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Strictly Yours by Sheryl Nantus

He’ll risk everything for her safety—this time it’s personal.

Of all the subs Jennifer works with as a Domme-for-hire for Hooded Pleasures as “Danielle”, her favorite is Nathan Harrowsford, a sexy, tough—yet kind—beat cop with a desire to be dominated on his days off.

Though she is responsible for creating a haven for his fantasies, it’s he who makes her feel safe. Yet when she learns a violent piece of her past has been let out on parole, she hesitates to bring Nathan anywhere near her complicated world.

Nathan doesn’t know anything about “Danielle”, not even her real name. But when she reluctantly asks for his help, he’s determined to move heaven and earth for her safety. Because he’s a cop, a man, and her submissive—in that order.

When danger hits too close to home, Nathan’s race to save her and the rest of her subs pushes him to the edge of his skills, and his feelings for his Domme. Because he’s no longer willing to settle for being just her client. He wants her for his full-time lover—if they live long enough.

Warning: Sexy cops who raise the heat—in the kitchen and out—and a man who’s not afraid to rise from his knees to guard his lover’s back.

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Book 3
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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

3½ stars
After completely enjoying the first book in this series, I jumped to read Strictly Yours. Unfortunately, this story fell a bit flat for me.

Jennifer is a decent character and I liked her well enough, and Nathan was a great submissive male, he was written well. I saw him as a strong man, but submissive in nature with a Domme. I just wasn't sure I was on board for the third part of the story, where Jennifer is being harassed by an ex-convict. The one she thwarted from an almost hostage situation at the clinic where she worked. I wasn't sure why I couldn't wrap my head around him coming after her and her submissives, but something about the story just didn't work for me. I also found in this installment an overuse of "scene setting" descriptives that took me out of the story or had me skimming the pages for real content. I still enjoyed Jennifer & Nathan's story together, and the session scenes were very steamy, even the ones that were just their imagination instead of actually happening. So I give this book a 3½ stars.

3.5 Stars
I read and enjoyed the other installments in the Hooded Pleasure Series, so I was excited to start this next one. As with the rest of the series, Sheryl Nantus brings the heat with this one. The story is descriptive, but I felt like sometimes there is too much description in some parts of the story but then not enough in other parts. I like the way the characters were written, but I would have liked to know a little more about their relationship. I really like how the series is written as standalones, but they are still loosely related.

The third in the series – although you could read each as a standalone, as they are about different characters each time. I have enjoyed them all so far.

After the last story which had a lead character that definitely had to grow on you - here we have two delicious leads who start out as Domme engaged via HP, and alpha male, but submissive, cop. The dynamics between these two when in a scene, and then their ordinary (separate) lives contrasts so strongly that it heightens the senses. Clearly they have a bond even when in role, but as things get scary for Jen, Nathan is a strong person to provide support, and care. The role changes work well, and possibly emphasise the importance of D/s and its interaction with the every day. I loved Nathan's conviction, and his stability – just what was needed as things got more dangerous. As they get closer, and danger nears, the additional impact of her having to look after the other men that she provided a Domme service to, was well played out.

I felt that the distance travelled was less than in Strictly Pleasure – but it was an enjoyable read. Looking forward to book 4!

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Sheryl Nantus was born in Montreal, Canada, and grew up in Toronto, Canada. A rabid reader almost from birth, she attended Sheridan College in Oakville, graduating in 1984 with a diploma in media arts writing. She met Martin Nantus through the online fanfiction community in 1993 and moved to the United States in 2000 in order to marry.

She loves to play board games and write haiku, although not usually at the same time.
A firm believer in the healing properties of peppermint and chai, she continues to search for the perfect cuppa.

She has published multiple books with Samhain Publishing. In 2011 she won two second-place Prism Awards from the Fantasy, Futuristic and Paranormal chapter of RWA for her steampunk romance, Wild Cards and Iron Horses and the first volume of her superhero romance trilogy, Blaze of Glory.

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of Strictly Yours (Hooded Pleasures #3) by Sheryl Nantus to read and review.

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