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Switch-Hitter by E.M. Lindsey Blog Tour

Get a personal chef, they said. It’ll be fun, they said.

Get a personal chef, they said. It’ll be fun, they said.

And then Thierry shows up and Pietro realizes his mistake. Because he knows Thierry. A little too well.

Thierry is the man who told his ex to leave him.
Thierry is the man who punched Pietro and ran.
Thierry... is his ex-boyfriend’s best friend.

But Pietro also knows the man needs a job. An injury destroyed his former career and Pietro is nothing if not a bleeding heart. Besides, he doesn’t have time to search for a new chef, not with the World Series looming and his team ready to go all the way.

Life gets more complicated, though, when he and Thierry cross a line one night after a lot of wine and several bad jokes. And while hooking up is one thing, Pietro knows the last thing in the world he needs is for his heart to get involved.

Too bad it tends to make decisions without him.

Switch-Hitter is the first book in a fictional MLB series featuring a lonely baseball player with a chip on his shoulder and hope in his heart, a team ready to win no matter what it takes, a grumpy French chef who will defend escargot to the death, and a few bottles of dry red wine leading to the sweetest happily ever after. Each book in the Hit and Run Series stands alone, contains no cheating, and has a happily ever after.


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Switch-Hitter by E.M. Lindsey

Book 1
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“I won’t leave you,” Thierry said.     “I don’t want the impossible. I just want you to touch me.”



Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Switch-Hitter is the debut installment of the new series, Hit and Run.

Just a heads up, the past shared between our main characters, Thierry and Pietro, features some darker elements. A toxic relationship and toxic friendship, the toxicity is their mutual friend. Thierry is disabled due to an on-the-job injury and Pietro suffers from ADHD.

Putting a toxic relationship behind him, dealing with the aftereffects of being sucker punched by his ex's bestie/bodyguard, Pietro is focused solely on his baseball career. Pietro is in the MLB, his ADHD a setback when it comes to cooking for himself. It's just not something Pietro can handle. Since he has to be on the top of his game, his teammates and brother getting on him about eating frozen meals, he decides it's time to hire a personal chef.

Thierry has always wanted to be a chef, wishing to own his own restaurant. After a lifetime of being in his friend's shadow, more bodyguard than friend, Thierry has paid the cost of that friendship. In Colorado from his beloved France, Thierry is in physical therapy to regain some of his independence.

Meet Cute? more like Meet Awkward...

Thierry applies for the job of a personal chef, discovering his client is none other than the man he punched out at the behest of his ex-friend.

The setup of the novel was angsty deliciousness, which kept the pages turning. However, Switch-Hitter was a much deeper novel than that, tackling some hard-hitting emotional and physical traumas, while exploring that friendships can be just as abusive as romantic relationships.

Pietro is battling his own demons, as is Thierry, both understanding they are no innocents even when cast in the shadow of a toxic narcissist. They have their faults. They're learning from their mistakes. But that doesn't mean they aren't worthy of companionship and love. Instead of allowing the existing wedge to fracture them apart, they find comfort and healing by exploring friendship with one another in this slow-building romance.

This novel isn't merely about baseball, not that a good sports romance isn't a lovely escape. Deep issues and traumas are explored, the limitations of disabilities are shown in a realistic light instead of romanticized, as if love heals all wounds – love makes life worth living but it doesn't erase your disabilities.

Read from cover to cover, I highly recommend to fans of the author and MM contemporary romance, not just the sports subgenre, as baseball was just a facet of the novel not the focus. I look forward to reading more in the future, as the side cast of characters were intriguing.



Author Bio

E.M. Lindsey. Gay Romance Author.

E.M. LINDSEY is a non-binary, MM Romance author who lives on the East Coast of the United States. When they're not working, E.M. is spending time on the beach, kayaking, swimming, and playing with their dogs.

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He’d never felt like this before, and he understood now why his brother had run so hard and so fast from love, until live had caught up with him.


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