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Silver Bastard by Joanna Wylde Blog Tour

First in the new Silver Valley series from the New York Times bestselling author of the Reapers Motorcycle Club Novels

Fourteen months. For fourteen months, Puck Redhouse sat in a cell and kept his mouth shut, protecting the Silver Bastards MC from their enemies. Then he was free and it was time for his reward--full membership in the club, along with a party to celebrate. That's when he saw Becca Jones for the first time and set everything in motion. Before the night ended he'd violated his parole and stolen her away from everything she knew.

Five years. It was five years ago that Puck destroyed Becca and saved her all in one night. She's been terrified of him ever since, but she's even more terrified of the monsters he still protects her from... But Becca refuses to let fear control her. She's living her life and moving forward, until she gets a phone call from the past she can't ignore. She has to go back, and there's only one man she can trust to go with her--the ex-con biker who rescued her once before.

Puck will help her again, but this time it'll be on his terms. No more lies, no more tears, and no more holding back what he really wants...

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Ignoring him, I settled back on my stool and surveyed the room. We sat in Becca’s section, and what I saw wasn’t making me happy. I knew she was a good waitress, but she’d just started here and it showed. Not only had she fucked up several orders, she didn’t quite seem to get the rhythm of the bar. That wasn’t my problem, though.

My problem was that despite these fuckups, nobody seemed to mind. I had a nasty suspicion this was due to her perky tits, friendly smile, and tight little ass that seriously just needed a bite taken right out of it.

She really, really needed to get a new job—every man in the place wanted her. Including me. Especially me. I hated them. All of them. I shifted uncomfortably, because just like every time I shared a room with her, my pants had gotten tight.

Torture. Becca was just so fucking fine on every level, and not just her looks. There was something about the way she carried herself . . . I couldn’t put my finger on it. Like she was dancing through life to some song nobody else could hear. Never met another woman like her—she wasn’t just sexy, she was a survivor and I admired that.

She’d grown up so much since the first time I’d met her. Bigger boobs, a nice fullness to her ass that was nowhere close to fat but would be perfect to hold tight while I fucked her. Her lips had plumped, too, and over the years she’d gained a sparkle in her eyes that turned her from pretty to 100 percent spectacular.

Not to mention how she’d tasted.

Nearly blew in my pants when I’d taken that mouth. Just the memory got me hard. Make that harder. Fucking basket case.

When I’d pulled up to find her sitting outside with Collins, a thousand murder scenarios ran through my mind. And yeah, I know I covered that already, but if anything ever deserved emphasis, this was it. Collins needed to die. I didn’t care how nice he was. After that I’d throw Becca on the back of my bike and make a run for the hills . . .

Okay, so there were a few problems with the plan, the top one being she hated me. Or she should—I’d certainly given her cause. Boonie nudged me.

“Did I mention you’re pathetic? You want her, take her. Otherwise let it go because you’re an embarrassment to all men in general and to the Silver Bastards in particular.”

Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Silver Bastard is a new spin-off from Joanna Wylde’s Reapers MC series. I’m thrilled to say the Reapers were not forgotten in the storyline!! Wylde kept the book true to its roots while giving us a new perspective and fresh blood!

I found this book to be fast-paced, exciting and very well written. It had equal parts of heat with great character chemistry. Couple that along with fast moving action and I couldn't put it down! Puck & Becca were compelling in themselves but when they got together the sparks flew! Found myself totally drawn into their story and their interesting beginnings.

I completely enjoyed all of the Reaper MC books and look forward to more of both Silver Valley spin-offs and Reapers stories to come. Highly recommend for anyone interested in New Adult Romance or Motorcycle Club books.

Awesome read!

I don't think there is something Joanna Wylde could write that I wouldn't read. I am pretty sure I would find myself enthralled to read her grocery list at this point. The Reapers Series is one of the best MC series out there and for her to come out with another series that ties in with Reapers, is just pure genius.

Silver Bastard is a great read. I wanted it to go on forever. It doesn't matter the house didn't get cleaned or we had to order pizza because I couldn't put it down and do what I needed. I had to know what was going to happen with Puck and Becca. Becca's character and her inner monologue was humorous at times.

“Someday I'd be classy if it killed me – probably not today, though”

Silver Bastard isn't as much about the club, the inner workings, etc., as it is more about Puck and Becca and what they went through and how actions of one day threw them together. Loved seeing Painter and Picnic again.

I cannot wait to read what Ms. Wylde has in store for me next.

Silver Bastard is a spin off from Joanna's Reapers MC series.

I was hooked from the first page of this story and I devoured the first half of the book in one sitting. In the prologue we meet Puck and Becca and it is five years ago. It is their first meeting and it results in big consequences.

Present day Becca is working hard and putting herself through school. I loved that she is such a hard worker and wants to make it on her own even if she does need to learn when to ask for help. For me Puck is your rock solid MC type, hot, tough, loyal. I enjoyed the will they/won't they and if they do how. The author didn't jump in too quickly.

Both characters are dealing with issues of their own, Becca's Mum causes no end of hassles in her life while Puck is dealing with MC business that affects the whole town.

I did have two issues with this book. Firstly I didn't feel the move from lust to love. They were hot but I didn't feel their love jumping off the pages. Secondly, the repeated references to Becca's temper getting her in trouble. That Becca thought there was something wrong with her getting angry and upset made me angry.

Overall though this is another solid MC romance from Joanna Wylde I would definitely recommend. And hang around for the Bonus Epilogue it is fabulous. I want more of Shane.

Puck me this book was awesome! Becca and Puck met five years ago during a messed up introduction. Becca's step dad Teeny loaned her to Puck when she wasn't legal and although Puck didn't know it, it still haunts her. This book just captures your interest and you have to hold on for the ride. Author is clearly a pro at fleshing out MC books and this author has written some great books, no disappointment here. This book had less action but more drama than usual. Overall entertainment is five stars! Loved it!

Joanna Wylde is a New York Times bestselling author and creator of the Reapers Motorcycle Club series. She currently lives in Idaho.

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