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Corbin’s Bend – East End Girl by Etta Stark

Kirsty Beale wants a fresh start. She’s quit her life in London and moved five thousand miles to start a new one in Corbin’s Bend, Colorado – the world’s only spanking-based community. As a lifelong spanko, Kirsty thinks Corbin’s Bend is the perfect place for her but the reality doesn’t match her dreams and she struggles to fit into her new suburban environment. Reluctant to get involved in community life, she dismisses her new neighbors as ‘boring’. With one exception.

Fellow newcomer Logan Barrett is good looking, funny and occasionally dominant in a way that Kirsty can’t decide if she finds sexy or annoying. Logan moved to Corbin’s Bend hoping to find a sweet, old-fashioned girl, willing to submit to domestic discipline. Kirsty who drinks heavily, smokes and swears like a sailor is pretty much the opposite of his idea of the perfect woman. Yet despite their differences, Logan and Kirsty can’t deny the attraction they have for one another.

Logan hopes to bring stability into Kirsty’s chaotic life but Kirsty’s increasingly out-of-control behavior might just jeopardize her whole future at Corbin’s Bend.

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Season Two
Book 5
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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Kirsty moves to Corbin’s Bend from London. She drinks, smokes and swears like a sailor and I love her! Logan lives in Corbin’s Bend and wants to find a good old-fashion girl. Kirsty is NOT old-fashion but somehow the two clicked. While their sex scenes were hot and there were a few times Logan brought out his dominance, I didn’t feel the intensity between them that I have felt between other couples in the series. It was a good book and story and I hope we hear about them in future books.

Characters: The characters were well written and believable.
Sex: Yes
Religious: No
Would I recommend to others: Yes
More than one book in the series: Yes
Genre: Spanking/Romance
Would I read more by this author: Yes

Mary Jo☆☆☆☆
Kirsty left England after the death of her father, seeking a new start. He had left her some money and she decided to invest it in a place in Corbin's Bend, hopefully a place where being a spanko would definitely be a plus. Traveling light, she arrives in town with her suitcase and nothing else.

She meets Logan on her first night in town, thinking he was a good guy but gay. When she realizes that he's not, she realizes just how handsome he really is.

What Kirsty hadn't planned on was the seemingly quiet life the town of Corbin's Bend leads. No wild parties, no nightclubs, it all seems so ‘perfect’ which she is clearly not.

Logan and Kirsty's relationship is a typical girl meets guy, with all the trials that new relationships face. Kirsty likes spanking but isn't sure about Domestic Discipline and Logan has had bad experiences as well.

I'm looking forward to Season 3.

This story brings us two new inhabitants to Corbin's Bend. And their reasons for being there, and their reactions on arrival are quite different – it is fascinating to watch them adapt. Kirsty, US by parentage, but has lived most of her life in the UK, has the biggest culture shock, and it is really good to watch her mature, although what she ever expected in the first place ... Logan is from a family that practices DD, so his issues are more with her behaviour than anything else. His persistence and patience is impressive!

Another good read from the Corbin's Bend collection.

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Etta Stark has written four erotic romances all with a distinctly spanky theme. East End Girl is her first contemporary story, the previous books are all set in the Victorian era.

She’s a huge fan of the Corbin’s Bend series and is thrilled – and a little bit intimidated – to be part of the second season. Etta lives in Surrey in England and would probably be a bit reluctant to move to a spanking community in Colorado even if it did actually exist. It would certainly make dating easier though.

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