Monday, November 11, 2019

Echoes of War by Cheryl Campbell

Decades of war started by a genocidal faction of aliens threatens the existence of any human or alien resisting their rule on Earth. Dani survives by scavenging enough supplies to live another day while avoiding the local military and human-hunting Wardens. But then she learns that she is part of the nearly immortal alien race of Echoes—not the human she’s always thought herself to be—and suddenly nothing in her life seems certain.

Following her discovery of her alien roots, Dani risks her well-being to save a boy from becoming a slave—a move that only serves to make her already-tenuous existence on the fringes of society in Maine even more unstable, and which forces her to revisit events and people from past lives she can’t remember. Dani believes the only way to defeat the Wardens and end their dominance is to unite the Commonwealth’s military and civilians, and she becomes resolved to play her part in this battle. Her attempts to change the bleak future facing the humans and Echoes living on Earth suffering under the Wardens will lead her to clash with a tyrant determined to kill her and all humankind—a confrontation that even her near-immortal heritage may not be able to help her survive.

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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Spoiler-Free Review

Cheryl Campbell is a new-to-me author

Echoes of War is the debut in the Echoes Trilogy.

I'm always looking for something a bit different that melds several genres together, a novel that I won't forget as soon as I start another. Dystopian meets Science Fiction.

Echoes of War was rich in detail, painting a fully envisioned world, without being laden with too much description. Earth has been overrun with aliens in this dystopian tale, Dani is one of the human survivors, doing all she can to stay that way. I was able to get a good grasp on the world building, without it being spoon-fed to me, nor was it lacking explanation.

Starting off with a bang, Echoes of War is action-packed and exciting, spanning a long period of time. Where I had difficulty is how the time seemed to jump forward, the characters felt different.

While the world building and war-torn environment were stellar, this was at the expense of the character development and relationship connections. There wasn't much growth for the characters, actions/reactions not jiving up to their maturing ages, sounding more young adult than adult, whereas young children sounded mature and logical in comparison.

I thoroughly enjoyed Echoes of War and look forward to continuing the trilogy. Recommended to those looking for something different, who are more interested in action and world building vs character building.

Cheryl Campbell was born in Louisiana and lived there and in Mississippi prior to moving to Maine. Her varied background includes art, herpetology, emergency department and critical care nursing, and computer systems. She lives in Maine and has won four awards through the New England Book Festival for her fantasy series. Echoes of War is her first science fiction novel and is the first volume of a trilogy.

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of Echoes of War (Echoes Trilogy #1) by Cheryl Campbell to read and review.

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