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Roxy's Recovery by Kim Breyon Blog Tour

As the newest veterinarian in the small town of Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, Vaughn Winters doesn't have time for relationships. He is too busy healing injuries and establishing his reputation as a trustworthy vet. But when a strange man waves him down on a stormy night seeking help for his injured dog, Vaughn simply can't refuse.

Obviously homeless and with no means to pay for Roxy's medical care, Vaughn throws caution to the wind and strikes a deal with the hesitant stranger that would allow Roxy the time to heal and provide some much needed TLC to his property as well. As the days pass, Vaughn's curiosity grows. Alex's dedication to the job is as surprising as the sexy tats hidden beneath his rugged clothes. What could have pushed this kind, hardworking man to the streets, or cast such dark shadows in his otherwise bright blue eyes?

Will six weeks be enough time to earn Alex's trust? Or will asking questions cause him to tuck tail and run as soon as Roxy is able?


Roxy's Recovery is a standalone contemporary romance involving two men, a meddling sister, and a seriously sassy pug.

Warning: Very brief on-page mentions of dog abuse & domestic abuse. It is mentioned after the act has occurred, not during.

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An hour later, we pulled up into the parking lot of Riverbend Reels. I knew the moment I walked into the place that I’d want to come back. There were aisles upon aisles of high-quality but affordably priced gear, all of it aimed at the enthusiastic fisherman.

“Wow,” Alex murmured, looking around.

“Yeahhhh,” I said, a little dreamily. “They sure know how to lure a guy in.”

Alex chuckled. “Careful, Doc. I might need to wipe drool off your chin.”

I smacked him in the chest and went down the first aisle, reaching out to touch a few of the nicer items on display. For the next two hours, Alex and I wandered nearly every inch of the store, and his teasing only got worse the more excited I became.

Slowly, his teasing morphed into what felt like genuine interest. He began asking me questions about the different kinds of reels and lures, and his eyes shone with excitement as he started to understand the significance of the weights listed on each package. It only made the experience that much more enjoyable for me, having someone there to share it with. And honestly, it was the most relaxed I’d seen Alex since… well, ever.

It wasn’t until I made Alex hold one of the lightweight carbon poles that something clicked into place, and he seemed to understand my appreciation. He turned it over and ran his fingers along the shaft, admiring it.

“Okay, yeah. I think I get it now. This rod feels better than the other one. I like the way it fits in my hand,” he said, noticing the grip.

I grinned, loving the way that innocent innuendo just seemed to roll off his tongue. “You like a nice rod in your hand, do you?”

Alex blushed and stammered for a change of subject. “I meant… It’s… The color is nice too.”

I couldn’t help but laugh. “Has anyone ever told you how cute you are when you’re flustered?”

Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Sexy men and adorable dogs are pretty much everything I need in a romance novel. This is the story of a sexy vet who picks up a homeless hitchhiker with a wounded dog. Patching up Roxy’s leg turns out to be the easy part – her owner’s scars cut much deeper. This is a sweet and gentle read about the relationship that slowly builds between Vaughn and Alex while Roxy recovers.

I love dogs in romance writing and Noel and Roxy are wonderful. I actually fell for each of Vaughn’s patients – the author brings the animals to life beautifully. The men in this story are pretty great too. Vaughn’s maybe a little bit too saintly for my tastes but it’s impossible to dislike the selfless vet. Alex’s secrets kept my attention and I loved the slow build romance between the men.

This is a relatively low heat, slow burn romance. It’s kinda an m/m romance novel version of a Hallmark movie. A little bit of troubled back story, a tiny bit of miscommunication, and a whole lot of personal growth. It’s a gentle, easy read that made me feel warm and happy.

I am an Idaho native who grew up dreaming about traveling the world and writing stories. As a child, I would often spend my spare time curled up with my favorite blanket and a notebook, writing another fairy tale. I never would have guessed those fairy tales would one day grow into gay romances, but that is where my heart led me and I am so glad it did. I write about love because I believe it can happen to anyone, with anyone. I also believe dreams never expire, redemption is possible, and true forgiveness can heal us in ways we never expect. I know firsthand how messy life can get, but as any artist will tell you, a little mess is needed to create something beautiful. You can often find me with a mug of coffee in one hand and a dog toy in the other. There is never a day that goes by without my sweet boy insisting on a game – or twenty – of fetch.

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