Friday, April 24, 2015

Siri’s Heart by Jessika Klide Spotlight

Twenty-four-year-old, Siri Wright is a successful Vegas Star, but she is NOT stereotypical. While she knows sex and works her moneymaker, she is more than an exotic entertainer. She is an extremely gifted dancer with a ballet background, who has turned her talent into a specialty niche which has made her rich and famous, but her identity is top-secret! Living under the protection of celebrity status, she is kept isolated and alone.

The story begins when Siri is scheduled to return to Vegas after being in Alabama for a family emergency for eight weeks. She meets Moore, a gorgeous Army helicopter pilot, who makes her body come alive with the passion she has been searching for. Mindful of her stereotype, she doesn't want Moore to label her a whore before he gets a chance to know the real Siri Wright, who is fun, flirty, sassy and SEXY!

Moore has secrets of his own. Many months ago, he saw Siri perform in Vegas so when he sees her walking across the parking lot in his home town, he is stunned. Seeing her again only solidifies his determination to have her, but he recognizes the unusual opportunity presented by this innocent atmosphere, and he decides to win her heart. Afraid Siri will label him a stalker before she gets a chance to know the real man, he lets her believe they are complete strangers, while he plays a game of seduction with superb skills learned from his Italian heritage.

From the first time their eyes connect, there are fireworks and the game is on. But everything changes the night of the cocktail party. The cock and tail sex party of local Swingers, that is, where Siri must use all her secrets if she is to return to Moore unmolested.

This is a whirlwind, twisting, turning journey filled with intrigue, romance and HOT sex amid self discovery.

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Jessika Klide burst onto the erotic scene in 2014 with her debut novel, Siri's Heart, the beginning of Siri's Saga. It reached #6 on Amazon's Best Seller list under Erotica Urban and #18 under Women's Adventure in less than two months. Her chosen genre is New Adult Erotic Romance. The stories she writes are about true love, with lots of kinky erotica sprinkled throughout and more than one happy ending.

Jessika Klide uses a pen name and explains the reason why this way. "I'm from LA ... Lower Alabama. The Deep South! Since I write erotic romance, and my mind is super slutty, it's just better to use a pen name. Trust me on this! ;)"

Jessika married her high school sweetheart. It was love at first sight for her and she is still madly, deeply, truly in love with him. They have raised two beautiful boys, live in the country, and love to bass fish together. She grew up wearing cowboy boots and riding horses. She spends her time these days between their business and writing.

She is also active on social media sites, so check her out. She welcomes her fans with real Southern Hospitality, so chat her up. She's talkative and loves to interact with her friends.

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