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Entwined by Marissa Honeycutt Blog Tour

Anna has two masters, one she hardly knows, but who makes her feel safe, the other she's known all her life and says he needs her.

Alex wants her to be free.

Devin demands her obedience.

As Anna takes her first steps into the world, into love, into friendship, she wonders if she will ever understand either of them.

There is a subculture within our own world that you’ve only heard whispers of. The conspiracy theorists wish they knew Anna’s story. What the conspiracy theorists think they know is only disinformation, put out there to keep them from the real story.

This is not a stand-alone novel. This is the second of five novels that tell Anna’s story.

This book is for grownups. This book is not for people who are easily offended, get nightmares easily, or have difficulty reading books about tough subjects. I do not glorify bad things, but bad things do happen to my poor characters. This is not your typical love story. My heroine does not fall in love and live happily ever after... at least not like the typical heroine. There is a happily ever after, but it is a long, painful journey to that end.

This book will likely offend you. This book might make you cry; it might make you throw up. It is a dark book. As my friend, Heidi, said, “It’s dark. It gets darker. It gets even darker, and then it gets even darker. And then, just when you think it can’t get any darker, it does.”

But, don’t worry. I take you to the deep end gradually. ;)

There are many sexual situations in this series of books. People die. People get hurt. Things aren’t always truly the way they appear. The antagonist isn’t just a bad guy; he’s EVIL. My heroine’s worldview is skewed; things that may appall you are perfectly normal to her.

Any violence in this book is non-gratuitous and crucial to the plot and character development.

Do not read this if you are under the age of consent in your country. Do not get angry if the subject or actual book upsets you. If you're reading this, you've been warned.

This book series is about a sex slave. Therefore, there is sex in it. Lots of sex (though I took a bunch out. lol). Other disclaimers: Physical abuse, emotional abuse, physical torture, sexual torture, rape, death, violence, violent rape, gang rape, anal sex, regular sex, violent sex, violent anal sex, sex with non-sexual objects, sex with sexual objects, m/f, m/m, f/f, m/f/m, orgies, bloody scenes, disturbing scenes, scenes that might make you throw up or cry, scenes that make my characters throw up and cry, mindfucks, cursing, drug use, multiple snuff scenes, disturbing rituals, manipulation, brain-washing, people in disturbing situations (duh!), imperfect heroes and evil antagonists doing evil things

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Book 2
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“If you do as I say, I won't hurt you. But either way, I am going to fuck you. Here and now.”

She pulled against him again. He wanted her to continue struggling, so she did. He grasped her hands in his and pulled them up over her head. Her back arched and her breasts jutted out.

He unzipped her dress and reached in to grasp her breasts, pinching and pulling her nipple. She whimpered at the pain. It really did hurt, but she could handle it. It's what she’d been trained for.

He pushed her forward and moved her hands to hold them against the wall. He pulled her skirt up and caressed her ass.

“God, what a great ass.” He moved closer and whispered in her ear. “You like taking cock in the ass, Anna?”

There had only been a few times that she'd enjoyed anal, and they had all occurred within the last few weeks.

She shook her head. “Please don’t. It hurts,” she begged. Thinking about the other men, Aaron included, made her heart ache. Having had someone care for her made this situation worse. She stopped acting and her pleas became real. “Please don't.”

He chuckled and moved her thong aside to caress her asshole. He pressed a finger through the tight band of muscle and she cried out, struggling to get away. She didn't want to feel the pain. She wanted to be cared for. She wanted to be with Aaron, not here at this hotel.

“So tight, Anna. Doesn't your ass ever get a workout?” He pushed in another finger as he asked the question.

Tears started running down her cheeks. She hoped he would at least use some sort of lubrication. Even her pussy; she was wet.

“Please don't dry-fuck me,” she whimpered.

“Maybe I'll be nice this time. I wouldn't want you bleeding all over your pretty dress.” He pulled his fingers out and shoved several unceremoniously into her pussy.

“Thank you,” she sobbed, pressing her forehead to the wall.

She heard the sound of his zipper and a moment later her pussy was filled with his cock. He thrust in and out a few times then pulled out and moved to her ass, pressing in without any more preparation than he'd already given her.

He let go of her hands and grasped her hips as he plundered her tight hole. Her fingernails dug into the wall as he fucked her ass hard and painfully. Though she wanted to scream, she held her tongue, except for the occasional cry or sob that escaped her mouth. He didn’t care if she came and she didn't exert the effort to do so.

His thrusts became sharper and he grunted as he approached his climax. Finally, he stiffened and groaned softly as he shot his load deep inside her ass. He pulled out when he was finished and let go of her hips.

Without his support, her legs collapsed under her and she slid down the wall to her knees, wincing as her ass hit her heels. Tears ran down her cheeks. She'd have to fix her makeup before she went back in.

Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Dark doesn't even describe this series...soul crushing, sadistic, BLACKNESS doesn't even begin to cover the depravity that Anna is living.
And I love every single minute of it!
Entwined picks up directly where Enslaved left off. Anna survived the ritual, and wakes next to Alex (aww). Unfortunately, this is just the beginning of her new life. Or should I say, her "new" new life.
Devin has claimed Anna as his Elder-Mistress, but I had no idea what that really meant. I have NO questions now. He is the most evil, vile man I've ever read and I believe he will be haunting my nightmares.
Thankfully, Alex has also found a way into her "being" and shines a beacon of hope into her life. Alex has gifted Anna a "normal" life (well, at least the facade). Through him, she's able to reconnect with friends and more importantly - dance again!
Many of the dub-con scenes made me squirm (not an easy task), Anna's "place" in the Brotherhood is now crystal clear, and the violence has no end.
But now I understand what the Brotherhood really is, what its purpose is in the world, and what Devin is trying to achieve.
The terror has no bounds in this series, and luckily there is hope now and then...but what will Anna have to endure? Will there ever be an end to the horror?
Can Devin be stopped? This is the ultimate question that I've asked myself throughout this book. I'm holding on to hope that the more we dig into the events of Anna's life - someone or something will "give".
Please, please Ms. Honeycutt - PLEASE give us book #3!!

This is the second in the series, and you absolutely have to read the first to make any sense of this one. There are three more to come - that is a scary fact. Ms. Honeycutt says that these started off as a dream that she had - well I am very grateful that I do not dream such stuff! It is dark and evil, although horribly difficult to stop reading. She promises a happy ending, but it is torture getting there.

The fact that it includes paranormal elements somehow makes the brain acknowledge that it is unreal, or maybe it is just so unremitting that one is desensitised. Either way, I had to keep reading in the hope of finding out why ... All I can say is thank goodness I am not part of any such world, and please hurry up with the next book.

Also Available in The Life of Anna Series


Anna's entire life was scripted out before she was born by Devin Andersen, a man who doesn't have her best interests in mind. She is to be a tool in his hands to gain ultimate power in the USA. No, not as the President, but as the man who controls the President.

Raised by an extremely abusive guardian, Anna was molded into the perfect sex slave for Devin's use. Devin will use Anna's unique gifts to control everyone around him and eventually take her gifts for himself.

When Devin took her for himself at the age of twelve, she had a vision of a man. A man who Devin was very interested in. But why? Why would Devin care about a little girl's dreams?

Warning: This series is for mature adults. This series is not for people who are easily offended, get nightmares easily, or have difficulty reading books about sexual, physical, emotional abuse and torture.

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Book 1
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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

This book completely exceeded my expectations!!
Please take the Warning SERIOUSLY. I mean, seriously - Seriously.
This type of story is something I LOVE to read, but unfortunately it is NOT for everyone. It contains some paranormal aspects, of which I don't really know how far they reach - but it isn't completely unbelievable (meaning no werewolves/vampires/etc -more of a psychic type of "paranormal").

At this point of her young life, not only has she survived the tragedy of losing her parents (at age 11), and being estranged from the "real world", but she's undergoing training of the sexual slave type at the hands of Jack and Devin. She's no stranger to rape, brutality, and lack of affection. The men became her guardians and so many questions remain to be unanswered.
Things seem to be change when she's brought, to live, at the Manor - under the guise of being a Mistress to the Elder of the secretive group: The Brotherhood.

This story, while bleak and depressing, had me so engrossed I just couldn't put it down. What exactly is the Brotherhood, what part does Jack and Devin truly play into it? What is the bond Anna shares with the Germans'?

I'm so glad that I have the 2nd story on hand, as I'm not sure I can withstand the wait to find out what's really going on!
This was well written and intriguing, it has many moments of depravity, but also enough "light" moments to make it interesting. As I said before - this story COMPLETELY exceeded my expectations.

Having heeded the warnings - and there are plenty - so no excuses if you find this too difficult to read; just move onto something else.

I found it to be an interesting introduction to the series. There is plenty of mystery created, and plenty of underlying evil to contend with / accept. It is shocking in places, and trying to put oneself in Anna's mindset can only lead to madness! Clearly there is much more to be revealed, as people keep being added to the ensemble and change how we perceive events.

Thankfully, the second book is immediately available to me, as I am compelled to read on, even if it is quite difficult at times to imagine a positive outcome. We have been promised one though ... so I am hopeful!

Marissa's story of Anna began with a dream about being kidnapped with Adam Savage from Mythbusters (Yes, really). Over the next year and a half, it morphed into the story you will be reading soon. She has several other stories in progress, one of which is based on her kidnapped dream.

When she's not writing or editing, Marissa is taking care of two young boys, training to be an astronaut, running her household, wrestling with gorillas, playing around on Facebook, promoting whirled peas, and busting her tush for her accounting degree. She enjoys chocolate, air conditioning in the desert's summer heat, really good strawberry margaritas, sleeping, and shopping.

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