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Womb of the New World by Mira Noire Blog Tour

In a post-nuclear future, the lush pleasure cyborgs of Earth have become powerful, fearsome mutants known as Wroks who rule the wild, desolate Fallout landscape. The Wroks and their leader, Yoevin, desperately hunt for a female capable of mothering a cyborg's child. As the years pass, they struggle while fighting to hold on to the intelligence and humanity granted by their makers centuries ago.

Hidden deep in caverns below, Imogenne and her people survive by cultivating the earth, making rare forays above ground for supplies and fresh resources. But Imogenne is not like the rest of her people. She is wild, sensual, and strangely independent -- like her mother, who disappeared years ago in a Wrok attack. On the verge of being betrothed to a man she does not love and facing the rest of her life underground without adventure or freedom, she is haunted by darkly erotic visions that promise something more beyond the world -- and biology -- she knows.

When she is captured in a night Wrok raid, Imogenne hopes to escape her new masters and survive by her wits. But she then discovers a horrifying truth: Her body has a will of its own, one that may very well leave her no choice but to become a mother of the New World.

***This title contains graphic sexual scenes: m/f, captive sexual submission, voyeurism, mutant cyborg and human intercourse. Do not read this work if you find such themes offensive.***

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I turn my head slowly to look at the walls. Stone, heavy and grey. One side has a window looking out onto a night sky. Another is entirely made of a metal gate, and on the other side sits the monster. I swallow hard, and say nothing, taking in every detail, willing myself to give no reaction at all to my captor.

“Look upon me, then. You’ll see me for many days hence.”

His eyes glow red and unnatural, but in them is an intelligence. The ears are pointed, like the bats of our warrens, nearer to the back of his head.

“What are you?” I ask, noting the powerful muscles of his body, beneath black, warped skin that looks dry and peeling. Veins ride out hard against the flesh, bulging as though from an excess of power. From behind his back rise huge, membranous black wings, with pointed upper tips that hook together, holding them closed … again, like a bat’s.

“I once looked like your kind, you know,” he says, not quite answering the question. My eyes wander down, unable to stop. “I would not look there now, if I were you.”

His voice is gravelly and soft, and I stop my eyes at his chest, feeling my heart suddenly skip beats. It rarely does that.


“There are many strange stories to tell. You’re the only one I’ve met who hasn’t lost some of her sense by now. I wonder how many stories you could bear.”

“Test me, then.”

I lift my eyes to his and feel a daring in them I do not know the source of, but it takes over, like everything else. His chin is sharp and pointed, and I see fangs hiding behind the surface of his lips. They gleam, those lips, wet and hungry for something I have yet to see.

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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Womb of the New World was an enjoyable sci-fi romance that was one of the more original storylines that I have read in a while. The humans have been forced underground due to nuclear and chemical warfare. They remain there to protect themselves from the Wrok, cyborgs that have mutated as a result of the bioengineered weapons. The novella focuses on Imogenne, a 17 year-old human girl who has become restless living underground. She is plagued by nightmares and a drive to leave the safety of the caves. When she finally convinces her father to allow her to participate in a night raid, she finds herself face to face with a real-life nightmare … Yoevin, the leader of the Wrok.

Yoevin is one of the few remaining original cyborgs, one who retains vague memories of his pre-apocalyptic life and experiments instituted by their creator to enable cyborgs to mate with humans that possess specialized genes that allow them to reproduce with cyborgs, thereby insuring the continuation of both species. Because Yoevin remembers the experiments, but not the specifics, he was caught off-guard when he encounters Imogenne and reacts to her more bodily than any female before. His drive to claim her makes for a seriously steamy scene and Imogenne learns more about herself at his hand than before. They quickly find themselves facing decisions neither ever anticipated before.

I found Womb of the New World to be a quick read with an original storyline. Ms. Noire has done a great job of creating human and cyborg characters that have distinctly different voices. While this is a novella, it is full-developed story that could easily be expanded to a series as the couple move forward in their relationship and their new world. I thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to more from this author.  


Passion. Decadence. Drama. Mira Noire doesn't pussyfoot around. If you're looking for the typical happily-ever-after with the same old characters - they aren't here. Mira writes visceral scenes that are so real you can taste (and smell!) them, and loves to feature flawed characters you may not always like. Like or not, you'll definitely love watching them, and hopefully enjoy following them on their intensely personal erotic journeys. Mira lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, loves to travel abroad, and has a B.A. in English from Stanford University. Visit Mira at to get to know her world a little better.

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