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Seal All Exits by Jade C. Jamison Blog Tour

Heather Morrow has been fighting demons all her life, but the past two years have likely been her darkest. So when her friend Katie invites her to a reunion of sorts, Heather jumps at the chance, because Katie, one of the most down-to-earth people Heather has ever called friend, is the only person she has ever felt like herself around, and Heather realizes that she needs an ally to help her out of the shadows.

Kiefer Steele, vocalist for Shock Treatment, has been battling some demons of his own. He’s been a nothing most of his life, but world-famous guitarist J.C. Gibson took him from his beach-combing, weed-smoking ways and helped him make something of himself…except life on the road has taken its toll. The only ray of hope in his life has been his continuing online friendship with Heather. The two met in person once, backstage at a concert, and their friendship has grown stronger.

They haven’t seen each other in three years, though, and both have changed immensely.

When they discover each other’s darkest secrets, will their friendship—and budding romance—survive, or are they destined to spend their lives apart…and alone?

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Book 3
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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Seal All Exits is the third book in the Tangled Web series. Reading the other two are a must (but just because they are good books). I think this one could be read as a standalone and still be understood even with the other books’ characters making appearances.

I loved this one. Kiefer and Heather have met in person just once before. They have carried on an email friendship, something they both cherish. Heather has always had a crush on Kiefer but knew the friendship was more important.

There is an undeniable chemistry between the two when they come face to face. Can a relationship work between the two? Can Kiefer be what Heather needs? Can she be that person to fill the void in his life?

Love this series. Ms. Jamison does a great job writing rockers. She makes you want to be friends with the characters. I can't wait to see what's next from her.

I am a big fan of Ms Jamison's writing, and the Tangled Web series continues to develop very nicely here. The characters' inner voices are used to great effect; a particularly difficult skill to achieve. Whilst we get to see old friends, the story is definitely centred on two fascinating people. Their journey starts in the past, they unexpectedly crash into each other, and then have to decide whether the journey continues together or apart. As usual the reader is treated to a tense few hours of reading whilst anxious to reach the desired outcome!

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Jade C. Jamison was born and raised in Colorado, moved from one city/town to the next, and she’s decided she likes it so much she wants to stay…although travel is not out of the question. She lives in a big town in Colorado (not unlike Winchester!) with her husband and four children. She is working on becoming a crazy cat lady. Okay, so maybe not.

Still want more? Jade has a bachelor’s degree in English Literature and Theater, a master’s degree in English, and a master of fine arts in Creative Writing. Obviously, she loves school and the student loan folks love her. She works in human services by day, teaches English and creative writing at night, and—in between playing soccer mom and community leader—writes like a fiend. Someday soon, she’ll narrow it down to just writing, but let’s get all those kids off to college first.

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of Seal All Exits (Tangled Web #3) by Jade C. Jamison to read and review for this tour.

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