Thursday, February 25, 2016

Forever My Demon by Suzette Wallace

Rachael Rose was living la dolce vita in Italy until she lost her restaurant and her boyfriend. Under a cloud of public shame, she crawls back home to New York and the life she never thought she’d have to live again. But soon she’s given a chance at redemption with a job offer from one of the most celebrated chefs in the world.

Dante Coppola had built a very successful career on his discerning palette and keen business sense. Then, one night, in a desperate attempt to assuage the pain of losing his wife, he goes home with a mysterious woman he meets at a bar. The passion only lasted one night, but the consequences change his life forever... and turn him into something that is barely human.

Dante now has to put his trust in a failed chef no one seems to have any faith in, not even Rachael herself, but along the way, he soon learns that his restaurant is not the most precious thing he has given Rachael.

Can Dante and Rachael make it work, or are they both too shattered to even believe in love again?

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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

There is no denying that this book is steamy hot and wonderfully naughty. It manages to combine a good ‘human’ story with a fantastical paranormal one in quite a short novel. Even if you aren't a practised reader of paranormal you will soon be drawn into the world of incubi and succubi. Setting this story in Venice was inspired, as it is a place where normal is more mysterious than anywhere else. There were times when I think that less characters would have been better, such as the lunch at Constance's, but at George's venue, they were perfect. Overall an interesting tale, which was very erotic.

Suzette Wallace lives in The Bahamas in a house with three of the noisiest people on the planet who sadly are family members. Thankfully she has the luxury of an office on a quiet beach where she can indulge in stories of vampires and demons instead of triple homicide.

She grew up in a much quieter house with a mother who encouraged her love of books but totally skewed her view of reality by telling a convincing story of seeing a mermaid when she was a child. The story didn't seem so far-fetched considering the numerous beach caves and underwater tunnels Suzette explored growing up. Now as an adult, she knows mermaids aren't real and that she inherited her over-active imagination from her mother. But she will one day write a book about mermaids and make her mother proud.

Right now she likes writing erotic stories her mother does not read, but that are still inspired by her island home and the myriad of cultures which make up the Caribbean. Steeped in African, Spanish and French gothic mythology, these islands are often characters themselves in her paranormal stories. She has numerous shorts and books featuring the magic of the Caribbean under the name Garnell Wallace.

An island girl drawn to water, she fell in love with Venice and Poveglia and the haunted beauty of the macabre island. But she dreams about Tuscany and leaving the blues of her island for the green hills of the Florentine countryside and an old farmhouse with a good man, a dog and all the quiet a writer could ever hope for.

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of Forever My Demon by Suzette Wallace to read and review for this tour.

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