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Naughty By Night by Devon Rhodes

Normally, finding the hot neighbor in bed with your boyfriend would be the end—not the beginning—of a wonderful relationship.

Marty can’t catch a break. Unable to confess to his neighbor Kevin that it’s Kevin he’s interested in, he ends up using advice to make a move on Jason instead. He moves too slowly, though, and Kevin and Jason end up dating each other, leaving Marty out in the cold.

Everything changes the morning Jason wakes up to find Marty in bed with him and Kevin. Jason wonders whether he’s made a big mistake in committing to Kevin. Marty’s mortified—he’s wanted Jason from afar for ages, but never had the courage to act on it. And Kevin is plotting something naughty that will give all three men what they’ve wanted all along.

Publisher's Note: This book was previously released as a short story by another publisher. It has been considerably expanded for release with Pride Publishing.

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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

This is my second book by Devon Rhodes – in one night – when she was previously a new-to-me author. That has got to say something, because as I said in my previous review, I'm not an erotic reader, so there was a lot of bang to the story (pun both intended and not intended ;) ).

I was on the fence on what rating to give this book between 4 or 5 stars, because there were plot elements that had me frustrated – but in a good way, I guess. My heart was doing that racing thing, where I'm heart-wrenched for the character. Hence the 5 stars for making me feel.

Marty is our sleepwalker we met in the previous installment. Marty and I – we're two peas in a pod. I'm not socially awkward, but I truly don't understand the need to socialize. Marty, after being broken up with yet again by dissatisfied lovers who felt he didn't care. He did, but why argue or bother them, right? It's a more mature approach to life that not many can understand. It's seen as not caring, when we're only trying to respect the other person's decisions by not telling them they shouldn't feel what they are feeling. We're unapologetic about it too, which I'm sure is just as frustrating.

Marty needed help, so he wandered across the hall to his secret crush for some help learning to socialize and the minute niceties that are required. Kevin is more than happy to help Marty out, in fact, he's feeling the man back. But once Marty admits he needs help to socialize with his crush, Kevin puts him firmly in the friend-zone. Too bad Marty's crush is Kevin...and the tax accountant next door to his sandwich shop named Jason.

This isn't a spoiler, as it was in the blurb. Here's the heart-clencher, Marty inadvertently helps both of his two crushes meet, and it's love at first sight. Poor guy – this killed me to read, but had me swiping the pages as quickly as humanly possible.

Jason is the eldest of the characters, with Marty the most mature emotionally and mentally, with Kevin the lighthearted addition to the cast. Together, it is a balance. But where book one's novella felt just right with so few pages, being a complete story with amazing pacing, this book was too rapid with certain elements, so I wasn't truly buying the relationship. I understood why it was so quick, because it was a novella. But I can also appreciate a well-written novella, as this is what I lean toward as of late with not much time to indulge in reading, but still wanting to get a hit of my favorite drug. So the pacing and the flow wasn't perfect, but it still put me through the ringer nevertheless.

The reader sees the narrators from the previous book, as no doubt we met the protagonists of the next. This is a formula that truly works, having me salivating for the next installment before this one has even been publicly released.

Recommended for MM romance and MM erotica fans. For those who do not enjoy ménage, this is a ménage title.

Also Available in the Grad School Guys Series

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Devon started reading and writing at an early age and never looked back. At 39 and holding, Devon finally figured out the best way to channel her midlife crisis was to morph from mild-mannered stay-at-home mom to erotic romance writer. She lives in Oregon with her family, who are (mostly) understanding of all the time she spends on her laptop, aka the black hole.

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of Naughty By Night (Grad School Guys #2) by Devon Rhodes to read and review.

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