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Suddenly Dirty by J.A. Low

He was everything she wasn’t looking for…

Finding a naked rock star in my bed was not how I saw my new life starting. Especially when that rock star is Evan Wyld, guitarist of the hottest band on the planet, Dirty Texas.

He looks dirty as sin with colorful tattoos, muscles and piercings in all the right places. Summer is about to heat up as I join Dirty Texas on their European tour.

She was everything he wasn’t ready for…

Sienna Hayes is off limits, but ever since the blonde bombshell accidentally climbed into my bed, I’ve been fantasizing about the ways I could help her get over her ex.

She has baggage, but I’m known for being a good time. Maybe I can be her rebound, help put her back together again.

One little taste can’t hurt; can it?

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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

3 1/2 stars
I love a rock star read and Dirty Texas had most of everything I love.

We have Dirty Texas, a hot band on the road with some very interesting eclectic members. Then we have Sienna, she's the best friend of Dirty Texas's tour manager, Vanessa. Sienna is recovering from a messy emotional divorce. Vanessa thinks coming to help out on the tour is the best medicine for her friend to get over her heartbreak, doesn't hurt that Evan is on Sienna's "hall pass" list. Evan & Sienna end up in bed together on a mishap, but things heat up very quickly from there!

I enjoyed the couple's back & forth, on again off again, went on maybe a bit too long for my liking. Book felt formulaic, but still a decent read with characters interesting enough to keep you going. There was some odd comma usage that had me re-reading sentences again, but I'm assuming that is because the author is from UK?? A decent start for a first book & new author in my opinion. I think Dirty Texas has places to go from here!

I will say that for the most part, I found this book to be pretty darn entertaining. There were certainly parts that felt predictable though and that was a bit of a letdown. While I enjoyed breaking the rules, because hey, that's always fun, especially when a sexy rocker is involved.

However, I will say that for as much of a playboy as Evan was, he fell hard and fast and I found it a bit hard to believe, especially for someone who lives the life he does.

That being said, I really did enjoy the story. It was very well written. But there is numerous typos and tense errors along with other issues (like someone being behind then poof they are in front of them) in the story that I found very distracting.

All in all, I look forward to the next story in this series.

I really enjoyed this story, who hasn't dreamed about their favorite rock star before? Most people have and if given the chance, would you take it?

Sienna Hayes is having the time of her life, married to the love of her life for almost 10 years, business is great and it is her birthday. So the party is going smoothly until she can't find her husband, she finds him in the boathouse and it is not good. He is with a woman and the things Sienna is hearing breaks her heart. Turns out Beau has been cheating on her and with his old high school flame. While his parents demand a divorce, they never liked Sienna anyway, Beau keeps saying he has no choice. When Sienna's best friend, Vanessa, shows up for the holidays, she offers Sienna and Derrick a job with the famous rock band she works for Dirty Texas. Sienna and Derrick can't say no, it is just the distraction she needs away from her life and she will be working and traveling in Europe.

Evan Wyld is part of the rock band Dirty Texas and he is a playboy and proud of it. But when he sees a photo of Sienna, he feels protective of her. But when he meets her, he begins having feelings he doesn't want. He doesn't trust relationships because someone always gets hurt. But when Sienna comes on tour, he can't keep his hands off her and the sparks fly.

The pain of both Sienna and Evan's past will break your heart, but will it destroy them both? Can Sienna learn to trust love again? Will Evan let her into his heart, or will he break hers in the process?

This is a first for me from J.A. Low and I can't wait for more of this series. There were some typos, but not enough to take away from the story. It is a quick read and you will not want to put it down because you have to know what happens next.

This story ended up having everything I could want. It took me a little to get into the first few chapters given the present/past, but once I did, I loved it.

When Sienna's life implodes, she's at a loss with what do to next. She crushed and humiliated. Her best friend Vanessa, works for the hottest rock band and asks her to join for the European tour. How can she say no to working for Dirty Texas and being around her "hall pass"?

Evan is the typical rock star bad boy. He sleeps with groupies regularly. He never sees himself settling down, especially after getting burned by his ex-girlfriend. When Vanessa gets upset over what Sienna's husband did to her, she shows Evan a picture of her. Evan instantly feels a protection for her, especially when he wakes up naked next to her in bed.

I liked watching this love story play out. Once I picked it up I couldn't put it down. I had to find out what was going to happen. Ms. Low keeps you completely invested in the story line. The secondary characters are all written very well, making you want more. I hope this means there will be books for each of them.

I have to confess I did not like the start – I am not a fan of books which start now and then go back in time, so that you know what is coming – it's like a too detailed blurb. However, I kept going, and I am glad that I did, as Ms. Low tells a good story.

The playboy rock star story is not new, but the injection of some entertaining and interesting characters into both the band and its entourage make this stand out from the crowd. That the female lead, Sienna, has a whole load of baggage too, works well at levelling out the crazy. We get the story told from both sides – although at times I did have to remind myself which one was speaking. Between the two of them stand plenty of self-erected barriers, yet the chemistry and feelings of possessiveness give us some very heated encounters. At the heart of the story are friendships and camaraderie, which support Sienna and Evan through the chaos and towards each other.

As the first in a series, it is not difficult for the reader to see plenty of opportunities for future stories – which is great, as even after just one book, I am engaged with the motley band of musicians and their crew.

JA Low lives on a faraway beach in Australia. When she's not writing steamy scenes and admiring hot surfers, she's tending to her husband and two sons, and dreaming up the next epic romance.

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of Suddenly Dirty (Dirty Texas #1) by J.A. Low to read and review.

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