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Go Deep by Brooklyn Cate Blog Tour

Will Vince continue to live his life according to everyone else’s rules? Or will he give up everything for the man he wants? Kindle Unlimited.

Never kiss your client… especially the NFL superstar you’ve been secretly obsessing about.


Being gay is a secret I’ve kept for as long as I can remember and since my dad’s running for President on a campaign platform to ban gay marriage, it’s not a secret I can’t afford to let out.

Until NFL superstar Gabe Kelly strolls into my corner office. With a body made for sin and throwing perfect spirals, he is my biggest temptation. I’m supposed to be managing his finances, not obsessing about him naked… or that stupid, reckless, fire hot kiss we shared.

But when you live in the limelight, someone is always waiting to expose your skeletons. So when a video of us together shows up online, I have to make a choice.

Live my life according to everyone else’s rules…
Or give up everything for the man I want.


Vince Castro is tall, dark, and forbidden desire wrapped in BOSS Black. He also happens to be my new financial advisor and the guy I’ve fantasized about since the day I walked into his office. But with my private life being dragged through the mud since coming out last season, the last thing I need is a hot little fling to distract me.

Still, everything about him tempts me to break all of my rules.
The one problem? He's straight.

I keep telling myself that his penetrating stares and semi-innocent touches mean nothing until I invite him up to my apartment… and find out his truth.

Go Deep is book one of the Red Zone Series. It’s a contemporary slow burn, angsty MM sports romance that has high heat, forbidden love, and a stalker to keep things really interesting.


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Go Deep by Brooklyn Cate

Book 1
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“Just a little harder… yeah.” It’s close, so damn close. Relief is imminent, and I’m teetering on the brink. “Ahh. You’re almost there.”

“Mmm. Okay, be patient for once.” Katarina’s nimble fingers massage gently at first, in circular motions, making me want to scream bloody murder. “I’m going to press it in, nice and slow.”

“Slam it in. I can’t take it anymore.”

Torture in its worst form. Twelve hours of searing pain, shooting from my lower back to my calf... a bottle of Motrin couldn’t relieve a shred of the agony. But Katarina, my massage therapist, always has the magic touch.

Pop! And just like that, the disc is in, all aches instantly eradicated.

I collapse onto the table, arms dangling over the sides, spent like I’d just shot a massive load. Guess I pushed too hard during my workout yesterday. My back is always all kinds of fucked up since Willie Toth hammered the final nail in the coffin of my NFL career ten years ago.

When the team doctor told me to pull back after my first injury, did I listen? Nope. I was a cocky rookie, determined to start, destined for the Hall of Fame. No way would I let a bullshit knee pull screw up my first season on the field. I’d worked too hard and for too long.

And I don’t tolerate weakness.

It’s something that’s been drilled into me for as long as I can remember.

So I pushed myself, as always.

Until I finally broke.

Ironically, it wasn’t the knee that ultimately got me. It was a spinal cord injury that almost paralyzed me and took me out of the game permanently at the age of twenty-three.

Regrets? I have plenty. The number could probably rival the number of cells in my battered body.

But that’s me. Impulsive, impatient, a pretty shitty listener, just a few of my many shortcomings. I can catalog the rest, but it won’t be long before they shine through and speak for themselves.

“Vince, you need to go easy.” Katarina wags a finger at me. “Do you want to end up in traction?” It’s kinda cute, her Russian accent making it sound more like “trak-shee-on.” Screw it, she can say whatever she wants, however she wants, as long as those fingers are on retainer.

“I’ll be smarter next time.”

She leans in, her blonde waves grazing my bare arms. Her tits are practically jumping out of her top, begging for a feelsie. I’m not the least bit tempted, but that’s another story, one I keep filed away, buried down deep, just like my regrets. “Good. Not that I mind getting you naked and oiled up first thing in the morning.” Her glossed lips curl into a seductive smile. “How about a quickie before work?”

Only seconds before, my dick had been as limp as a cooked strand of spaghetti. But those devious fingers creeping under the starched white sheet make it spring to life faster than a shot of adrenaline to the heart after an overdose. Okay, it’s not just the fingers. More specifically, not her fingers.

