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Priest by Amy Thorn & Raven Amor Blog Tour

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I’m Priest, President of the Disciples of Satan Motorcycle Club. I rule my patch with an iron fist that keeps our enemies at bay. When I’m taken captive by Hades Outlaws, I’m sure I’m as good as dead. I didn’t expect help from an unlikely source.

Nico is a prospect. He should be seen and not heard. Yet he’s risking his neck to save my life. Going against his club is a death sentence, but he’s determined to get me out of Hades compound. I didn’t expect to fall for him along the way. Now, my saviour is also the man I want.


I’m a pariah in my club. Hades Outlaws will never respect me. When they capture Priest I know it’s the end for us. His brothers will burn our clubhouse to the ground. I have one chance to be free from Hades—save a man who is supposed to be my enemy. When I look at Priest I don’t see a devil in leather and denim. I see my salvation.

**This book contains dark and upsetting themes.**


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Priest by Amy Thorn & Raven Amor

Book 1
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I watch as my cock slides in and out of the hangaround’s mouth, his groans and moans rivalling any porno. Grabbing his head, I shove my dick between his lips until it reaches the back of his throat. I don’t miss the way he winces from my rough touches or gags around my length as tears burn his cheeks. I fist his hair before slamming back into his hot mouth. He mewls like a fucking cat in heat, begging to be touched. This prick is another way to let the fucking tension go. Tomorrow, I won’t even remember his fucking name, let alone what he looks like. That’s how they are now, a sea of nameless men. None of them make my blood warm. I use them to get off. It doesn’t matter what they look like as long as I can shove my dick in them.

I’m Priest, the president of the Disciples of Satan MC. My rough look and the leathers I wear are enough to have these men falling to their knees in front of me, happy to service my cock. But that lost its appeal years ago. I tried in the past to stick to one guy, but now they’re on a turntable.

I grab his hair, pulling at the roots as I fuck his mouth. “That’s it, slut, you fucking want my dick, don’t you?”

His moans echo around the room in answer. I pound into him, making him take all of me, holding his face against my base. I’m not small and know the new angle makes me hard to take, but I don’t give a fuck about his comfort. His eyes widen as my dick blocks his airway and his throat moves around me, pulling me deeper. “Take it all,” I order.

He knew what he was up against when he approached me at the bar. I’m not a gentle lover. Pleasure isn’t something I can do unless it involves pain. It’s why I couldn’t find any pleasure in these nameless fucks. They’re all too willing.

I need someone I can break, someone I can watch as they fight before they come to crave what I can give them.

I need someone desperate to take the darkness I will fill them with.

I need someone unable to refuse how I control their body; not because of who I am, not because of what it means to be in my bed, but because I fucking own them.

My nostrils flare at the thought, and my dick grows harder. I throw my head back as euphoria licks my spine. Another moan breaks the spell.

I look at his dull, dark brown eyes. His hair is stuck to his face, tear trails carving a path down his cheeks. He’ll never give me what I need. Someone else has already broken him.

These men didn’t end up as club ass or work for the Disciples because they had good fucking lives. They have a darkness in them, knew it like it was their friend. I’m the darkest of them all. I’m not the devil incarnate—I’m the motherfucking devil himself.



The war isn’t coming—it’s already here.



Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Priest is the first book in the Disciples of Satan MC.

Priest is the president of the Disciples of Satan MC. He is gruff and dark and holds a darkness from the things he's seen and done but he isn't about to change for anyone. The Disciples are the rivals of Hades Outlaws. Hades MC is run by Judge. He's let his brothers run the club into the ground. Using more drugs than they are moving and starting a war they won't be able to finish.

Nico is Judge's son and a prospect of Hades. He hates everything Hades now represents and Judge for ruining what his grandfather had started. Judge hates Nico because he's gay and lets him know every chance he gets. When a few of the Hades brothers kill the VP of the Disciples and take Priest hostage, Nico finds the man hanging in the basement more of an interest than a threat.

Nico promises everything in his power to help Priest escape and in return, Priest gives his word he'll help Nico, allowing him to prospect for the Disciples. Will Nico hold up his end of the deal? Will Judge find him and kill him? Will the Disciples consider Nico the enemy and kill him? Will Priest let his walls down enough to let Nico in?

These are new-to-me authors and I did enjoy this read more than I thought I would from the blurb. I can't wait to see what's next in the series!

Avid Reader☆☆☆☆
M/M MC Romance
Triggers: Click HERE to see Avid Reader’s review on Goodreads for trigger warnings.

Priest is the president of his MC club. With a new deal inked, Priest isn't worried about his club. He's confident in their ability to withstand whatever comes their way. Their rival club is a bunch of washed-up druggies and Priest knows they aren't really a threat. However, when he is taken and tortured, Priest hopes that his club can find him in time.

Nico is a Hades prospect. He is also the president's son. He hates both. Because Nico is keeping a major secret, Judge, his dad, picks on and beats him whenever he can. Judge has no respect for Nico. Judge believes that they are a superior club, but Nico knows that his grandfather is rolling over in his grave with what Judge has allowed to happen.

When Nico is put in charge of making sure Priest is kept breathing, Nico vows to get Priest back to his own club. But with everything stacked against them, will Nico be able to follow through? And if Nico does follow through, will Priest's club kill him on sight? Truths will come to head, and everyone is in danger.

Priest is the first book in this new MC series. It's raw, gritty, and you know the next books will be fantastic.

I really liked this book. I have been reading a lot of sweet romance books lately and this one cleansed my palate. This book is gritty, raw, rough, and real. I loved the intensity between Priest and Nico, their chemistry was undeniable. There were parts of the book that were just 'meh' for me but overall, I enjoyed the roughness and no frills of this book.



Nico’s dark eyes glow, and even though his skin is splattered in blood, he looks beautiful.


Author Bio

Amy Thorn. Sinfully Dark Male Male.

AMY THORN lives in a small market town in the Midlands, England. She lives with her dog and when she’s not writing, she’s playing with crochet hooks.

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RAVEN AMOR loves writing dark romance wrapped in suspense. She loves finding the beauty in the pain, love in tragedy. And of course, writing those hot scenes.

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Nico is risking his neck to save my life. I didn’t expect to fall for him along the way. Now, my saviour is also the man I want.


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