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Stacked Up by Sidney Halston Blog Tour

Opposites attract in this seductive novel from the author of Against the Cage (“Funny, steamy, scorching.”—Toni Aleo), with a chiseled MMA fighter falling for a single mom who could use a real man in her corner.

Working two jobs to support her infant daughter is harder than anything Penny Richards has ever done, but it sure beats living under the rules of her stepfather, a television preacher who demands a picture-perfect family. And if Penny hadn’t struck out on her own, she never would have met Travis Calhoun. The intensely physical heavyweight brawler has a way of drawing out her wild side. But Travis lives fast, with no responsibilities—and that just isn’t for Penny.

Most of the women in Travis’s circle wear tight clothes, high heels, and tons of makeup—not pearls or plaid headbands. But once he works past Penny’s inhibitions, Travis discovers a kindred spirit who longs to trust someone with her body, and her secrets. Still, Travis can’t help but wonder if this rich girl is just slumming it before she returns to her privileged life. Now it’s up to Penny to prove that she wants her hard-edged, hard-loving fighter just the way he is.

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Book 6
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If there was one thing Travis knew with absolute certainty, it was that there wasn’t a single female on God’s green earth that could look more out of place in a strip club than Penny Richards. Her curly brown hair was held back with a headband thing that reminded him of a private school girl, and not the sexy ones he fantasized about. More like the pretty, yet awkward and out of place stuffy ones. She had black straight-legged pants and flats that looked completely practical and not at all sexy.

Even Ruby’s suggestive t-shirt looked unassuming on her. Maybe it was those damn pearls she rubbed when she was nervous. He was used to showy women with tight clothes, high heels, heavy make-up and poofy hair. Women that valued their own self-worth by the reactions they received from men. Men such as himself.

And, if any man in the place knew that her mouth was as fucking unexpected as a typhoon in Ohio, they’d be all over her. He hadn’t been exaggerating when he’d said it was the best kiss of his life, her kiss had been slow and sweet and quickly erupted into maddening need and desire.

The problem was that since he’d first laid eyes on Penny, something had clicked. He wasn’t sure what it was, but something had shifted inside of him. Something he wasn’t sure could be put back together to its original state. Maybe it was those big brown doe-like eyes that said everything but nothing all at the same time. Her naiveté, her awkwardness, her big easy smile that hid something he couldn’t seem to figure out.

He’d always thought it was strange that his friends had fallen head over ass in love with their girlfriends and never again saw another woman. The way they wanted to possess and protect their women had been incomprehensible to him.

Until he’d met Penny.

Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

This is an addicting read, once you start it you won’t want to put it down!

Penny Richards grew up the step-daughter of a renowned preacher who has millions of followers to his TV show. When she was 18, her step-father’s friend convinced her they were in love and took her virginity resulting in a pregnancy. When her step-father found out he sent her away, demanding that she put the baby up for adoption. When Sarabelle was born Penny took her and ran away to a small town in Florida. Bartending was the only job Penny was able to find and this is where she runs into Travis Calhoun. Travis is a recently-famous MMA fighter and from the moment his eyes met Penny’s, he’s had a need to protect her. It takes a year but Travis is finally able to break down Penny’s barriers enough to get her to agree to a date, not realizing that Travis’s publicity would get her picture in the news. When her face starts showing up in the news she knows her past is about to come back to haunt her, but this time she has Travis to protect her.

This was such a sweet read, I adored Travis! He’s a tough MMA fighter but his soft spot for his family as well as Penny and Belle makes him amazing. This is a super-fast paced book, I read it one sitting because I couldn’t wait to read what was going to happen next. It’s part of the Worth the Fight series however, it’s the first book I’ve read in the series and it’s able to be read as a standalone. I look forward to reading more from Sidney Halston.

I loved this series. Honestly by this book, it felt like I was reading about friends’ lives. Ms. Halston draws you in and you just immerse yourself in the world she created.

Stacked Up is Travis "Texas" Calhoun and Penny's book. You get to see them throughout the series, they appear somewhere in each book. I love that Ms. Halston chose to end the series with Travis. He had the hardest shell to crack and Penny and Belle did it beautifully!

Travis lives to fight. He's always been a fighter. Whether it was fighting to get food for him and his sister, JL, or if he's fighting in a cage for money. It's who he is. He doesn't want complicated. He doesn't want to settle down, doesn't want kids. He wants sex and fun. When he finds out that the girl he's had his eye on for over a year has a daughter, is it too late to change his mind on her or are his feeling involved?

Penny's been on the run from her past. She's the daughter of a well-known pastor. She was supposed to be living a certain way, to look good in the public eye. She finds herself not only pregnant but to a married man. She runs to keep her baby. Will Travis be the safety she needs? Or is he too much a player? Will her past and future collide?

I'm sad that this series is over, it definitely became a favorite for me. Bittersweet to say goodbye to Worth the Fight.

Definitely a MUST READ.

This is the 6th in the series and is another cracking read. I would definitely recommend that you read them in order, as there are plot threads through the series. That said each one concentrates on another character and their burgeoning romance, so can be read alone if necessary.

Both Travis and Penny are familiar to fans of the series, and there have been plenty of hints about a possible romance – but given the huge lie that Penny has continued to maintain about her life, is this going to go how we want it to. An interesting decision by a Penny has the odds improving...until part of the secret is revealed. I loved how the story unfolded, how changes and accommodations were made to altered circumstances. I enjoyed all of it, except one thing. Why did Travis have to keep calling Penny, "Momma"? – even when alone, it really grated with me.

This is a very sweet, hot, and satisfying read, and makes some good points, from which our leads have to learn.

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USA Today bestselling author, Sidney Halston lives her life with one simple rule: "Just Do It"--Nike. And that's exactly what she did.

After working hard as an attorney, Sidney picked up a pen for the first time at thirty years old to begin her dream of writing. Having never written anything other than very exciting legal briefs, she found an outlet for her imaginative, romantic side and wrote Seeing Red. That first pen stroke sealed the deal, and she fell in love with writing. Sidney lives in South Florida with her husband and children. She loves her family above all else, and reading follows a close second. When she's not writing, you can find her reading and reading and reading. She's a reader first and a writer second. When she's not writing or reading, her life is complete and utter chaos, trying to balance family life with work and writing (and reading). But she wouldn't have it any other way.

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