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Switch-Hitter by E.M. Lindsey Release Blitz

Get a personal chef, they said. It’ll be fun, they said.

Get a personal chef, they said. It’ll be fun, they said.

And then Thierry shows up and Pietro realizes his mistake. Because he knows Thierry. A little too well.

Thierry is the man who told his ex to leave him.
Thierry is the man who punched Pietro and ran.
Thierry... is his ex-boyfriend’s best friend.

But Pietro also knows the man needs a job. An injury destroyed his former career and Pietro is nothing if not a bleeding heart. Besides, he doesn’t have time to search for a new chef, not with the World Series looming and his team ready to go all the way.

Life gets more complicated, though, when he and Thierry cross a line one night after a lot of wine and several bad jokes. And while hooking up is one thing, Pietro knows the last thing in the world he needs is for his heart to get involved.

Too bad it tends to make decisions without him.

Switch-Hitter is the first book in a fictional MLB series featuring a lonely baseball player with a chip on his shoulder and hope in his heart, a team ready to win no matter what it takes, a grumpy French chef who will defend escargot to the death, and a few bottles of dry red wine leading to the sweetest happily ever after. Each book in the Hit and Run Series stands alone, contains no cheating, and has a happily ever after.


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Switch-Hitter by E.M. Lindsey

Book 1
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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

This is the first book in a new series – and I am very excited to see who gets their chance at an happily ever after in future books, there are plenty of them who need love!

We get a very surprising introduction to the two men who are the leads in this book – a really interesting start to a book, which definitely had me questioning how this would pan out.

Pietro is an amazing baseball player, but off the field, his recently diagnosed ADHD causes him to be less accurate in his moves and statements. He has years of criticisms in his head, and lacks self-confidence, even if he masks it best he can. But when it comes to eating, he needs a chef, he cannot trust himself to cook and eating out is getting old.

Neither Thierry or Pietro can believe it when faced with each other, ready for an interview... but Pietro needs a chef really badly, and he cannot help but acknowledge that Thierry has had a life changing experience – but can he really see the bad that caused him so much pain, every day?

I really enjoyed this story because it was not an easy situation, nor an easy read – both men have to consider what their life is really about, what it could be, and whether they are worth being someone's soul mate. There are no easy answers, but it's fascinating watching them work it all out.

I am excited to see how this series develops, and I hope we get to see the guys going from strength to strength.

Switch-Hitter is the first book in the Hit and Run series.

Pietro and Thierry know each other from their shared past, but not in a good way. Pietro's emotionally abusive ex-boyfriend used Thierry as a bodyguard. Pietro and Thierry had an altercation because of the ex and share no love lost. Pietro has moved on but finds himself still out of sorts after an ADHD diagnosis. When a teammate recommends that he should hire a personal chef, Pietro can't help but think it's a great idea.

Thierry was been through a trauma and needs to take control of his life. He follows his dream of being a chef, but because of his injuries he can't work in a traditional restaurant kitchen. When he answers an ad to be a personal chef, he never thought he would be working for Pietro. It takes them a long time to work through their past, and somewhere along the way became friends... and more.

I loved watching this couple. It's an angsty read that goes deeper than most. I loved seeing these two open up to each other and work together to be better.

I can't wait to see what's next in this series.



Author Bio

E.M. Lindsey. Gay Romance Author.

E.M. LINDSEY is a non-binary, MM Romance author who lives on the East Coast of the United States. When they're not working, E.M. is spending time on the beach, kayaking, swimming, and playing with their dogs.

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He opened himself to the kiss, wanting more, begging wordlessly for Thierry to take anything and everything he wanted.


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