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Possess by Laura Marie Altom Blog Tour

Ella Patton and Liam Stone return in the breathtaking conclusion to the steamy, contentious love affair that began in Control.

Will you marry me? Those four little words should be a dream come true. But for Ella Patton, they’re the start of a waking nightmare. For despite the insatiable desire she feels for Liam Stone, marriage is out of the question—divorcing her abusive husband, Blaine, would be too dangerous to even contemplate. Besides, Ella couldn’t ask for anything more than the life she and Liam share: a scalding hot passion that’s totally outside the bounds of “I do.”

Liam has hit a brick wall. His fortune can’t buy Ella’s freedom from the oppressive monster the law recognizes as her husband. Blaine will take any opportunity to bring Ella back under his authority, no doubt exacting a terrible revenge as punishment for nearly slipping away. But Liam has a force greater than money and influence on his side: Ella’s love. She sparks his most unstoppable determination—and ignites pleasures that no man should be able to possess.

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“I’ve never seen that smile.” He kissed me, smoothing my tangle of long hair back from my forehead.

“That’s because I’ve never been this happy. You’re like a drug I can’t get enough of.”

“Uh-huh . . .” He rolled onto his back, casting me a sexy sideways grin. “Am I better than the candy Dr. Carol administered?”

“Way better,” I assured him. “I could lounge in this bed with you forever, only if that clock’s right, in thirty minutes I’ll be late to work.”


“Liam . . .”

“What? How is you working in Sausalito going to be practical when you’ll be splitting your time between the Palo Alto house and the beach and, hell—the world?”

“Why can’t I borrow your helicopter?” I asked with a sweet smile while batting my eyelashes.

“For starters, it’d cost way more in fuel to get you there than you even earn.”

“Since when do you care about sticking to a budget?”

“I don’t, but beyond that, I don’t see why you even want to work. I understand why you want to keep busy, but think of all the charity work you could be doing. Like, would you rather spend a couple thousand per day on helicopter fuel or helping starving kids?”

“When you put it that way . . .” I nibbled my lower lip.

“Babe . . .” He leaned in for a kiss. “Bottom line, do whatever makes you happy. If that means my pilot’s stuck hauling you out to that shop, then fine. I’m just saying that now you have options. If you want to work, I get it. But know you don’t have to. I just want you happy—and for me to leave the office and find you naked in my bed and kitchen and living room—”

“Beast!” I pitched a pillow at him, but he ducked, then used my moment without a fresh weapon to drag me, squirming, back against him.

Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

This follows on from Shamed, which I reviewed earlier in the year.

I found this to be a better book, possibly because the leads were more focused on each other. The ancillary characters still played a part, but the plot and the drama was definitely about Liam and Ella. They are still annoying at times, and make terrible decisions, but that's what makes the story! The relationship between them is much more believable and stronger. It is well written, and I stormed through it, so that I could find out whether Blaine got his dues ...

This is the second book in the Shamed series; you really need to read book one before this book. Picking up right after the end of the first book we see what happens after Ella drops the big bomb on Liam. This book has drama and angst but still at times I couldn’t connect with the characters and then at other times I could, I am not sure why I have this problem with this series. Liam at times acts like a spoiled brat and I just want to slap him. Blaine is a jerk and has everyone fooled. Ella’s parents are brainwashed. Nathan, ugh, I don’t know what to think about him. Overall it was an ok book with an overall ending to the story but it seems like there will be two more books.

Characters: The characters were well written
Sex: Yes
Religious: No
Would I recommend to others: Yes
More than one book in the series: Yes
Genre: Romance
Would I read more by this author: Yes

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Laura Marie Altom is the author of more than forty books in three different genres. Now that her kids are in college, Laura spends her days writing and chasing after a menagerie of pets: a mini long-haired dachshund named Cocoa, a Yorkie named Daisy, a mutt named Sweet Pea, and Domino—a black-and-white stealth cat she rarely sees. She’s happily married to her college sweetheart (go Hogs!), and when night falls, Laura steals a few romantic moments for herself with her own hunky cover stud.

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