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Intrepid by Samantha Jacobey Blog Tour Kicks Off

When past and present collide, how do you escape your fate?

Tori Farrell is finally on the path that leads to a bright future. Raised to be an assassin, she lived in a world consisting of drugs, sex, violence and murder. Gaining her freedom, and discovering her true identity, she has reconciled the life was born to have with the one she fought so hard to flee. Managing to hold on to her soul mate, she is pushing forward, refusing to allow the fear to hold her back any longer.

Taking her place in her brother’s band, Tori faces new challenges. Learning to live the life of a rock star seems easy enough, and she quickly gets a handle on what she holds most dear. Soon enough, the tables are turned, with the realization that the FBI has merely taken to the shadows, waiting for the other shoe to drop. Only when her former lover forces his way back into her life does it become clear; some things are simply meant to be...

˃˃˃ Book 6 of 7 in A New Life Series<<<

˃˃˃ WARNING: GRAPHIC SCENES: This book is intended for readers 18+ and contains scenes that may cause distress to some readers: Domestic Abuse, Kidnapping, Rape and Substance Abuse are described in detail.<<<

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Book 6
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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Intrepid is another fascinating instalment of Samantha Jacobey's New Life series.

There were times in this book I was loving Tori, was right with her as she took charge and struggled with her new life with the band. There were other times I really didn't like her at all.

The relationship between Michael and Tori is strained when Enrique and Brian arrive back in Tori's life. I found myself getting very angry with Tori, she really came across as selfish, at least in relation to her marriage and I hoped for once she might consider the needs of her husband before own needs.

I was also angry with Michael, always putting her needs before his is admirable but I wanted him to stand up for himself and his needs.

I love that this series makes me think and the characters are not perfect, they have struggles and sometimes I don't like them, but it makes characters more human.

Despite the turmoil in personal relationship, Intrepid felt like the calm before the storm and Ms. Jacobey has set for an epic finish with book 7.

Tori is trying to make it as a band member but Michael just wants to go home. She still has a feeling that something is not right. And she thinks Michael knows what it is and is keeping it from her. She and Danny/Brian are getting along great and the other members of the band are beginning to accept her. When Colin tells about her past, she freaks out and threatens him. He has to wonder just how far she would go. Was her story real or was she telling lies to make everyone feel sorry for her? But after she puts him on the ground, he begins to see the story wasn't a lie. When two from her past shows up, she is excited to see them and Michael not so much. Brian wants to know who they are and how they got in to his house. On New Year’s Day the band and their few protectors are flown to L.A. for a few spots and that is where things go from bad to worse. And Eli and Mason Hunt, another FBI man, are there to help her too. They are beginning to think that someone in the FBI is after her. So what will she do now? Can she get Michael to stay behind and protect her brother or will he fight her on this? This is another great addition to a fantastic story that will keep you on your toes and trying to guess what happens next. I can’t wait for the next installment.

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Book 7

Coming January 20th

Samantha Jacobey is a middle aged woman who earned a BS in Business Management and has worked in half a dozen fields. With a relentless zest for life, she enjoys action and adventure, as well as all the love and romance it has to offer. Creating stories in her mind for many years, she has put some of them into print for the world to share, and hopes you will enjoy reading them as much as she did creating them. What drives her most is the love of a good story and is confident you will enjoy her latest creation.

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