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His Best Man by Elle Keaton

Rod Beton and Travis Walker have known each other almost all their lives; since the second grade when Rod was the new kid in town and Travis befriended him with Pokémon trading cards and a fruit snack. Apparently Rod’s easy. Since that day they've had each other's back's, bread and butter, biscuit and gravy... and so on.

Along the way, Rod fell in love with Travis. He's been hoping for some kind of signal from Travis that he returns Rod's feelings. When Travis announces his surprise engagement over Thanksgiving dinner Rod decides he's done waiting for the impossible. He packs his belongings and heads for Skagit and a new life. Even if Travis suddenly decided Rod was the man for him would Rod be able to put aside his insecurities?

Travis always knew he was destined to take over the family business. As the only boy he’s expected to take the helm of the Walker farming operation, and he’s good at it. An engagement to a local girl he’s pals with seems like the perfect solution, gets him mom off his back and ensures the family line -- eventually. When his best friend abruptly leaves town Travis’s eyes are finally opened to the difference between what is expected of him and what he could expect for himself.

His Best Man is a standalone in the Accidental Roots series, a friends-to-lovers mm romance with an HEA. Bisexual/gay.

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Book 7
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A Note from the Author

Thank you for having me today!

Sexy or sweet? Can it be both?

His Best Man is definitely one of the sweeter romances in the Accidental Roots series. For crying out loud there is barely the whiff of a mystery! This is the first *almost* pure romance in the series – obviously there is a little teaser for the future but there is no mystery solved in the writing of this book. I feel like this is some kind of warning label 😊 .

The writing process is different for every writer and for every book (in my humble opinion). In general I am a pantser starting with only a vague outline and two characters who flesh out as they go. When I started His Best Man I knew what the beginning had to be but… the end was wrapped in mystery. Hah, I see where the mystery was now, it was meant for the author not the reader.

Anyway, back to His Best Man. For both of these guys the second scariest thing was *the first kiss*. What if they both had been fantasizing about something for ages and it turned out to be… meh? Ugh, as a writer I absolutely worried about this. To the point where I had a hard (haha) time actually writing the sex scenes. I don’t normally have trouble writing those scenes, and I write all kinds but these two… sheesh.

Obviously, I got it done and yes, His Best Man is both sexy and sweet. As are Travis and Rod. But the end still eluded me. Often the last chapter is written first or at least early on so I know where the story is heading but even that took a little while to form. Once it finally did things got a little easier, thankfully.

As an author I’m extremely proud of His Best Man, it’s something I’d never tried before. The writing was difficult and a lot more internalized characterization than in earlier novels – but it’s done and now Travis and Rod are released into the big bad world for everyone to meet. I hope you enjoy meeting them!


Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

I’ve been looking forward to Rod and Travis’ story since the first time they popped up in this series, and it was worth the wait. Rod has been trying to work up the courage to tell his best friend, Travis, that he is in love with him. But when Travis suddenly announces his engagement to the girl next door, Rod pulls away from Travis and tries to get over him.

At first I loved how clueless Travis was. Everyone seems to be aware that Rod is in love with Travis except Travis. Travis is a really intelligent guy, but when it comes to people he is clueless, and it did start to bug me a little because I was getting impatient waiting for Travis to man up, clue in, and go after what he wants.

On the other side of this friendship, Rod is a good guy. Firefighter during the summer and now driving a school bus, he is great with kids and a really good guy. I was torn between cheering for him to move on from Travis and find someone new and wanting him to run into Travis’ arms and confess his feelings. But going in, I knew that there was only one ending to this story, it was just a matter of how we got there.

His Best Man is a really lovely story and I enjoyed all the journey of seeing Rod and Travis work themselves out as a couple, but also as men by pursuing a future that they want, making a life for themselves, and fixing straining family relationships. I think the ending of the story is really sweet and I was left wanting to spend more time with this couple. Hopefully we will see them again.

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Author, photographer, rare Pacific Northwest Native, Elle grew up in Seattle, WA., with the Cascade Mountain range to the east and Olympics to the west. Less than two hours northwest lie the majestic San Juan Islands. To the northeast is the Methow Valley and the scrub deserts of Eastern Washington. Geography ripe with material.

A graduate of Western Washington University, Elle has a BS in biology which taught her to be tenacious. The closest she has come to biology since then is having two kids. Like an experiment or something. She’s lived in four states (none of which were gaseous), London England, and Hong Kong; always knows what time it is, and has no problem finding parking even in the most difficult places. Cannot balance a checking account.

Elle's series Accidental Roots, mostly set in the Skagit Valley of Western Washington, will make its debut spring of 2017. Storm Season is tender, sometimes irreverent, full of nosy neighbors and help when the hero didn’t think he needed it. Writing has always been a passion but not something she was able to take seriously until recently. Now her head is full of ideas and not enough time in each day.

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of His Best Man (Accidental Roots #7) by Elle Keaton to read and review.

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