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The Revenge Agenda by Saxon James Blog Tour

Revenge has never been sweeter.


When I show up to surprise my boyfriend in a barely-there festive outfit, I’m expecting him to be alone.

Not hosting family.

His fiancé’s family.

Down one boyfriend and up a lot of embarrassment, I flee with my tail between my legs. The broken heart will fade. My humiliation, not so much, but my saving grace is the fact that I never have to see either of them ever, ever again.

Until I walk into work and come face to face with my new boss.


I never, in a million years, would have guessed the man hiding under his desk at work would be the one person I hoped to never see again.

My ex-fiancé’s side piece.

Apparently I can’t fire the guy because of personal issues, so I try to play nice, which is a whole lot harder to do when I find out my ex is still texting Rush. The same ex I haven’t heard from since I walked out on his begging.

Rush tells me he didn’t know about me. He tells me there were others. He also tells me our ex still wants him and so, we come up with a plan. To show him what it feels like when you want someone who doesn’t want you back.

All we need is a camera. His number. And one shared kiss.

Revenge has never been sweeter.

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The Revenge Agenda by Saxon James

Book 3
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I never knew how much I needed Hunter, but I do now.



Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

The Revenge Agenda is the third book in the Accidental Love series. It can be read as a standalone but does read so much better in the order the author intended.

Rush didn't know surprising his boyfriend on their year anniversary would turn into the worst day of his life. What he thought would be a cute, fun time turned into finding out his boyfriend was engaged, he was the other man, and the fiancé’s family saw way more of him than he would like. Rush can't read people well; he doesn't get social cues, so being up front and direct is best for him. His ADHD won't let his brain work like other people’s – he has his own tips and tricks to help him stay focused. He's good at his job but it just has to be done in his own time. When the new boss walks in, Rush is in a panic to realize it's his ex’s fiancé. He thinks he's about to get fired. He doesn't hate Hunter. Hunter didn't know about him either. He feels bad that Hunter is still so hurt by what their ex did. Rush wants to help him and what better way to do that than a revenge plan.

Hunter can't believe his luck. He gave up his job and moved to a different state, all to be with his ex-fiancé and make a life together. Until he finds out he's been cheated on, and now is his ex’s side piece's boss and he doesn't have anywhere to live but a hotel. Hunter wants to hate Rush but there is something about him that he just can't. And when the guys at Big Bertha's give them the idea to get revenge on their ex, Hunter can't think of anything else. Not because he wants revenge so bad – he does – but he wants his mouth on Rush's more than anything else.

I loved getting a peek inside Rush's head. My mind is a very quiet place and I don't always understand what people with ADHD and anxiety are going through and this helped me to understand the daily chaos that they go through more clearly. I fell in love with him even more! He's a teddy bear I just want to snuggle and keep safe forever! Hunter was so patient and calm with Rush. They had such chemistry.

Can we please discuss Madden? If I didn't already love him, seeing this side to him was everything! I am going to need his book ASAP!



Author Bio

Saxon James. Romance Author.

SAXON JAMES unapologetically writes happy endings for LGBT+ characters.

While not writing, SM is a readaholic and Netflix addict who regularly lives on a sustainable diet of chocolate and coffee.

Member of SCBWI.

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