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The Devil in Blue Jeans by Stacey Kennedy

Charly has made a deal with a devil of a cowboy—and she might just get burned…

A sharp, emotional novel about a tough-minded bar owner who makes a deal with a devil of a cowboy—and might just get burned…

Moving to Montana to buy a dive bar with her two best friends sounds like a can’t-miss idea to Charly Henwood. The scenery is breathtaking, and the cowboys aren’t bad-looking either. Not that Charly’s interested. Her heart is as unmovable as the surrounding mountains. After her cheating ex-boyfriend destroyed their relationship and their nightclub, she’s determined to take care of herself, her friends and their bar.

But it turns out the regulars resent newcomers swapping their craft beer for an extensive cocktail menu. One is particularly not happy—The Naked Moose’s previous owner, Jaxon Reed. The last thing Charly needs is a cocky cowboy telling her how to run her bar, or her life. But maybe she can use Jaxon to her advantage. If he’ll agree to be the prize in a charity auction, Charly will make the bar a little more cowboy-friendly.

When that plan backfires, Charly finds herself doing battle with the biggest temptation in Timber Falls. A man who has made it his mission to win her over, using every infernal means at his disposal. And if her resolve goes up in flames, her heart is sure to follow…


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The Devil in Blue Jeans by Stacey Kennedy

Book 1
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Narrated by Alexa Elmy



“You’re trying to tell me that with this kind of chemistry between us, you’ll be able to sleep next to me and not want to kiss the hell out of me.”     “That’s exactly what I’m telling you.”     He chuckled, low and deep, “Yeah, we’ll see about that, Kitten.”



Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

This is a fun take on the cowboy-meets-incoming-townie romance, and as there are three townies running the bar, I am looking forward to their stories being told too. I thought the world building was done well, and I enjoyed the rationale behind the women coming into Timber Falls.

I found the arrogance to think they knew best and lack of research done on what kind of bar the residents of Timber Falls might want, by the three women, a little strange. They were all competent in the hospitality field and had obviously just ignored all the local knowledge and needs. But I get that it sets up the story nicely!

Jaxon had to sell his much-loved bar when his father died and he had to take over running the family horse ranch. At that time, mired in grief, he may have used hook ups to hold his grief at bay, but that time has passed, and he is now concentrating on horse training. His reputation, though, is causing him to strike out with the new co-owner of his much changed bar. The mixture of sadness at the changes and being treated so poorly by Charly cause him to issue her a challenge.

It is great fun watching her taking on cowboy life and slowly understand why her changes are so unpopular, and that maybe her view of Jaxon is bent both by her past experiences and the gossip in town. Once they straighten out those issues, the future should be plain sailing!

I am looking forward to the next installment - it will undoubtedly be amusing!



“You do realize that I’ve outsmarted you once already. Who’s to say I won’t do it again and get out of the date?”     “Sweetheart, I’d say I’d be disappointed if you didn’t try to outsmart me again.”     Heat flared in her eyes, “Game on, cowboy.”


Author Bio

USA Today bestselling author STACEY KENNEDY has written more than fifty romances, including titles in her wildly hot Club Sin, Phoenix, and Devil’s Bluffs series. Her books are about real people with real-life problems, searching for that special thing we call love... in a very sexy way.

When she’s not burning up the pages and setting e-readers ablaze, she’s living her happily-ever-after with her husband and two children in southwestern Ontario, Canada. She’s a firm believer that wine, chocolate, and sinfully sexy books can cure all of life’s problems.

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“You know, Cowboy, you might just be pretty damn perfect.”     “I’m only perfect, because of you… to be what you deserve.”


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