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Just a Bit Unhealthy by Alessandra Hazard

When the line between “need” and “want” gets blurred...

Gabriel DuVal, rising soccer star.

Jared Sheldon, team physician.

To the outside world, they’re just good friends. But the truth is, Gabriel isn’t entirely sure what they are to each other.

Some call their relationship unhealthy. Some call it codependency. Gabriel calls it confusing. He knows Jared wants him – as more than a friend. He doesn’t want Jared. He’s straight, he has a girlfriend, and he loves her. But Jared is… Jared is more. Jared is his. He needs him – his touch and his strength.

But is it enough for Jared?

Publisher's warning: This is not a light-hearted story; this is a rather twisted gay-for-you story. It contains some steamy MM scenes, explicit language, and two people so wrapped up in each other that the nature of their relationship goes beyond friendship--and beyond normal.

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Book 3
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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Why 5 stars? Because while I was reading, I wished I had the next book for when I was finished. Then when I was finished, even though I knew there wasn't another book yet, I was starved for it. I read the book from page one to the end in one sitting, completely hooked and pressing to turn the pages like mad.

Alessandra Hazard is my favorite in gay-for-you romance. I found her books on New Year's Eve while searching to use my December Prime Borrow, with the second book on January first for January's Prime Borrow. I then bought the half book immediately upon finishing. The books never left my thoughts, and when I thought to use my April Prime Borrow, my mind immediately went to Alessandra Hazard. I 'squeed' when Just a Bit Unhealthy popped up. Total fangirl moment. Let me say, I'd buy these books in a heartbeat, and plan to because they are perfect for a reread to recapture the warm and fuzzy feeling.

There is such depth in these novellas, and with so few pages that is a feat. In the end, it feels like a complete story and I wouldn't change a thing. (That's amusing for me, as I'm a perfectionist who rewrites (in my head) the books I read most of the time.)

The author has the ability to keep the voice of the narrators sounding like men, where some books evolve into feminine sounding characters as soon as they 'fall in love.' Hazard maintains the complex characters throughout the book, never changing them when they finally pair up. I can tell she respects the integrity of the characters, her genre, and the type of men she writes about, by not making a gay man sound feminine simply because he's gay (the author's feminine voice doesn't interfere with the male characters). In the case of Gabriel, he's like the perfect twink who doesn't realize he's a twink. There was something cute yet endearing about the selfish, spoiled brat. Jared was the ultimate alpha male: protector, provider, and the voice of reason who is completely undone by Gabriel.

Then there was Claire: many a reader will hate her, I'm sure. As angry with her as I was, I understood her position. She was wrong, obviously. But I understood the human nature of things; the jealousy and need to grasp what you hold dear, even when you know you are not who they want to be with. & I like how Hazard showed a poor decision had consequences for the people it affects, without Gabriel and Jared holding resentment and finding an appropriate resolution.

I can't wait to get my hands on Gabriel's brother. Gimme now! :D

Genre Tags: Gay for you | Gay Romance | M/M | LGBT romance | Sports/ Sports Doc | Angsty, deep and needy | Emotional depth | Novella | Hot yet sweet | Older alpha, younger twink (who doesn't realize he's a twink) |

Sexy level: Medium Hot. A strong buildup, leaving the reader squirming. Less is more, creating tension you could cut with a knife. It was perfect for me, as this is romance not erotica. I thought it was just right.

Recommend: YES! M/M & GFY romance fans.

Will I read more by this author: Impatiently waiting... ... .... can't wait.... *grins*

I read this book via Kindle Unlimited. This is the third book in the series, it can be read as a standalone however the characters in this book were in the previous book. Gabriel was hurt when he was younger and they never thought he would walk again. Jared was his doctor who got him back on his feet. Case closed right? NOPE!! Gabriel needs Jared, needs him to always be there for him and needs him to drop everything whenever Gabriel wants him too. Jared wants Gabriel but knows he can never have him because unlike Jared, Gabriel is straight. Jared does his best to keep things at a friendship level but a man can only handle so much. Like the previous two books, I loved this story. I laughed, got mad, and even cried. I felt the emotions the characters were feeling and at times I wanted to reach through my Kindle and slap them! I wish the book was longer, I wasn’t ready for it to end and I can’t wait to read the next book. I need it soon!!!

Characters: The characters were well written and believable.
Sex: Yes
Religious: No
Would I recommend to others: Yes
More than one book in the series: Yes
Genre: M/M Romance
Would I read more by this author: Yes

I have been absolutely a bit “unhealthy” with the Straight Guy series, addicted doesn't even cover it!! We met Gabriel & Jared in the books before briefly, this is their story. Gabriel is a world renowned football player and Jared was his doctor after a spine injury that left him paralyzed.

Jared has been in forbidden love with Gabriel forever, but Gabi isn't gay, he's got a girlfriend & baby! Jared finally decides this is unhealthy to keep on loving someone who'll never love him back...and of course what happens to something you aren't sure you want once it's gone? Gabriel realizes he wants to try to give Jared everything, if only he can get Jared back...the story that follows is awesome. There's some great chemistry moments and heartfelt emotions going on in the story. It's a fast read & left me wanting MORE, MORE, MORE!!! Highly suggest the straight guy series!

This is one of my favorite GFY reads. A friend mentioned book one and how good it was, of course I one clicked and flew through these. I love how inter-connected all the characters are within the series. You can see them from someone else's POV which is interesting – you get that full view of them.

Gabriel DuVal and Jared Sheldon are two of my favorites. Gabriel's need to be loved, his need for affection that has to be from Jared. Poor Jared fighting his feelings day in and day out. They were written so well, you could feel the pain they were both experiencing.

I cannot wait for the book #4, I NEED it!

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A mom. Massive football fan. Engineer. MM Romance author. Avid reader of many genres.

I love romance with an edge: a bit twisted, a bit unhealthy and messed up.

I love that push-pull of two characters who drive each other crazy and yet are totally perfect for each other. I love mild D/s undertones, hate-to-love relationships, and the friends-to-lovers trope. I also have a bit of a weakness for the good old Alpha Male, stern, strong-willed and tough, but who will turn into a lump of sugar for the man he loves. I’m a sap, I know.

I’m currently working on the Straight Guys series.

I love talking to readers and would love to hear from you.

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team either used their Amazon Prime Kindle Lending Library benefit (Erica), used their Kindle Unlimited subscription (Angie), or were provided a free copy of Just a Bit Unhealthy (Straight Guys #3) by Alessandra Hazard by the blog (Shannan & Kris) to read and review.

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