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Found in Us by Layla Hagen Book Blitz

All Jessica wants -as a college graduate — is to be a good girl. She landed the job of her dreams at a museum and is trying to eliminate temptations. No more short skirts (when she can help it). No wild parties. And no men.

She particularly excels at that last thing. . .

Until her path crosses Parker’s. Again. Jessica remembers the last time their paths crossed very well. She was left with a seriously bruised ego. She knows it would be best to avoid him altogether. But the charming Brit makes it hard for her to elude his electrifying pull. He is as irresistible as he is captivating.

And enigmatic.

Because underneath the sleek Armani suit and the sweet British accent that makes her crave his touch, Parker isn’t the perfect gentleman everyone thinks he is.

He’s exactly what Jessica doesn’t want, but desperately needs.
A bad, bad boy.

**This can be read as a STANDALONE. The second book in the Lost series tells Jessica and Parker’s story.**
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"I can't make up my mind," Parker says.

"About what?"

"About what I want to do with you."

I gulp. "Don't I get a say in this?"

He snaps his head up, chuckling. "Not really."

"That's not frustrating at all, you know? What are you thinking right now?"

He tugs his lower lip with his teeth. "You really want to know?"

"Yeah, I really want to know."

He shifts his weight on the edge of the seat, and when he leans forward this time, I don't back off. "I'm thinking I would very much like to see you come," he says into my ear. My mind doesn't register the full impact of his words right away. But my body does. "Anything against that, Jessica?" he whispers, his hand trailing up and down my inner thigh.

"N-no," I say in a low voice. So low that I hope he hasn't heard me. But he has. There's no other explanation as to why his hand has already found its way under my dress.

"Turn around and spread your legs," he commands.

"Parker," I mumble, "not here . . ."

"No one can see us, and Dani won't come back soon. Turn around."

Despite knowing I shouldn't, I turn around. My body no longer seems to listen to any commands of mine. I lean my back against his chest, my head resting on his shoulder, my forehead touching the base of his neck. I look into the room, trying to gauge what those in the boxes opposite us can see. But I can barely see anything in the back row of the boxes directly in front of us. There's no reason to believe anyone could see us from there. Anyone looking from above won't have a clear view of the back row either.

"Spread your legs," he repeats, his tone more authoritative than before. It sends another wave of heat through me. Burying myself in his neck, I open up for him. He doesn't touch me right away. He takes his time, trailing his fingers on the inside of my thigh, inciting a deep hunger in my core that grows with each inch of my skin he touches until I drop any pretense of shame and beg him, "Parker . . ."

When his fingers touch my intimate spot over my panties, I stiffen against him.

"You're soaked," he says, and I take immense pleasure in the slight tremble in his voice. Then his fingers start rubbing me slowly, and I dig my own fingers in the cushion of the chair as a spasm wracks through me.

This man will make me come.

Here, surrounded by people and plush velvet-covered seats.

Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Having read and enjoyed Lost in Us, I was excited at the prospect of reading and reviewing Found in Us. I appreciated the realism that Ms. Hagen brought to her characters in the first book and was delighted to see her write Jessica and Parker in the same manner. While I had hoped to reread Lost in Us before starting Found in Us, my schedule did not permit it, so I can assure you that it can be read as a stand-alone; any discussions of incidents from the first book are explained well enough in this book that you will know what occurred and the only one that really contributes to Jess and Parker’s story is better presented this time around as you learn about that night from their points of view.

As for the actual story, the switch between points of view between Jess and Parker provide the reader with the insight needed to better understand these two because despite Jess’s outgoing personality, she’s just as buttoned up emotionally as Parker is. That the number of chapters from Jessica’s POV outnumber his merely adds to the aloofness that is Parker and I found it an impressive way to portray his character – the reader gets small glimpses into Parker in the beginning and those glimpses increase as he opens himself more and more to Jess. Because both Jess and Parker have things in their past that haunt them, neither feel they are worthy of being loved, so they don’t trust easily. Fortunately, their draw to one another overrides their brains and they decide to see where it goes. As they spend time with one another and their relationship develops, they begin to help one another heal. And while not perfect, they are perfect for one another – until Jess learns the secret that Parker is keeping from her and she is devastated. As the title indicates, Jess and Parker find themselves in one another, so you’ll have to read the book to find out how they get there.

Ms. Hagen has delivered another great book in the Lost series. Found in Us kept me entertained from beginning to end. The chemistry between the two is electric and lead to some very enjoyable sex scenes – slight exhibitionist tendencies are revealed and increase the intensity of the scenes. While I was a tad let down by Parker’s huge secret, I had to remind myself that he is British and a public figure, so what might not be a big deal for most of the characters I read, the damage it could do to his reputation is immense. And it oh so ramped up his bad boy factor. The reveal of his secret allowed the author to lay the foundation for the next book in the series and I am already looking forward to reading Dani’s story.

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My name is Layla Hagen and I am a New Adult Contemporary Romance author.
I fell in love with books when I was nine years old, and my love affair with stories continues even now, many years later.
I write romantic stories and can’t wait to share them with the world.
And I drink coffee. Lots of it, in case the photo didn’t make it obvious enough.

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