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Corbin’s Bend – His Forever Summer by Tara Finnegan

Carla Methon has tread on a lot of toes, men’s and women’s alike. But no one could be more dissatisfied with Carla than the lady herself. With a compunction to throw herself at every man within a three mile radius and a serious case of foot in mouth disease, Carla knows she is in desperate need of being taken in hand before she does any more damage to her reputation.

Kieran O’Brien needs to escape a broken relationship and he invites himself to spend a summer with his brother in Corbin’s Bend. But Kieran is a totally unsuspecting vanilla with no idea of the ethos of the community he is about to enter.

The pair strike up an unlikely friendship of vanilla and spice, with one stipulation – it is only a summer fling. By the time Kieran boards his flight to return to Ireland he wishes his summer could last forever. Can he find the courage, not only to admit the extent of his feelings, but to take on the role Carla so desperately needs him to be?

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Season Two
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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

If you have read any of the other Corbin’s Bend books you are familiar with Carla Methon. Carla is back and this time she will surprise you. Kieran O’Brien just had his heart broken and decides to go and spend the summer with his brother, who we have also met before Jim and his wife Ange. Kieran has no idea what Corbin’s Bend is about and when he does find out, he isn’t too sure how he feels about it. However, he does know how he feels about Carla. Carla and Kieran hit it off but only as friends, which is odd for Carla since she has tried to snag every single man in Corbin’s Bend. Things build up with Carla and Kieran and then the summer is over. You must read this book to find out what happens, you won’t be disappointed.

Characters: The characters were well written and believable.
Sex: Yes
Religious: No
Would I recommend to others: Yes
More than one book in the series: Yes
Genre: Spanking/Romance
Would I read more by this author: Yes

Mary Jo☆☆☆☆
I was hesitant to start this book, knowing Carla's backstory. I must say I was pleasantly surprised. Carla's backstory is more than what we've seen in the previous books. Yes, she's been a harpy and yes, she's caused major problems for couples. In this book, we see her vulnerability and her shame.

In walks Kieran, a total newbie to the world of spanking. When he figuratively walks in on his brother spanking his wife, Kieran reacts violently. After talking to Carla and Jim, he slowly begins to understand why some people crave domestic discipline.

Kieran is very attracted to Carla, but she is too busy pushing him away and putting him squarely in the "friend" category. When she tells Kieran that she's going to see a professional to spank her, Kieran doesn't like it. As the day approaches, Kieran's dislike of the situation only grows until the day of, he surprises Carla by offering his services.

I really enjoyed this book and love this series.

In series one we met Jim and Ange, who escaped a shaming court case to Corbin's Bend, where the community embraced their lifestyle. Now Jim's brother, Kieran has decided to pay them a visit – an extended visit. How will he react to the spanking community, how will he fit in?

Carla, who caused Ange so much trouble when they arrived, is still in CB, even after her problems with Cadence and Marcus ... but she is trying very hard to be better. She and Kieran form a friendship, which has no pressures and develops naturally. Its progression is fabulously woven into a beautiful story. It was scorchingly hot in places, wonderfully caring and has the perfect ending.

Thank you Ms. Finnegan for a lovely tale from Corbin's Bend.

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I’m a wife and mother living in the heart of the country in the west of Ireland.

I like to write erotic spanking fiction and D/s with strong characters who are as flawed and human and as perfectly imperfect as most of us are, and make them feel like your next door neighbor. After all, who knows what is going on next door to us? It could be a spanking!

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