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Wicked Reads Reviews – Earning Yancy by C.C. Wood

A year after her divorce from her manipulative, sweet-talking ex-husband, Yancy Stevens has settled into life as a single mother to her eighteen month old little girl. She enjoys her work, loves her daughter, and has wonderful girlfriends to lean on. While her life isn’t perfect, she’s finally back in control of it.

There’s just one problem: Charles Faulkner. Her new colleague in the office is arrogant and can’t seem to remember her name. However, it’s probably for the best that he’s a jerk because he’s also the most handsome man she’s ever seen. If she didn’t detest him, she would become a bumbling idiot every time they spoke.

After a heated argument, his attitude toward her changes dramatically and sparks of a different sort begin to fly. Against her better judgment, Yancy takes the risk and gives Charles a chance. As she learns more about him, she truly wants to let go of her past, drop her defenses and try to trust him. It’s a scary proposition for a woman who’s learned the hard way, if something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

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 Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

I was hooked from the first few pages. The first scene with Yancy and Charles had me cheering. As a working Mum I completely relate to Yancy.

Charles is a great lead, sweet, smart, romantic understanding - maybe even a little too perfect. A flaw or two wouldn't have gone astray.

Earning Yancy is a good, fun, traditional romantic story that left me smiling. It is well worth reading. 

Mary Jo☆☆☆☆
Yancy Stevens has had up to here with her new colleague, Charles Faulkner. Fed up and late to relieve her babysitter, Yancy let him have it, in no uncertain terms. Feeling like she was a little out of line, she made up her mind to apologize for her behavior only to have him apologize for his.

Charles Faulkner is a man with few faults. He's the perfect book boyfriend. Understanding, calm, loving and romantic. He could have used one or two flaws to shake things up with Yancy a bit, just to add a little more heat to their romance.

I really enjoyed this book and can't wait until the next book in the series comes out.

Hear that, Ms. Woods? Get to writing! 

The 2nd book in the NSFW series, by C.C. Wood (it is a stand alone!) is about Yancy Stevens, the caffeine addict. I liked her from the 1st book, In Love with Lucy, and couldn't wait to read her story.

This felt like a VERY quick read and was well written. The characters were love-able, the story was endearing, frustrating, exciting, and just PERFECT> I need a Charles in my life!

Yancy is trying to find a balance between having a career, being a single mom of a baby, and finding time to herself.

Charles, who leaves a TERRIBLE first impression, finds a way to get Yancy to open up, to trust, and ultimately love.

This wasn't entirely sweet and romantic, there was also realistic problems Yancy faces that made me cringe (and I found myself crossing my fingers while reading it)!

Overall: I LOVED the characters, the erotic scenes were HOT, the romance was sweet, and the story was believable (to an extent - I'll let you know if I ever meet a "real" Charles, lol).

This is a really sweet book that restores your faith in the idea that there are good men out there. He may be just a little too perfect, but then he has sisters, and in this case they did a good job of moulding him! There are some real issues dealt with well, some funny bits for sure, and overall this is a cute read.

If you are hankering after a lovely story that is an easy read, this is definitely for you.

This was a sweet fast read for me. Even though it is the second book in the series it can be read as a standalone. Yancy is a single mom, not by choice, but she is doing the best she can and actually doing an amazing job. With great friends, an amazing daughter and a job she loves Yancy is doing good, until she loses her temper with a new coworker. When Charles mispronounces Yancy’s name yet again she flips out. That flip out moment actually leads to something, a beautiful story of learning to feel again, learning to trust again and learning to love again.

Characters: The characters were well written and believable. There need to be more men like
Charles in the world today, he was amazing.
Sex: Yes
Religious: No
Would I recommend to others: Yes
More than one book in the series: Yes
Genre: Romance
Would I read more by this author: Yes

I was in a book funk until this showed up on my Kindle.
I think I love Yancy's story more than Lucy's. I laughed with Yancy and I cried with and for her. I know, I'm a big baby.

I don't want to give too much away but some people are asses and shouldn't have kids, much less be a sperm donor.

All I'm saying is a hate C.C. Wood right now. How long do I have to wait to read the third book?

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A native Texan, C.C. grew up either reading or playing the piano.  Years later, she’s still not grown up and doing the same things.  Since the voices in her head never shut up, C.C. decided to try and profit from their crazy stories and started writing books.
Now that she has a baby girl at home, C.C.’s non-writing time is usually spent cleaning up poopy diapers or feeding the poop machine.  Sometimes she teaches piano, cooks, or spends time bugging her hubby and two beagles.

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