldn't take no for an answer and was determined to help Evan in the only ways he knew how. Sweet read. I can't wait for more in this series.



Author Bio

Charlie Novak. Author.

CHARLIE NOVAK lives in England with her husband and two cheeky dogs. She spends most of her days wrangling other people’s words in her day job and then trying to force her own onto the page in the evening.

She loves cute stories with a healthy dollop of fluff, plenty of delicious sex, and happily ever afters — because the world needs more of them.

Charlie has very little spare time, but what she does have she fills with baking, Dungeons and Dragons, reading, and many other nerdy pursuits. She also thinks that everyone should have at least one favourite dinosaur…

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I shouldn’t have kissed him. I shouldn’t still be kissing him. But he was so fucking annoying it was the only way I could think to make him shut up.


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