Saturday, March 10, 2018

The Wolf at the Door by Charlie Adhara

A former FBI agent is partnered with the enemy in this suspenseful male/male shifter romance from debut author Charlie Adhara

Hunting for big bad wolves was never part of Agent Cooper Dayton’s plan, but a werewolf attack lands him in the carefully guarded Bureau of Special Investigations. A new case comes with a new partner: ruggedly sexy werewolf Oliver Park.

Park is an agent of The Trust, a werewolf oversight organization working to ease escalating tensions with the BSI. But as far as Cooper’s concerned, it’s failing. As they investigate a series of mysterious deaths unlike anything they’ve seen, every bone in Cooper’s body is suspicious of his new partner—even when Park proves himself as competent as he is utterly captivating.

When more people vanish, pressure to solve the case skyrockets. And though he’d resolved to keep things professional, Cooper’s friction with Park soon erupts… into a physical need that can’t be contained or controlled. But with a body count that’s rising by the day, werewolves and humans are in equal danger. If Cooper and Park don’t catch the killer soon, one—or both—of them could be the next to go.

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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

The hunt for a werewolf serial killer sees human BSI agent Cooper paired with werewolf Trust agent Park in a creepy small town.

Cooper’s paranormal branch of the FBI feels a little bit X-Files and the shifter/human partnership feels a little bit THIRDS. The whole mix of murder mystery/paranormal horror/police procedural feels fresh and had me thoroughly invested from the start.

There isn’t as much world-building or character development in this first book as I’d have liked. I think we’re half-way through the story before Cooper and Park trade first names. Park’s life is never properly explored, and we don’t ever learn much about the origins of werewolves in this book. I’m hoping subsequent books give us more information. This is an action story and we don’t learn enough about Cooper or Park to fully care for them.

This story focuses mostly on the agents’ murder investigation. There are a few clues that point readers in the right direction, but I had a little WTF? moment at the baddy reveal. Even going back through the book, I wasn’t sure there was enough for me to solve the story alongside Cooper and Park.

I liked the relationship between Cooper and Park – the mistrust between them is slowly replaced by grudging respect and later by something more complicated. There are a few steamy moments here, but the sex is between partners who can’t quite let their suspicions go. This isn’t a romance – though I suspect the series may become more romantic.

This book is very promising. So far, I like the premise and I like the characters in this series. I enjoyed the investigation. I’m hoping for more world building and character development in the next book. I’m also hoping that I’m going to end up loving this series.

Charlie Adhara has always loved a good story and, on occasion, a bad one. After getting her degree in neuroscience, Charlie decided she’d much rather study the heart. She now writes contemporary, mystery, paranormal, queer romance. Or some assortment of that. Whatever the genre, her stories feature imperfect people stumbling around, tripping over trouble and falling in love.

Charlie has done a fair amount of stumbling around herself but tends to find her way back to the northeast U.S. After all, home is where the dog is.

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of The Wolf at the Door (Big Bad Wolf #1) by Charlie Adhara to read and review.

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