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Freeing His Mercenary by Vanessa Sims Blog Tour

What would you do if the man you loved woke up and didn’t remember you?

Christian Storm was your normal kick ass bad boy, until his best friend admitted to having feelings for him.

One the heel of Rick’s confession, Christian gets his act together, and starts a relationship with Rick.

The case they’re working on together goes sour at the end and Rick is taken.

After a few days Rick is found broken and battered. When he wakes up in the hospital, Rick doesn’t know who he or anyone else is.

Now Christian has to find the man responsible for Rick’s abduction and attack before he strikes again. With his mind preoccupied with finding Logan, will Christian be able to convince Rick that they are deeply in love with each other? Or will Christian lose everything he holds dear?

Freeing His Mercenary is the continuation of Taming His Mercenary.

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Book 3
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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

I could not wait to get my hands on Freeing His Mercenary after how I was the left at the end of Taming His Mercenary I had to know what was going to happen between Christian and Rick. I devoured this within an hour and again I am left waiting...

But the read was well worth the wait. I am loving the story between Rick and Christian. Now with the extra added little twist of Elliott and his daughter playing more of a role in this one. It still came through with the promised action and suspense that has been throughout the series.

How much further can this one couple be pushed? Can't wait to find out what is next for them.

I couldn't wait to read this book with how book 2 ended and trust me when I say it did not disappoint.
The book starts where book two left off and was a continuation of Christian and Rick’s story. Throw in a rescue mission and the bad guy’s brother (who was seeing Rick) and we have a party.
I really enjoyed this book as I have the rest of the series so far, again there is a cliffy but instead of driving me crazy it just makes me excited for book 4.

This is the third in a series, so I would recommend that you read His Mercenary, and Taming His Mercenary first. The lead characters here are part of the team of mercenaries which feature in both books. I am going to assume that you have read them in my review.

This carries on from book two – with Rick recovering from being badly beaten, and having amnesia. Christian does not know how to cope with it, but soon there are bigger problems for the team. Things get all hot and bothersome, but I won't say more, as you will want to read it for yourself. You will not be disappointed by the outcome!

Hot story, with another cliffhanger ending – hope that Ms. Sims is busy writing the next one, so it can be on my Kindle soon...

Also Available in the Mercenary in Love Series

His Mercenary

Chase Black and his team are Mercenaries who go after Human Traffickers.
Working a case for the FBI, Chase meets special agent Cameron Allen.

Special Agent Cameron Allen has been with the FBI for five years.
Being an openly gay man in the agency is not easy, but he does his job well.

Chase and Cameron team up to find Angelo Marini, who has escaped from FBI custody. Working close together, Chase and Cameron can't fight their attraction for each other, even if they wanted to.

What happens when a Mercenary and FBI agent come together to find a wanted fugitive and fall in love in the process?

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Book 1
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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Chase Black and his team of mercenaries have been tracking a human trafficking ring, just when they think they got their man the FBI makes a mistake. When Chase sets eyes on Agent Sexy (Cameron) he realizes he just met everything he's ever wanted in a man. Cameron can't keep his eyes off Chase.

There is an insta-love factor in this one that was the one thing that turned me off. Within hours of meeting, not many words exchanged and they were kissing, it just seemed off to me. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed Cameron and Chase's story, it's sexy and hot, the chemistry is chart topping. I just wish there was more plotted around the human trafficking story and Angelo.

First off I give this book 3.5 stars
This story follows Chase and Cameron, Chase is a mercenary and Cameron is an FBI agent. They are working a case together and find that they can’t keep their eyes off each other. I enjoyed the story between them it was very sweet. However I also would have liked a little more story. I felt we were just getting to know the characters and then the story ended. I know that the rest of the series follows the same people throughout but I still would have liked a little more character building in this book.
The book was a good quick read, I would recommend

This short MM story has two hot alpha males throwing their lot in together when the pull is too much to resist. It is fast and furious, much like the highly intense jobs they do as mercenary and FBI agent. There were times when I felt the conversation was a bit too formal, but I did enjoy the storyline. Look forward to the next in the series.

Taming His Mercenary

When a missing persons case turns into a race to save a woman from human traffickers, Christian Storm and Rick North must not only deal with the increasingly dangerous situation, but also the stormy emotions building between them.

Coworkers and best friends, Rick and Christian have always worked together seamlessly, but that is beginning to change. Rick has been denying his true feelings for Christian for years, but has finally been pushed to his breaking point. He decides it’s time to either move forward with Christian or move on.

Christian’s a one-night-stand kind of guy who lives for fun and has no interest in a serious relationship. When Rick lays his feelings on the line one night, Christian doesn’t know what to do. He’s never thought of Rick as anything more than a friend, and is terrified that no matter how he responds to Rick’s revelation their friendship will never be the same.

When the criminals they are chasing bring the fight to their doorstep one of their own is captured. Christian and Rick must put aside their emotions and work together like never before in order to stay one step ahead of the danger that threatens their very lives.

With so much on the line, will Rick and Christian be able to give love a chance, or are the odds against them stacked too high?

Warning: This book is intended for a mature audience.

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Book 2
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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

I am so glad I read Taming His Mercenary. After the first book in the series I wasn't so sure I would continue. His Mercenary was okay but it didn't grab me and hold me in the story. Don't get me wrong Chase and Cameron had a good story, but it just felt like something was missing.

I was pleasantly surprised with Rick and Christian's story. There was a nice balance between the developing love story and the action. It played very well together. Loved the ending! I really want to know more about Killian. There is something so interesting about his character.

I can't wait to see what's next in Freeing His Mercenary.

I enjoyed this book much more than the first one, I felt that we knew the characters more after the brief introductions in this first book. Christian is gun shy when it comes to relationships and love because of what happened to him in his past, he did notice that his best friend had a secret too. I really enjoyed watching the struggle between these two. Holy cliffhanger batman!! I am now waiting on book three to see what will happen between Christian and Rick.

This is a great read.

This is the second in a series, so I would recommend that you read His Mercenary first. The lead characters here are part of the team of mercenaries which feature in both books. I am going to assume that you have read, or don't intend to read the first book in my review, so if you do – then please do and then come back!

Now that Chase and Cameron are together in the team house, their PDAs have poor Rick thinking about his best friend Christian even more. His unrequited love, to which only Christian seems oblivious, hurts every time he sees Christian hook up. Add this stress to another intense case, and things are likely to fly, or get hit!

Hot story, with cliffhanger ending – thank goodness I've got the next one lined up on my Kindle.

I live in Texas, but originally from Trenton, NJ. When I graduated from high school, I joined the military. Yay me. I did three years with one tour to Iraq. I am happily married because seriously who would put that they are unhappy. I have three kids. No pets, they scare me. I am currently a stay at home mom and I love to read! A lot.

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of His Mercenary (Mercenary in Love #1), Taming His Mercenary (Mercenary in Love #2), and Freeing His Mercenary (Mercenary in Love #3) by Vanessa Sims to read and review for this tour.

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