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Hidden Heat by Carla Swafford

Sizzling with passion and suspense, perfect for fans of Joanna Wylde and Julie Ann Walker, the Brothers of Mayhem series revs up as a headstrong beauty faces off against an outlaw motorcycle club—and falls for the bad boy she never saw coming.

Cassidy Ryder refuses to be intimidated by anyone, even the hell-raising, hard-drinking Brothers of Mayhem. The daughter of their former president, she’s not above smashing a few heads to keep her teenage brother safe. But when Cassidy’s big mouth gets her in trouble, the only thing that saves her is some quick thinking from the Brothers’ bartender. He’s commanding and strong, and as smooth as the whiskey he pours: the ultimate temptation for a girl who swore she’d never be a biker’s plaything.

But Thorn Savalas is no ordinary biker. He’s a cop, and he’s worked too hard earning the Brothers’ trust to blow his cover over a female—even one who rocks a pair of jeans like Cassidy. The only way to protect her is by claiming she’s his old lady. Trouble is, Thorn can’t just pretend. He wants Cassidy, and every scorching touch tells him she feels the same. But acting on their hottest fantasies could leave them both exposed...even if nothing else has ever felt so real.

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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Hidden Heat isn't your typical MC read. Thorn is a brother in the Brothers of Mayhem MC...but he's hiding who he truly is from everyone or it could mean his life. Thorn is undercover, trying to bring the outlaw biker gang to justice. Cassidy Ryder grew up in the MC world, after her MC President dad killed her mother and was sent to prison, she and her brother are fostered by the VP of the club. Cassidy hates the MC life, she's trying to find a life outside the MC but she refuses to leave her brother, Storm, behind with the men and a club that had destroyed her life.

After Cassidy charges into the MC demanding to know where her brother is, wielding a baseball bat, Thorn falls for her unrelenting drive and need to protect her little brother. She hates the MC life but gets drawn to Thorn, he's different, she feels it, he's a good man. Little does she know he's trying to bring the club down. Can he protect her and the only family she's ever had while bringing down the Brothers of Mayhem?

I completely enjoyed this story, its many plot twists & turns had me riveted. I loved Thorn’s crazy relatives! He's betrayed by some and helped by others and you never knew who to trust!! Very well written! I will definitely be reading the next book and hope we get some closure on Storm. Great ending ties up lots of loose ends for Cassidy & Thorn, so I was happy there was no cliff hanger.

Hidden Heat wasn't my typical MC read.

Cassidy Ryder has a history with the club. Before her father was sent to prison, he was once the national president and her foster father, Mitch, used to be the VP before his accident that put him in a wheelchair. Now her brother will do anything he can to be a member. She is trying to keep him safe and out of that life. When she meets Thorn, he's different than the other Brothers. He doesn't act like the other Brothers, he may actually care about her and go out of his way to keep her safe.

Thorn is working as an undercover cop within the club. His operation is almost over, but he needs Cassidy. They trust him a little more if he's messing with "club royalty."

I was instantly pulled into this story. It was an easy read. It had a great flow to it. I am looking forward to the next in the series.

This isn’t your typical MC read but is pretty good nonetheless!

Cassidy Ryder’s father was president of the local MC before being put away and her current foster father was the VP before being involved in an accident that’s bound him to a wheelchair. Now her brother is doing everything he can to become a prospect and Cassidy is fighting tooth and nail to keep this from happening…even putting herself in danger to trying to come to his rescue.

Thorn is a member of the MC and he’s not sure what to do about the crazy woman who’s come busting in demanding to know the whereabouts of her younger brother. Thorn’s not sure why, but he has this intense need to protect Cassidy and he does everything in his power to keep her safe.

Super easy read, great flow, great character development and I really enjoyed it.

I read many biker romances, so it is always good when one manages a slightly different slant. Here there is enough background developed that it is easy to see that there can be future stories, but not too much that the main plot is neglected. There is enough tension that we want to see what happens, and yet plenty of quieter moments which give the leads an opportunity to heat up the pages. I could have gagged and bound Cassidy myself at times for her lack of restraint, but it fitted the storyline well.

I am looking forward to seeing how this goes from here!

Carla Swafford loves romance novels, action/adventure movies, and men, and her books reflect that. She’s married to her high school sweetheart and lives in Alabama.

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of Hidden Heat (Brothers of Mayhem #1) by Carla Swafford to read and review.

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