Wednesday, September 26, 2018

The Wolf at Bay by Charlie Adhara

Going home digs up bad memories, so it’s something Bureau of Special Investigations agent Cooper Dayton tries to avoid. When he’s guilted into a visit, Cooper brings along Oliver Park, his hot new werewolf partner, in the hopes the trip will help clarify their status as a couple… or not.

When Park’s keen shifter nose uncovers a body in the yard and Cooper’s father is the prime suspect, Cooper knows they’re on their own. Familial involvement means no sanctioned investigation. They’ll need to go rogue and solve the mystery quietly or risk seeing Cooper’s dad put behind bars.

The case may be cold, but Park and Cooper’s relationship heats up as they work. And yet if Cooper can’t figure out what’s going on between them outside of the bedroom, he’ll lose someone he… Well, he can’t quite put into words how he feels about Park. He knows one thing for sure: he’s not ready to say goodbye, though with the real killer inching ever closer… he may not have a choice.

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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

The second book in this series focuses on an exciting and complicated cold case murder investigation in Cooper’s hometown. Cooper and Oliver are forced to figure out their own messy relationship while Cooper tries to sort out the even messier relationships he has with his brother and father.

I love the characters in this book and I love the way Cooper and Oliver continue to grow together. For the most part, I enjoyed the romance and the relationships more than the murder investigation. I love that Cooper’s dad and his brother are both more complicated and interesting characters than they first seem. And I love that it takes a while for Cooper to really see his father and his brother. While parts of the investigation are exciting, there’s a lull at the midpoint where Cooper and Oliver start going round in circles – and I got a little bit bored. I loved the revelations Oliver offers about his life and I’m hoping we get to see Oliver’s family in the next book.

I’m loving this series. Cooper and Oliver are brilliant characters and there’s a great mix of action, humour, and reflection in these books. There are also some pretty hot sex scenes! I’m already looking forward to book three.

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Charlie Adhara has always loved a good story and, on occasion, a bad one. After getting her degree in neuroscience, Charlie decided she’d much rather study the heart. She now writes contemporary, mystery, paranormal, queer romance. Or some assortment of that. Whatever the genre, her stories feature imperfect people stumbling around, tripping over trouble and falling in love.

Charlie has done a fair amount of stumbling around herself but tends to find her way back to the northeast U.S. After all, home is where the dog is.

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of The Wolf at Bay (Big Bad Wolf #2) by Charlie Adhara to read and review.

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