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Bad Company by K.A. Mitchell

Some things are sweeter than revenge.

“I need a boyfriend.”

Hearing those words from his very straight, very ex-best friend doesn’t put Nate in a helpful mood. Not only did Kellan Brooks’s father destroy Nate’s family in his quest for power, but Kellan broke Nate’s heart back in high school. Nate thought he could trust his best friend with the revelation that he might be gay, only to find out he was horribly wrong and become the laughingstock of the whole school. Kellan must be truly desperate if he’s turning to Nate now.

Kellan’s through letting his father run his life, and he wants to make the man pay for cutting him off. What better way to stick it to the bigot than to come out as gay himself—especially with the son of the very man his father crushed on his quest for money and power. Kellan can’t blame Nate for wanting nothing to do with him, though. Kellan will have to convince him to play along, but it’s even harder to convince himself that the heat between them is only an act...

Second Edition
First Edition published by Samhain Publishing Inc. June 2011.

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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Between the two less than likeable main characters and the overcomplicated plot, this story didn’t quite work for me.

Nate is a spoiled brat. He slightly redeems himself by the midpoint of the book, but he never really seems to understand real life and he doesn’t seem able to do any genuine adulting. Kellan should have been the more likeable character but his smug hipster lifestyle and his inscrutable hipster job kinda left me cold.

Parts of the story should be sexy but Kellan’s angst ruins far too many moments. I didn’t follow the storyline around Nate and Kellan’s fathers’ relationship and I’m not sure how the corporate espionage storyline was ever supposed to fit into a new adult romance.

After reading book #2 in the Bad in Baltimore series, I wanted to know more about the story of Nate and Kellan's romance. I really enjoyed both these books and I’m interested to know who and where book #3 will go! So far, a great new series for me!

Kellan was Nate's best friend from years past, but after Nate came out as a teenager, Kellan became distant and the two drifted apart. That and Nate's dad and Kellan's dad had a huge falling out as business partners. Kellan's dad wants Kellan to become "a man" and cuts him off after another failed engagement to a woman. Kellan wants to teach his homophobic dad a lesson and decides his old gay friend is just the person to do it. Nate has always been in love with Kellan and his return to Nate's life has Nate dredging up all kinds of old feelings.

Kellan and Nate are beyond hot between the sheets and Kellan's "innocence" when it comes to being with men is very sexy with Nate teaching him the ropes. I think Eli is my favorite character for some awesome comedic relief in both books. This story flows fast and quick and you're very satisfied by the ending. Mitchell is now on my watch list for upcoming books!

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of Bad Company (Bad in Baltimore #1) by K.A. Mitchell to read and review.

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