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Pretty in Pink by Jay Northcote Blog Tour

Ryan isn’t looking for a relationship with a guy—and Johnny isn’t looking for a relationship at all.

Ryan’s always been attracted to tall, leggy blondes—normally of the female variety. When Johnny catches his eye at a party, Ryan’s interest is piqued even though he’s never been with a guy before. The attraction is mutual, and the amazing night that follows opens Ryan’s eyes to his bisexuality.

Experience has taught Johnny that love hurts. Staying single is safer, and there’s no need for complicated relationships when hooking up is easy. When he moves in next door to Ryan, they’re both interested in picking up where they left off, and it seems like an ideal arrangement: convenient, mutually satisfying, and with no strings attached.

Despite their best intentions to keep things casual, they develop an emotional connection alongside the physical one. Both begin to want more from the relationship but are afraid to admit it. If they’re going to work things out, they need to start being honest—first with themselves, and then with each other.

Although this book is part of the Housemates series, it has new main characters, a satisfying happy ending, and can be read as a standalone.

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Book 6
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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

You do not have to read the previous books to enjoy this book, but if you have, you will be excited to get Johnny's story. Ryan and Johnny meet at a party and hook up, even though Ryan is normally into girls – but Johnny just does it for him. Months later, Johnny moves next door and a casual, regular hookup between Ryan and Johnny begins. Of course, feelings start happening and there are some hiccups and bumps in the road. I just loved Johnny, he is just the sweetest most adorable guy ever. Ryan is really into Johnny but doesn't think Johnny wants more so he never speaks up, which I almost jumped through my Kindle and shook some sense into him!! I will think of Johnny and Ryan every time I see a pair of pink lace panties though.

5 Guilty Pleasure Stars.

Pretty in Pink is the sixth installment of the Housemates series. However, it can be easily read as a standalone with little to no confusion. But I'd suggest reading the series in order, as they are all equally good.

Pretty in Pink had the same vibe as all the other books in the Housemates series. Two college students rooming with many housemates. Ryan and Johnny meet at a party, and Ryan thinks Johnny is a chick at first. Once he realizes his gender assumptions are wrong, Ryan's still fine with it. He has a bucket list of things he wanted to try while in college, and he's not uptight about it.

Ryan has always considered himself straight, aside from that phase in his early teens where we was obsessed with blond, androgynous guys in print ads, but a girlfriend changed all that for him. To Ryan, Johnny looks prettier than those guys in the ads, and he can't stop thinking about him.

Johnny is familiar to the readers who have read the entire series, knowing he has a thing for the straight guys and has the inability to commit.

After a one-off, Johnny and Ryan end up living side-by-side and they cannot avoid each other. Without distance between them, the sparks fly and a no-strings arrangement is made.

Johnny and Ryan are equally closed off emotionally, struggling with how they feel for the other, adding the necessary yet yummy angst into the equation. This is a lusty novella, but it also has a slow-burn feel in the romance department, as it takes a while for the guys to admit the feelings.

Highly recommend this entire series if you're looking for some fun, smoking hot, slightly naughty yet emotionally charged MM romance.

I instantly loved Johnny's character. He was written to perfection as the player who guarded his heart after his ex left him devastated. He's not interested in relationships – hookups and Grindr work for him. But breaking in a newly discovered bisexual is fun times when Johnny finds Ryan checking him out! Ryan noticed Johnny from afar at a roommate’s party. Thinking it was a woman he was checking out, he was shocked to find that Johnny was exactly what turns him on.

Deciding to check off a bucket list for his uni experience, Ryan decides to act on his attraction for a guy and see what happens. Expecting just a one-off, the two hit the sheets and steam up the pages.

Turning from one-off to fun buddies, they get their hearts involved without trying to and the relationship progress is a great read. Ryan experiencing things he's never tried before with Johnny at the helm gave good page and I finished this installment of Housemates too quick for my liking. Northcote does it again!

Ryan is instantly attracted to Johnny, and even though he has never been with a guy before, the attraction is so strong he decides to give it a go. Johnny is out, but for Ryan, this is how he discovers that he is bi. When Johnny moves in next door to Ryan they agree to be friends with benefits.

Both guys are at pains to stress that this is just sex and neither one wants anything serious. In the bedroom, the two of them are dynamite and for me, this is the highlight of the book. Sitting back and reading a steamy story after a hard week of work helped me relax.

As hot as these two are, they have a fair bit of awkwardness outside the bedroom, especially as they start developing feelings for each other. I actually struggled to see how they guys would get past this and get their act together, which is a good thing. I like being surprised with a story.

I really enjoyed Pretty in Pink. It is an easy, sexy, and romantic read.

This is yet another gloriously sexy romp starring two more of Jay Northcote’s fabulous housemates. As always, the story captures the joy of sexual discovery, the awkward social and emotional skills of most male students, and the wondrous intensity of new adult relationships.

Johnny might be my favourite character yet. Tall, blond, and gorgeous, he is the perfect mix of masculine and feminine and he is unapologetically unique. In contrast, Ryan finds himself surprised by his attraction to Johnny and curiosity has him willing to try gay sex and to tick it off his university bucket list.

Hormones war with emotions as Johnny and Ryan’s ‘no strings’ agreement is eventually threatened by feelings. The relationship causes Ryan to question his sexuality, but his confusion is personal and fairly angst free. As always, there’s a little bit of kink in the story – I love Ryan’s response to Johnny’s lacy knickers.

As always, it’s the writing that makes this story special. The characters in this series are wonderfully convincing university students. The dialogue is perfectly crafted and often laugh out loud funny. The sex is steamy, explicit, and brilliantly playful.

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Jay lives just outside Bristol in the West of England. He comes from a family of writers, but always used to believe that the gene for fiction writing had passed him by. He spent years only ever writing emails, articles, or website content.

One day, Jay decided to try and write a short story—just to see if he could—and found it rather addictive. He hasn’t stopped writing since.

Jay writes contemporary romance about men who fall in love with other men. He has five books published by Dreamspinner Press, and also self-publishes under the imprint Jaybird Press. Many of his books are now available as

Jay is transgender and was formerly known as she/her.

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