Once my eyes slam shut, X-rated images flash through my now lust-filled mind, images I’d conjured up for weeks on end of the one whose fingers I really wish were stroking and sucking my cock right now.

Gabe Kelly, the star quarterback for the Cincinnati Crusaders. I’d always thought he was hot as hell with his ice blue eyes, sexy dimpled smile that makes him look like a combination of angel and devil, and thick dark hair that’s always styled to look like he’s been fucked six ways from Sunday. The fact that he recently came out on national television ups his hotness factor about a hundred-fold because of the kind of confidence and fuck-all attitude it took to actually say the words.

But those thoughts, images, and fantasies, the ones that keep me up all night, my own personal highlight reel that loops when I’m left to my own devices… they’re dangerous. They can crush me and destroy my livelihood.



I want you to fuck me, Vince. If you fuck me and don’t have any feelings for me at all, I’ll leave you alone. I won’t bother you again. Just give me one night.



Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

This is the first book in a new series, and I am already looking forward to the next one!

Told from both points of view of the leads, we get inside the head of Gabe, NFL quarterback who recently opened up about being gay and is living with the fallout, and of Vince, ex-NFL prospect who was injured out and now runs a very successful investment firm. His father is intending to run for the White House and stands on an antigay marriage ticket, so Vince is in deep hiding about his sexual preferences, as he would not let his father down.

Gabe is referred to Vince by his agent, and the men are instantly attracted to each other, but Vince is well aware he cannot break his closeted character for any reason. As we travel their journeys, we hold the knowledge of why and how, and can only wait for the when.

Gabe's experiences on the training ground and playing, give one a real insight into how a player may feel when concerned about the impact of speaking their truth. To then fall for a guy who is adamant that he cannot ever do the same is clearly devastating... for both of them.

There are a number of clever and linked subplots to this story; one of these is that Gabe needs to decide whether he will get tested for a genetic marker for the disease which killed his father – I felt this whole part of the story was so carefully done, it was really moving.

Overall, this was a fabulous start to a new series, and I am ready for book two asap, please!

Go Deep is the first book in the Red Zone series. There is heavy mention of homophobia – if this is something you cannot read, you may want to pass on this one.

Vince's football career was destroyed when he got hurt. He uses his backup plan as a financial guy to the best of his ability. He's good at what he does, and his long list of clients can attest to that. His father is a current senator who is running for POTUS. Secrets that Vince has long buried deep because of his father’s political platform of anti-LGBTQIA. How can he possibly live the life he really wants? He was fine getting through life, until Gabe Kelly walked into his office. Gabe is everything Vince wants and is everything he can't have. Gabe is recently out and living without secrets, but some people aren't happy he's a thriving gay quarterback. Gabe thinks Vince is straight, but certain long looks have Gabe rethinking that. When there is video of them together, it threatens everything Vince has worked for and everything his dad has worked for. Is Vince willing to give up everything for Gabe? Will Gabe hide in the shadows for Vince?

I was extremely invested in this story. I understood Vince's fear but the way he kept treating and speaking to Gabe was so disheartening. I know he was projecting but it was so frustrating. I love that his dad was finally able to acknowledge that Vince was worth so much more than the people funding his race for president.

This is a new-to-me author, and I can't wait to see where this series goes!



Before I can make sense of what the hell is happening, his thick, muscled arms wind around me, his lips crushing against mine in a kiss so demanding and so desperate, it makes my heart swell and my balls tighten.


Author Bio

Brooklyn Cate. Male Male Romance Author.

BROOKLYN CATE is a voracious romance reader who is a sucker for all things angsty, and her love of steamy m/m romance sparked a new passion… writing it.

She is happily married to her own real-life hero and lives in New York with her adorable brood. Her time is spent daydreaming while doing piles of laundry, binge-watching Netflix shows, and playing Fortnite with her kids.

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I’m exactly what you want to be. And judging by the way you fucked me last night, I’m exactly who you want in your bed.


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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of Go Deep (Red Zone #1) by Brooklyn Cate to read and review.

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